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Last Updated: 08. November 2019

Find the Best Telemarketing and Lead Generation Services in the UK

Telemarketing has expanded over the years and has grown in popularity. Telemarketing and lead generation companies provide services in businesses that wish to increase sales and attract more customers for their products or services.

The use of telemarketing services can add benefits to your business and increase the productivity of your company. The lead generation service has guaranteed results and companies providing this service may have different approaches.

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What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a method of direct marketing used by a company to sell its goods or services. It can be done through direct call or through a scheduled web conference appointment. Telemarketing can also use recorded sales pitches programmed to be played through automatic dialing.

Based on who makes the first call, there are two types of telemarketing known as outbound and inbound.

The outbound telemarketing requires that the telemarketer makes contact with customers, no matter if previous contact has been made. The inbound telemarketing comes from customers’ perspective. They make contact with the telemarketer as a result of advertising or recommendations from a third party.

Telemarketing services can also be identified depending on who are they directed to and can be categorised as B2B (Business to Business- telemarketing directed towards companies) and B2C (Business to Customers- telemarketing directed only towards customers).

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation services can be defined as a process that involves collecting names and information about potential clients who are going to be contacted by the salespeople with the purpose of generating orders.

Lead generation can be classified as a subcategory of telemarketing.

The method of generating leads is regarded as part of the purchase funnel and therefore it can improve the sales and orders. Lead generation companies help you gain the attention of your customers and raise their interest in the services or products of your business.

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Overview of Telemarketing and Lead Generating Companies

Telemarketing can aim previous contacts as well as new customers who might be interested in your company’s products or services. It can be applied not only for old products or services but also for new ones in order to gain your target customers’ attention.

The contact list for telemarketing purposes can also be purchased from another company’s database or any other type of public list. In this way, your company can have a more expanded outreach list and therefore, more chances to sell.

Telemarketing is done through phone calls, usually two or more calls that may be concluded in a positive way. The first call should always determine the customer’s needs and preferences. The final call needs to be motivating in order for the customer to place his or her order.

One advantage is that it can be done from a company office, a call center or even from home. Telemarketing services are an engaging method that gives you the opportunity to increase your sales and extend your clients’ database.

Benefits of Working with a Telemarketing Company

Every business owner desires growth and increased sales. There are cases when you might be investing money and time in promoting a product or service to the wrong market segment. Therefore, working with a telemarketing agency has benefits regarding the time and money spent as well as the quality of leads generated.

We have highlighted few benefits that a telemarketing agency may bring to your business:

Target the right segment
A good telemarketing agency will start by collecting the right data and analysing it. Next, there is a marketing strategy that needs to be adjusted and customised according to the customers you target. When you reach out to the right market segment, customers are more likely to respond positively and generate leads.

Boost profit
Telemarketing provides a more personal approach through the phone calls. It creates a connection with the customers and they are less likely to turn down an offer. This will be noticed as an increase in profit as you sell more. 

Gain customer loyalty
The method of talking directly with a person is more appreciated by customers rather than looking through your website for information. Any concerns or need for more information are transmitted directly. Through the help of the telemarketer there is also a good chance of selling more effectively. 

Gain market insight
Telemarketing is also an efficient way for gaining feedback and opinions from customers. Both existing and new customers can give valuable information about previous experiences and help the company to improve. 

Professionals know better
There are businesses that prefer to have their own telemarketing team. However, there are many that opt for a professional telemarketing and lead generating agency. This provides you with an expert approach and better performance. You can expect improved sales and positive results.


Prices and Costs of Telemarketing Campaigns

When you choose a telemarketing agency for the purpose of generating leads, you are also trying to find the best price with the best strategy that fits your needs. The main goal is to maximise your ROI (Return on Investment). Therefore, there are some factors to consider such as the length of the campaign and the strategy used.

Prices differ by company and they have various charging structures that are most likely to include:

  • Price per lead/appointment
  • Price per hour, day, week or month
  • Price per campaign

However, you should consider your company’s needs and your plan before choosing a campaign structure. Once you have set clear goals, such as expected number of calls or a certain number of leads generated, you can decide which structure fits you best.

Pricing per Lead/Appointment

This method of charging motivates the telemarketing to leave up to their best performance. You can expect to pay in the range of £20- £150 per lead generated, depending of your industry and nature of calls. It is considered to be a safe method of charging as it protects you from paying although the results are not as you expected.

Pricing per Hour/Day

This structure allows you to plan your budget effectively as rates are fixed and vary between £10 and £30 per hour per operative. This is a prefered option for those who have no market niche to aim for or no specific customers. This is often chosen during a lead generation campaign.

Pricing per Campaign

New customers are usually charged per campaign. The agency ensures it will get paid and customers will stick the course of the campaign regardless the results. Campaigns have a fixed length and it may prove to be a cheap method of pricing. Prices are customised depending on the goals set and strategy chosen.

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Besides these, you should expect other costs as well.

  • Cost of Data

This is an important step for the campaign. If you are not providing a call list with contacts, then you should expect to purchase one. This is called a data acquisition fee. The cost covers the time spent by the agency to call large number of possible leads and identify the ones interested in your products or services. Keep in mind that this will take place before the telemarketing campaign begins and it can delay the start of the project.

A good way of minimising this cost is to keep a properly updated contact lists and supply the agency with contacts ready to use.

  • Campaign Management Cost

It is an ongoing fee during a telemarketing campaign. The minimum fee you can expect to pay is of £50 a month to assure the smooth running of the campaign and lead generating plan. This is a cost that applies to all types of pricing structures for a proper management of the overall activity.

Lead generation and telemarketing are important for a business’ profit. But they also may prove to be too expensive to support on a long term. Businesses with a limited budget will seek to minimise the charges.

Here are some methods that can help you maintain the costs lower and still achieve the goals of your telemarketing campaign:

Use your own data 
If you have your own leads, then you can provide the telemarketing agency with a list of contacts already interested in your products or services. This will save you not only money but also time. 

Work with local agency
Search for telemarketing agency that are located in your area. You should research for local and regional agencies that are most likely to have lower overhead costs. 

Work with your team
There are companies that already have an in-house team focused on lead generation. If you feel like your team is up to it, then there is no reason why you should look for external help. Maybe it will be more cost effective to train your team and only if they cannot live up to your expectations then you can consider a telemarketing agency.

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What Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Telemarketing Agency?

When it comes to choosing the most suitable telemarketing agency, every step of the process is important. The correct choice of the agency brings positive results and lead generation. You need to make sure that the agency has a good reputation and positive recommendations, polite and professional staff and that you will get a favourable return on investment.

Get to Know the Company

Take the time you need to get to know the company. The more research you do, the better your choice will be. Start with their website and find information about prices and strategies they use. Look for reviews from previous customers and find whether they recommend the agency or not.

Do not avoid small or new companies just because you may think they cannot do a proper job. In some cases, they manage to deliver a better service with a better cost than the large companies. Make a thorough research and analyse your option before making the call.

Direct Contact

The best way to see how the agency does its job is through direct contact. Either by calling or by seeing in person, having a direct approach before choosing can make a big difference. You can find their level of professionalism by calling and observe the way you are treated during the conversation.

Are They Able to Achieve the Goals Set?

Be sure that the agency you choose and its staff are able to work towards your goals and achieve the best results. They need to understand the industry and market you are active on and generate leads in a professional way. If your products or services are misunderstood, they will be sold to wrong customers and instead of lead generation you will find yourself open to legal action.

Costs are Clear for Both Parties

There is no place for doubts. Make sure you understand what is included in your package and the costs you need to pay. Make it clear what you expect from the telemarketing agency and what they expect from your company. Everything needs to be clear for a smooth process. Small businesses need to be more careful and clear about costs as they might not have a big disposable cash-flow.

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Telemarketing Agencies in the UK

There are a large number of telemarketing agency in the UK specialised in lead generation. Therefore, aspects such as costs, strategies and experience will vary. Depending on whether you need B2B or B2C telemarketing, you have many options to choose from. There are also agencies specialised on a specific industry. The more specific expertise they have in your industry, the better.

In the UK, there are many telemarketing agencies spread all over the country. This means there are big chances of finding one close to you rather than working with an agency located for example in London (it might have bigger costs just because of its location).

Market Inspector provides professional advice and reviews about telemarketing and lead generation! You can compare price and quality of the different agencies on the market that best fit your business needs! Fill out the form and get four non-binding quotes, totally free of charge!

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