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Last updated: 2 November 2022

IPad ePOS Systems for Restaurants

Find the Best iPad ePOS System for Your Restaurant

If you are a restaurant owner, you know how important is to have fast access to information to process orders efficiently. An iPad ePOS restaurant system is a solution that can help you enhance your customers’ dining experience.

First, let’s see what an ePOS is. Short for an electronic Point of Sale, an ePOS system counts, calculates, registers transactions, and prints receipts. Often, the ePOS is integrated into a bigger system within the company, and can be updated with the latest features.
An iPad ePOS is a solution for business owners who want to modernise their management and customer relationship management (CRM). They are designed to offer a better customer experience but also to provide the manager with extra efficiency. However, there are various models, brands and solutions to choose from.

Therefore, if you wish to get a professional assistance and some reviews of iPad ePOS systems for restaurants, just fill in the form and Market Inspector can help you find the perfect solution customised for your company! We provide you with up to four quotes and match your request to our quality suppliers, all for free!


Why Do Restaurants Switch to iPad ePOS Systems?

When asking restaurant owners why they choose iPad ePOS systems over other points of sale, the common answers include their reliability, fast processing and customisable features. As an efficient business owner, you would like to equip your restaurant with the most suitable tool in order to make the perfect decisions staff or products related.

More and more restaurants in the UK switch to iPad ePOS systems due to their popular features and functionalities. If you are looking to organise the restaurant’s tables, the ability to send orders directly to the kitchen, or to integrate them with the other iOS devices in your company, there are sundry options you can choose from.

POS Comparison: iPad ePOS vs. Traditional POS

The Operations Duration

Nowadays, the need for speed comes from all parties. Whether you are a business manager or a customer, you would like the purchase process to be as short as possible. When the first iPad was launched, Forbes magazine called it the future of POS systems. Compared to the ‘traditional’ points of sale, the iPad holds the record for number of payment transactions per hour, compared with ‘on-premise’ POS systems.

The Features of iPad ePOS

IPad POS systems offer heaps of possibilities however it takes a while if you are not used to the Apple Operating System. But, once you learn the drill, you can save both on training and inventory. With the simple POS, the product counting is necessary since the system does not usually offer an overview of the remaining stock. One common use of an iPad ePOS is that you can verify the operations from your computer or smartphone. The operation is times easier and faster if you are already using iOS devices. Find the best mobile POS for your business here.

Say Goodbye to Paper

The more attributes an ePOS has, the less paper you need to use. Whether is you need to keep track of items, purchases, responsible staff members or just to have an overview of data for the entire period of use, iPad ePOS win by far. No more spreadsheets or piles of papers next to the counter.

Further down, there is a list describing some of the main features and functions iPad ePOS systems can have.

Ipad 2

Brands & Prices for iPad ePOS Systems in the UK

Narrow down the search for iPad ePOS systems in the UK and you still have numerous brands and options to choose from. Below, we present you with some examples of what are the most popular iPad points of sales for restaurants in the UK, with a list of different characteristics that you might be interested in and a price range.

Brands for the UK Periods of high volume document production:
POS-UPCustomisable screens
Tipping calculation
Table layouts
INTELLIGENT POSProduct management
Gift cards management
Button layouts
REVELCustom menus
Delivery management
Ingredient inventory
BLUEBIRDReal-time reporting
Cutomer data
Local support
ePOS hardware/software Price range
iPad licence£25-200
iPad device£150-900
ePOS installation£200-1,500
iPad stands£99-600
Hardware fees£0-1,500
Receipt printers£70-500
Complete iPad ePOS systems£900-10,000

The data was gathered by Market Inspector researchers with the solely purpose to give our customers general relevant information in their search. Once you fill the form, the information will be customised according to your business needs.

4 Key Features of iPad ePOS Systems

1. iCloud-Based System

IPad ePOS systems are based on the iCloud technology which is renowned for its security measures. Thus, less worries on the hackers. As a cloud-based system, the iPad ePOS encrypt credit card data after the card is swiped. It is important for you to know that all the customers’ private information will not be shown on the iPad, but stored at the terminal machine.

2. EPOS Deployment

When discussing business and technology, deployment is a methodical procedure of introducing an activity, process, program or, in the case of ePOS, a system to all applicable areas of an organisation. Once it is outsourced, the ePOS deployment allows you to run large staging facilities, for example if you have a chain of restaurants and you want to run all the operations strategically in one system. A reputable deployment service provider is Apple, yet there are different types of ePOS software you can choose from. iPad ePOS systems are deployed on the iCloud, whereas other ePOS systems are deployed on-premise, meaning they are installed and run on computers.

3. CRM Integration

The CRM can be a luxury for many small and medium business owners. However, if you plan to integrate your future (if not your current) customer relationship management system, many iPad POS provide you this solution. The benefits include:

    • Understand your customer base

    • Target your marketing

    • Easily manage bookings

4. Security

As a business owner, you are interested to secure and protect all your systems, especially when it comes to payments processes. It’s no news that POS systems are a preferred target for hackers. According to TechRepublic, a leading digital advising publication, there are outdated operating systems easier to breach than others. Although there is no 100% safe operating system, Apple’s iOS is acclaimed for its high security considerations and measures. Find more details about security breaches on ePOS systems here.

Advantages of iPad ePOS systems

Once you decide to go with iPad points of sale, there are multiple advantages of these systems:

Restaurant Table Management

    • Use visual table layouts where you can organise the restaurant floor plans
    • Assign orders to tables and connect them with staff members
    • Maintain and overview on all the reservations and waiting lists

EPOS Cash Control

    • Manage your cash flow through applications settings and reporting capabilities
    • Precisely attribute staff payments
    • Have a real-time overview on the revenue streams

Restaurant Digital Menu Boards

    • Offer an interactive and engaging customer experience
    • Make a long-term investment
    • Have an efficient control over the changes in the menu

What Is the Best iPad ePOS System for Your Restaurant?

As a business owner you have tons of responsibilities and decisions to make, and research for smart devices and modern point of sale systems can be very time consuming. There are various brands and features iPad ePOS systems have and the market is quite large even for restaurant business, whether you want to buy or rent them out. Instead of individually asking four different suppliers in the UK for spects and deals on iPad ePOS systems, ask Market Inspector for all in one.

Ipad _epos

To help you save time when researching, Market Inspector allows you to compare the price of different iPad ePOS systems from trustful suppliers. If you would like to receive professional advice and reviews from experts, simply fill in the form. You will receive, without any obligations, up to four non-binding quotes tailored to your company needs.

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