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Last updated: 14 March 2024

Cloud Phone System in the UK

What Is a Cloud Phone System?

A cloud phone system is an internet-based communication system that is hosted in the cloud by a third party that provides a secure server. The data is accessible by users at any time and place from the cloud phone system.

The cloud hosts the software that can be in single or multiple data centres around the world, depending on where you work.

This makes cloud telephone systems suitable for any kind and size of business - from one person businesses to large enterprises with many employees scattered around the world.

The cloud phone system is new but already revolutionary form of VoIP phone service that works via telephony software installed on the internet. This makes running your business easier, more cost-effective, efficient and secure.

A cloud phone system might be the office telephone system for your business as it is an attractive replacement of conventional business landline phone system, such as private branch exchange (PBX). It has lower subscription and set-up costs.

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How Does a Cloud Based Phone System Work?

A cloud phone system is based on VoIP technology, which effectively uses the internet to transfer calls and data over the same IP networks that transmits Internet traffic like emails, chats, videos, etc.

How Does a Cloud Phone System Work

Unlike a traditional landline that requires costly hardware and software investment, a cloud phone system is easy to set up.

If you consider choosing a VoIP phone for your business, keep in mind that a cloud based phone system only needs computers and telephony software, that is ready to run once connected to an existing IP network.

To use VoIP you will need the internet connection, preferably a high-speed connection to maximize the functions of cloud phone system.

A cloud phone system has several major advantages that your business could benefit from. From cost-related benefits to increased efficiency, cloud based phone systems can help improve your operations.

What Are the Advantages of Cloud Phone System?

A cloud phone system has several major advantages that your business could benefit from. From cost-related benefits to increased efficiency, cloud based phone systems can help improve your operations.

Advantages of Cloud Phone Systems
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to deploy and run
  • Flexible and mobile
  • Customisable features
  • System stability and data security


When you are thinking about traditional business phone systems versus VoIP phone systems, a cloud phone system in the UK is cheaper than a landline phone system. A landline phone needs expensive hardware and software, as well as regular maintenance.

Cloud based phone systems are a telephony software sold as a service, and not as a product. That means your costs will be limited to buying a licence and paying monthly fee, making this a very cost-effective communications solution for your business.

The cloud phone system is delivered by the provider and you do not need to wire expensive hardware, nor does your IT department need to invest a lot of time to support the system and secure your data.

2. Easy to Deploy and Run

When software is hosted in the cloud by a third- party, you do not need to install a complex infrastructure to use the system. When you get access to the system, you simply run it via your desktop, mobile phone, or laptop. When you experience system problems, the provider takes care of the technical support and bug fixes.

You do not need to worry about outdated software either, as the provider takes care of automatic updates, new features, and extensions.

3. Flexible and Mobile

Cloud based phone systems allow all kinds of businesses to be more flexible and mobile. It becomes easier to open a new branch in any place in the world and run your business smoothly.

The only thing you need to do is connect to the existing software application to have immediate access to the company’s cloud phone system.

Cloud phones offer almost unlimited mobility, which landlines do not. The alternative option might be a cordless phone, which allows you to move around the office as long as you are not too far from the system base. This system gives you some mobility but limited by reception range.

By using smartphone applications you can take your business to the next level. For example, it becomes easy to hire employees working remotely from any place in the world because communication is not an obstacle anymore.

Cloud phones extend mobility by mobile apps like 3CXPhone for Android and 3CXPhone for iPhone.

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4. Customised Features

Cloud based phone systems have numerous features that can be customised according to any kind of business.

It is up to you what features you want and the cost will vary according to the features you subscribe to.

You might start with a basic package when you start your business. When you grow, you might subscribe to more features that will be in line with your expansion. In other words, your cloud phone system grows with your business.

Your work can be supported smoothly with features such as chat, audio, video conferencing, and email.

Additional features might be call forwarding, call parking, busy light indicator, as well as auto-attendants.

Take a look at further features you can opt-in for:

Opt-In Features for Cloud Phone Systems

Opt-In FeatureDescription
Advanced VoicemailView your voicemail in an email format directly in the inbox.
ConferenceUseful for frequent project collaborations that require regular meetings.
Follow-Me and Call ForwardingForwards calls when a user doesn’t have access to the office phone. Automatically set the list of numbers that the calls will be forwarded to.
Automatic Call ScreeningFilter calls that need immediate action, and those that are less urgent.
Call CentreStreamline call centre communication and create hubs anywhere in the world.

5. Security and Recovery

Cloud phone systems reduce the risk of safety problems because your data is protected by multiple layers of security. That means your data is safe from any sort of compromise.

By using the cloud, your data is safe and protected against disasters and corruption in comparison to the landline phone system, which relies on the hardware.

You should, however, remember that the internet connection you are using might impact the security of your data. Public internet connections might compromise your security because your data will pass through a lot of different paths before arriving on the other side.

Only unified business communication providers can be a reliable and secure for your system.

How Much Does a Cloud Phone System Cost?

The prices of a cloud phone system start from around £13.00 per user, making it a quite cheap solution. However, the prices will vary depending on the size of your business and the equipment you need.

The monthly costs will increase for businesses with more employees. The good news is that many providers offer discounts when buying in bulk. Some companies have special offers for businesses over 100 employees.

Cloud Phone System Cost

Polycom Single VoIP- enabled phonePrices start from £59
Gigaset Twin Phone Bundle£105
Gigaset Trio Bundle£120
Gigaset Quad Bundle£148
Gigaset/Polycom feature-rich phones£199 - £799
SubscriptionBasic package: £13 per user
Customised features package: £39 per user
Setup for phone system based on the public cloudNo fee
Setup for phone system hosted on client’s VoIP system£399 - £829 per user

You should also take into consideration the cost of the equipment. If you work on your own, you will only need a VoIP-enabled phone, with prices starting from around £75 per unit.

The more employees you have the bigger the equipment cost. For example, if you run a small business, you might be interested in several handsets with extra features. Gigaset offers Twin Bundle at the price of £104.99, Trio Bundle at the price £123 and Quad Bundle for £148.

For medium and big sized businesses the costs increase as the number of necessary stations lines increase. Bigger enterprises might need higher quality phones with advanced features. Gigaset or Polycom VoIP phones with advanced features cost from £199 to £799.

Keep in mind that the cost will also depend on the subscription you need. For start- up and small business basic subscription packages might be enough for the beginning.

However, advanced features such as automatic call recording might be necessary for big size businesses. Packages with many features might cost around £39 per user.

The good news for all kinds of businesses is that the providers usually do not charge for the setup because they do not go through expenses of maintaining a traditional phone network.

The advanced cloud technology has particularly revolutionised the operations of small businesses by delivering innovative but cost-effective solutions.

One important aspect to consider is whether public cloud services are right for your business. Start-ups and most small and medium- sized companies can benefit from the public cloud. However, large businesses might prefer to host a cloud on their VoIP system.

Overall, cloud telephone systems are cheaper than PBX systems which are often necessary for a workplace where multiple landlines need a private branch exchange telephone system. The price of PBX equipment, as well as the monthly maintenance charges are usually higher than the monthly cost of cloud phone system in the UK.

Which Provider Is The Best in UK?

There are different cloud based phone system providers that tailor packages according to your needs.

Market Inspector has evaluated various providers that offer phone systems for small businesses, as well as for medium and large size businesses.

1. BT

BT Logo

To respond to the expectations of the customers, BT offers various packages suitable for businesses of every size

    • Different packages available, starting from £13 to £23 per user.
    • Additional users might be added at the price £3 per user per month.
    • Various BT cloud phone handsets.
    • The subscription might include various features such as call forwarding, routing, transfer, screening, or voicemail.
    • ‘Make and take calls’ feature work on devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android.
    • Features of receiving messages and faxes, and forwarding voicemail available on mobile phones.
    • The system is integrated into software such as Google, Skype, Outlook, Salesforce, Zendesk or Zoho and more. Some plug-and-play options might be available with advanced package subscription.

2. Gigaset

Gigaset Logo

Gigaset tailors cloud phone packages according to the size and needs of the business and offers high quality phones and other telephony equipment.

    • Tailored packages for home office, small businesses, medium business, and large businesses.
    • Provides flexible options to use both cloud telephony services and conventional phone systems.
    • Base stations suited for business scalability.
    • Base stations that can handle both landline and VoIP phone calls.
    • Works with BT services.
    • Collaborate with various communication providers.

3. Avaya


Avaya’s attractive solutions are based either on the public or private cloud, which suits the needs of small and large size businesses.

    • Various bundles from basic to advanced features.
    • Public cloud communications suited for small and midsize businesses as well as larger enterprises.
    • Private cloud systems suited for very large, global enterprises with demanding needs.
    • Integration with mobile devices allows to use ‘find me and follow me’ features
    • Available in the UK and many European countries as well as countries such as USA, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, or Mexico.

4. iPECS

Ipecs logo

iPECS is a high-end product of the Ericsson-LG joint venture, a provider of business communications systems with many years of experience.

    • Suitable packages and products for unified communication from small to large-sized businesses.
    • License-based prices.
    • Each package includes a basic handset .
    • No minimum number of users.
    • Provides a variety of applications, and features.
    • Setup and technical training support available at low price.
    • Various deployment models available for different forms of infrastructure and office environment.

5. Yealink

Yealink logo

Yealink is a global provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions using the public cloud.

    • Software licence fee.
    • Automated deployment and plug-and-play.
    • Different payment plans available: per usage, per user, or per month.
    • High security level.
    • Cooperates with with platforms such as Broadsoft, Metaswitch, and Genband.

6. Polycom

Polycom logo

Polycom uses cloud computing strategy with service of video and voice over the cloud to replicate face-to-face experience

    • Feature-rich and scalable products.
    • Provides variety of VoIP desk phones and VoIP adapters.
    • Unique Polycom® Acoustic Fence™ technology that cancels background noise.
    • Cooperates with partners such as Zoom, Google Cloud, BlueJeans, Amazon Web Services, GoToMeeting, and Videoxio.
    • 60 supported call control platforms based around the world.

Compare Quotes of Cloud Phone Systems

The cloud phone system has revolutionised business communication. Although landline phones are still prevailing, nearly 40% of small businesses have exchanged them for cloud phone systems, based on VoIP technology.

The providers meet the expectations of businesses of any kind and size with low cost, effective, flexible, and secure cloud phone systems.

Market Inspector provides professional advice about cloud phone systems in the UK. You can compare price, quality, and features of different cloud phone systems on the market that best fit your business needs. Fill in the form and get four non-binding quotes, totally free of charge!

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