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Last updated: 29 June 2021

Find the Best Large Format Printers

What is Large Format Printing?

Large format printers are big office printers that can produce graphics, text, and images on a variety of broad surfaces. Large format printers are primarily used for creative and promotional purposes: printing large banners, posters, photographs, maps, and architectural plans. Businesses tend to choose large format printers as they can produce high resolution printouts on large paper formats.

Being able to print expressive promotional signage that communicates the value of your brand, business, and creative competencies is crucial. A large format printer will be able to support your organisation and improve how it is perceived.

There are many types of printers and photocopiers that can meet your particular needs, and finding one can be a simple process. Just submit a quote request form today and our customer service team will guide you through finding the best printer for you.

Types of Large Format Printer

There are various types of large format printers and they tend to differ in terms of the size, type, and the quality of printouts that they can produce. Design teams that need to print large blueprints, sitemaps, design briefs, and floor plans will find that large format printers can quickly print out their concepts and ideas.

Photographers will be able to use large format printers to produce prints of their creative work in formats that can display a variety of compositions and sizes. Producing artistic works can be challenging with standard A4 and A3 printers. A large format printer will be able to print images on custom sheets of photo paper or long photo paper rolls that can display wide angle photographs in a high quality that will impress viewers in a gallery.

Blueprints For A Contruction Project

There are essentially two types of large format printers: first, those suited for an office environment and closely resemble a standard office printer, and second, larger printers that look like industrial wide format printers. These printers have different costs and capabilities; large format printers that are smaller in size are useful for printing design briefs and photographs while the big large format printers are customarily used to print banners and other large promotional materials.

Printers can further be segmented by their core functionality:

    • Whether they use inkjet or laser technologies
    • Whether they have wireless functionality
    • By the speed at which they can print
    • By their resolution that they can print
    • By their monthly duty cycle (the estimated amount that it can print a month before becoming overwhelmed)

Businesses that need a large format printer for printing creative materials that need to make a strong impact favour quality over speed. Investing in a large format printer that uses inkjet technology and has a high resolution will ensure that you get only the best results from your printouts. If, on the other hand, you need a large format printer to produce design drafts for time intensive projects, then a printer that utilises laser technology will be ideal for you. Colour laser printers tend to be able to print faster than their colour inkjet counterparts and they also cost less to operate in the long term.

Large Format Printer Supplies

There are large format paper types that can meet the needs of a wide variety of projects. Much like the paper that is used in A4 and A3 printers, large format printer paper can be dissected into various levels of quality according to their brightness, thickness, grade, coat, and smoothness.

High quality printer paper is typically brighter, thicker, has some type of protective coating (UV or water protection), and is smooth. The converse can be said for low cost printing paper; it is cheaper to the eye as well as the touch, and it has a high likelihood of provoking paper jams and causing damage to the printer.

Rolls Of Large Format Printer Paper

To get the most out of your printing investment, it is highly recommended that you only use the highest quality printing paper for your creative works. Even the best printers will only produce modest results if cheap paper is used.

Large Format Multifunctionality

In addition to being able to print large, high quality graphics and images, some large format printers come with additional features that can support the design and printing process. Much like other multifunction, also known as all-in-one printers, large format multifunction printers can scan and copy large documents.

Art Being Produced In A Large Format Printer

However, there are features that are unique to large format printers due to the particular paper formats that they use. Large format printers that can print from paper rolls will have automatic cutting capabilities. For high volume printing needs, there are large format printers that have the ability to change ink without interrupting the printing process, allowing designers and managers to maintain deadlines.

Large Format Printer Repairs

There are essentially two ways to maximise the lifetime of your printer and ensure that it keeps operating smoothly and reliably: proactive maintenance and appropriate usage. Once you have chosen a large format printer, it is recommended that you consult your supplier about what type of servicing programme they can offer you. Most suppliers will offer a programme that includes proactive maintenance, a service hotline, as well as technical training courses for your staff.

Purchasing Options

Companies that are looking to buy a large format printer will find that, to be able to produce high quality results, they will need to make a significant investment. This can be daunting and risky for smaller businesses, design studios, and freelance photographers. However, there are options available for organisations that are looking to try out the capabilities of large format printers before investing in a long term solution. Some suppliers of large format printers offer rental and leasing options that allow businesses to rent printers for a limited time while they carry out a particular project or test how a printer can benefit their business.

Large Format Printer Ink Cartridges

There are companies that offer large format printing services where printing projects can be outsourced and delivered by post or courier. However, organisations that are looking to have more control over their printing processes, maintain a high level of confidentiality, consistent quality, and reliable printing times will find that investing in a large format printer will support their business objectives.

Submit a quote request form today to receive more information about large format printers. Our dedicated customer service team can assist you with finding a solution that works for you. Quotes are free and you will be contacted by experienced suppliers of large format printers and services.

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