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Last updated: 8 November 2022

Takeaway ePOS System

Why Should You Go For a Takeaway ePOS System?

Takeaway, fast food and delivery businesses can be very busy during peak business hours. This calls for a good management system that keeps things running smoothly and supports customer loyalty.

Although it is possible to run a takeaway business the old fashioned way, an ePOS system will make running a takeaway business much easier and will give you time to focus on what matters to you and your customers. Just like there are for restaurants, pubs and bars, there are specialised ePOS systems and software for takeaway, fast food and delivery businesses.

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Benefits of Having an Takeaway ePOS System

There are many tasks that an ePOS system can help you with, which will help your business run efficiently and more smoothly. These include the ability to:

    • Monitor current stock levels
    • Regulate and track costs and pricing
    • Improve the security of payment and customer information
    • Implement order handling
    • Manage customer information and loyalty programs
    • Improve the interaction with customers
Ingredients E POS System

Having a sudden low stock in a very busy takeaway period can be costly and can alienate customers by offering slower service or by not being able to serve their chosen food.

An ePOS system can help you avoid overstocking or running low on crucial ingredients.

An ePOS system can notify you if you are running low on given ingredients and immediately remove meals from the menu, which lack ingredients, until they are restocked.

Additionally, monitoring the performance times, such as how long it takes for a meal to be cooked, packaged and delivered, can be a very useful tool for takeaway businesses. It is possible to monitor how much time is spent on making the food, as well as how much time is spent doing nothing.

An ePOS system can help you better monitor and manage the time that employees spend doing various tasks. Time spent waiting can be used to improve the business and interact with customers.

Also, it can be very challenging to ensure the security in a very busy place. An ePOS system can help you with monitoring your employees, to ensure that the correct prices are provided, mistakes are reduced and that fraud is prevented.

Takeaway POS

With an ePOS system, it is possible to prevent theft from employees and ensure that the customers are always charged the correct amount for your products. Prices can be set within an ePOS system, making it is impossible for an individual employee to set a special price.

It is also possible to check which employee is logged in at what time, which can be useful to see who makes a particular mistake or who may have stolen money or property from your business.

As mentioned above, an ePOS system can give you the overview of your stock and thus prevent stock theft.

Food from takeaways usually includes many ingredients, therefore ordering can be tricky. However, with an ePOS system ordering is facilitated by more flexibility - adding items and removing ingredients is no longer a lengthy process.

An ePOS system can store valuable customer information, which can be used for marketing purposes and loyalty programs. Having basic demographic information and data regarding which orders are repeated can enable you to send personalised offers and discounts.

With an ePOS streamlining your business, employees can spend more time on interacting with customers. Making orders quickly, knowing the price of different meals and optimising the time employees spend on their tasks creates more time that can be spent with customers.

More Benefits

    • Online ordering - ordering can be done not only on the business premises, but also online and through mobile apps. With an ePOS system, orders are synced seamlessly, therefore reducing the time and amount of effort that would be otherwise put into managing orders from different platforms.
    • Reports and analysis - an ePOS system will make reports and analysis easier. It is also possible to track customer trends, which items are more popular than others and what time is the busiest and therefore there is the possibility of adjusting your business practices.
    • Managing multiple locations - if your business can be found in multiple places, it is possible to manage these locations remotely, without the need of visiting every premise.

Further Considerations About ePOS Systems

Online Ordering

An ePOS system is a computer, and therefore can be subject to malfunctions, downtimes and viruses. With a very busy takeaway a downtime can mean very high costs. Malware and viruses can mean a threat to customer information.

Also, installing an overly complicated ePOS system can result in lost time, as staff can be slower to adapt to the new system or refuse to work with the new ePOS solutions.

Your chosen ePOS system should not be complicated to use, otherwise more time and effort will be spent on ordering and other operations, rather than on interacting with customers.

Purchasing an ePOS System

When choosing your ePOS solution, you should not focus merely on the price of the different alternatives. Cheap ePOS systems can cause more problems and result in higher costs than more expensive ones.

As there are different ePOS systems specialised for different businesses, it is a good idea to research before purchasing. If you own a restaurant and takeaway or delivery service, there are restaurant ePOS systems that offer also takeaway and delivery features.

There are two ways of acquiring an ePOS system: either buying your own system, which can result in high upfront costs, or leasing an ePOS system, which can be a cheaper option. It is also possible to use a mPOS system, with which the costs would be even lower.

It is good to consider which type of acquiring option to choose: different companies offer different services with purchase or leasing, such as non stop support, on site installation, staff training and more. With leasing is it usually easier to keep up to date with the newest technologies.

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