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Last updated: 2 November 2022

EPOS for iPad

What Does an iPad POS System Offer You?

IPad POS is getting more and more common as they offer many options and solutions. An electronic point of sale with an iPad can be adapted to your business. It can improve the store’s efficiency and will lead to a better customer experience.

Read more to get an overview of iPad POS systems. We are going to talk about:

    • Advantages and features
    • How does an iPad POS work?
    • Price Models Sum-up
    • Further Information

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Advantages and Features

Using ePOS for iPad has many advantages over traditional ePOS systems and mPOS systems. In general, this is a great solution for small retail shops or mobile retailers. Here are some reasons why you should implement this smart solution into your company.


Ipad Retailer

An iPad is easy to implement, either you build a POS system from scratch or you update your current system. Usually, setting your ePOS iPad is easy and you can connect your existing system to transfer your old data.

Also, it is simple to use, as touchscreens are functional and intuitive. Therefore, it will generally avoid the need of training your staff.

Check-outs, refunds and returns will be faster and the error rate will be reduced compared with an ordinary POS System.


IPads can be used as an electronic POS or a mobile POS. An iPad POS is portable so it can be moved around the store, you can interact with the customers and the cash out process can be done anywhere and really easily.

This is really convenient for restaurants in order to be able to receive the payment somewhere else than at the front desk. It is also very useful for a business that needs to go to events or festivals, or if you have a mobile business such as a food truck.

Additionally, iPad POS can be carried everywhere with you. Looking at your sales dashboard from your sofa at home is now possible.

Moreover, you can connect to your POS system from any device and at anytime, which is very convenient. As soon as a transaction is completed, it directly appears in the report section so managers always have up-to-date information.


EPOS for iPad have many features and many options available. For example, they can be really helpful to manage your customers data. As they save all personal information, they can identify customers and adapt the offer and the promotion to each them.

They can be very useful if you are willing to implement a loyalty program, to reward your best customers or to have a developed CRM plan. Also, retailers can improve their data management by simply managing receipts and credit card information.

The checkout screen can be adapted to the specific sector with products and categories which will make the process faster and easier.

I Pad _pos

Small and reliable

While other hardware systems can take all the space on your counter, an iPad doesn't take much place. Keyboard and mouse can be removed and this will allow you to have a clean and elegant cash register.

IPad is based on a cloud system with no need to care about office backups, everything is automatic.

Scalable and affordable

EPOS iPad can be adapted to small or large businesses, therefore the growth of your company will not be a limitation. Plus, the price of an iPad POS is more affordable compared to traditional POS systems.

How Does an iPad POS Work?

IPad Pharmacy

There is no need for a big installation - once you have the iPad you just need to install an application. Depending on your sector and the size of your store, you will need to choose from the many available applications.

Also, remember that both the functionality needed and the budget have to be taken into consideration. The price can vary from free to approximately £3,000. In general, the applications have a free trial period so you can try and see if it fits your needs.

After the initial expenses, certain fees should be expected but the way each supplier will charge you differs from application to application. You can choose between one of the following options:

    • You will have to pay a monthly fee to get unlimited service. unlimited.
    • Instead of paying a monthly fee, you can pay a credit card processing fee (a percentage of the amount of each transaction).
    • You can choose to pay a percentage of the amount of each transaction plus a few pence per transaction.

Basically, depending on the size of your business, you will have to choose a credit card processing fee option or a monthly priced model.

Depending on your sales volume, you could end up paying more with the “pay-per-card process” option than if you paid a monthly fee. For relatively large businesses, the monthly fee is the best solution. The price of this fee usually varies based on the number of POS iPads. The basic fee can generally vary from £20 to £200.

Price Models Sum-up

Ipad Application Price POS

Further Information

Some applications or ePOS software are made specifically for Apple devices. These are generally reliable and offer the best features and user experience. Their downside is that they might require extra fees for upgrades and updates.

Keep in mind that some providers offer free support and free updates. Also, sometimes you can get a credit card reader included for free in the package. Not having to purchase one separately could save you up some money.

Furthermore, it is important to check if the software chosen can still be used when the internet is down as this will assure a smooth business without interruptions.

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