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An A3 printer is a colour printer capable of functioning with paper that is up to A3 in size. An A3 sheet measures 29.7 x 42.0 cm or approximately 11 x 17 inches. This large format is commonly used for printing lab-quality images, posters, professional pictures, presentations, and other projects.

The A3 format is mainly used by business offices, architecture firms and any environment where tasks related to marketing, accounting, and design are handled. In fact, A3 printers are ideal for printing large-format drawings, renderings, diagrams, large tables, charts, and graphs.

Alternatively, A3 multifunction printers are designed to output two A4 pages as a spread. All-in-one A3 printers provide more flexibility and composite features, but they are mostly used to display visual information. A3 printers are a solid long-term investment for companies. Both A3 and A4 printers are present in the majority of businesses in the UK

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Where can you use an A3 printer?
Types and prices of A3 printers
What should you know before renting an A3 printer?
Concept of A3 printer paper
Advantages of A3 printers
Find the best brands of A3 printers

Where Can You Use an A3 Printer?

Deciding which printer would be best for your business requires you to outline the needs and uses of the business and the employees. A few questions to ask are:

  • Do you have multiple employees that need to print at the same time? 
  • Do you require scanning and copying features? 
  • How many documents are you printing every day?

Setting realistic expectations for your printing needs will result in maximum return on your investment. Some key questions that you should consider include:

  • Are you exclusively printing text? If you solely print text documents, such as spreadsheets, leaflets, or booklets in black and white, then a monochrome laser printer would be ideal for your business.
  • Do you need to print large high quality photographs? A colour inkjet A3 printer that can print at high resolutions is what your business needs. Precision results require only the best printer and printer paper on the market.
  • Do you need to print design briefs that communicate ideas for a product prototype, new website, or printed publication? An inkjet printer that can print on A3 paper will help you impress any audience.
  • Will you need to print on A3 sheets in both colour and monochrome with speed being a priority? An A3 colour laser printer will help you meet critical deadlines and work more efficiently.
  • Do you need to share the printer amongst many employees and are you scanning, copying, faxing, and/or emailing large documents? A wireless, or A3 multifunction printer is the perfect addition to your busy office environment, as everyone can access the printer without long wait times

Types and Prices of A3 Printers

There are various types of A3 printers and, depending on the needs of your business, there are suppliers that can help you in the search for the ideal printer. After extended research on the best A3 printers in the market, these are the brands we recommend:

Type Description Price range
HP synonymous for easy-to-use and multifunctional £100<
Epson it introduced ink tank printing systems and cartridge-free printers £150<
Canon pays close attention to reliability and performance, by developing innovative all-in-one printers £200<
Xerox focuses on print quality, reliability, ease of use, high quality standards £700<
Dell provides a wide range of high quality office printers for every kind of business £2000<
Brother focuses on sustainability and aims to reduce waste by using eco-friendly materials £200<

What Should You Know Before Renting an A3 Printer?

How much does an A3 printer rental cost?

The price of renting A3 printers changes according to the features and the length of the lease period. In general, the price for monochrome and colour laser printers vary between £20 and £50 per month, with free copies included.

How long does the rental period last?

A3 printers can be rented for as little as 3 days and up to a few years. Setting a hire period before renting the printer will help minimise the investment costs. It goes without saying that the price of A3 printer rentals decreases with longer-term leasing periods.

What is included in the leasing price?

The features included in the price of A3 printer rental depends on the supplier's policies. Some providers may cover the costs of toner, maintenance, repairs, warranty and paper. Other providers may specify in the contract that these features come at an extra charge.

What are the benefits of renting A3 printers?

  • Low cost investment
  • Monthly rental fees
  • Contract and duration flexibility
  • Possibility to change the product 
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Concept of A3 Printer Paper

A3 printing paper can be classified several different ways; the best printing results comes from a high quality printer that uses the highest quality of paper. While it may be appealing to cut costs on the quality of paper, it will result in a reduction of the return on your printing investment. The A series paper sizes are defined by ISO 216 standards.

Cheaper paper tends to be thinner, causes the colours to run, and results in the loss of quality when printing documents after a short period of time. Low cost paper also has a high risk of causing paper jams and damage to internal printing mechanisms.To get the most out of your printing results, only purchase bright paper that has: high thickness (also known as caliper), a grade that matches the purpose of your printing projects (i.e. grades like writing, book, index, etc.) and paper that has high smoothness.

Suppliers will be able to support you in understanding which type of A3 paper is best suited for your printing needs, and what features work best for different A3 printers.An important consideration for designers that work with A3 printers to design graphics and edit images: it is critical that you work with the correct resolution, so as to maintain a high quality result.

To achieve a dot per inch resolution of 300, it is important that the size of the digital image is 3508 x 4961. Printing at 72 DPI will require a resolution of 842 x 1191. Printing on A3 paper from a low digital resolution will result in low quality printouts that are pixelated.

Advantages of A3 Printers

If your business activities include the creation of design briefs, financial reporting, product prototyping, architecture, and other projects that require printing on large surfaces, then you will likely need a dedicated A3 printer or another type of large format printer. Printing high quality photographs, product designs, blueprints and promotional materials will reflect positively on your brand and improve your competitive profile. A3 printers can also support your strategic planning processes

Whether for the development of logistic, marketing, sales, or service strategies, printing mind maps and flowcharts has shown to improve how ideas are communicated and understood in group settings. Understanding a strategic direction as a group will ensure that the best results are achieved and that strategic objectives are maintained.

A3 printers can be used beyond the office environment. Restaurants and takeaway businesses can use an A3 inkjet printer to print new menus, promotional posters and flyers that can support the communication of the available products and their prices. An automatic duplex printing feature helps you easily print on both sides of A3 sheets to get the most out of the available surface area.

A3 Printer Infographic

To make sure that you get the most out of your A3 printer investment, you should engage in a servicing agreement that includes proactive maintenance and full service coverage. A service agreement will ensure you have a reliable printing solution, ensure high quality printed documents, and keep your long term costs low.

Find the Best Brands of A3 Printers

You can be certain that you receive the best quality product by investing in A3 printers from a brand that is renowned for its reliability, quality, and speed. Brother, Canon, Ricoh, Sharp, and Toshiba are all brands that we recommend for office printing needs.

Complete the quote request form at the top right of the page. Our qualified customer sales team will help you in 3 easy steps: guide you through the evaluation process, provide you with free tailored quotes and find an A3 printer supplier that works for you.

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