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Last updated: 25 June 2024

iTrack GPS Trackers: The Complete Before-You-Buy Guide

  • For businesses, iTrack GPS trackers present a compelling solution for enhancing operational efficiency, security, and productivity. Whether managing a fleet, securing standard vehicles, or monitoring plant and machinery, iTrack offers reliable and feature-rich devices that cater to diverse needs.
  • By leveraging these advanced features and durable designs, iTrack’s solutions for plant and machinery help businesses enhance the security, efficiency, and productivity of their operations.
  • According to insights from Verizon Connect's report, fleets using GPS tracking have experienced significant cost reductions: fuel costs have decreased by 9-10%, labour costs by 10-11%, and accident costs by 15-17%. Additionally, 41% of fleets achieved a positive ROI on GPS tracking solutions within a year.

iTrack GPS trackers offer businesses in the UK reliable solutions to enhance fleet management, vehicle security, and operational efficiency.

The range includes models like the iTrack FS003 for easy plug-and-play installation, the GPS303 for high-security needs with features like remote engine cut-off, and the GPS108 for long battery life and simple magnetic attachment. These devices help reduce fuel, labour, and accident costs, with many fleets seeing a positive ROI within a year.

According to Verizon Connect’s 2024 Fleet Technology Trends Report, fleet management technology, especially GPS tracking, controls costs, improves productivity, and maintains a competitive advantage in a high-cost environment. 

The report noted that 70% of fleets use GPS tracking solutions, with transportation and distribution sectors leading at 83%.

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Which "iTrack" is the best one in the UK?

Determining the best "iTrack" brand in the UK depends on your specific needs - whether it's personal use, high-value vehicle security, or fleet management. Let’s take a look at a detailed comparison and distinction between the three prominent "iTrack" brands and their offerings in the UK market.

iTrack GPS trackers

This brand offers a variety of trackers, including the iTrack Mini (TK102), iTrack Long Life GPS Tracker (GPS108), and fleet management solutions.

Its key features include the following: 

  • iTrack Mini: Compact size, real-time or SMS tracking, SOS button, free iOS/Android app, and affordable running costs. Ideal for personal use and small assets.
  • iTrack Long Life (GPS108): Long battery life, powerful magnetic base, waterproof, and advanced features like real-time tracking, movement alerts, and geofencing. Suitable for long-term asset tracking.
  • Fleet management: Offers solutions like the FS003 OBD tracker for real-time fuel level and odometer readings, providing comprehensive data for fleet managers.
  • Specialty: Known for versatility, affordability, and user-friendly tracking solutions for a wide range of applications, including vehicles, assets, and personal safety.

Phantom Tracking

Phantom Tracking focuses on high-end vehicle and motorhome tracking solutions, including the Phantom iTrack S7 and S5.

Its key features include the following: 

  • Phantom iTrack S7: Thatcham S7 is certified, has 24/7 control room monitoring, an internal backup battery, and a dedicated app. Suitable for high-value assets like motorhomes.
  • Phantom iTrack S5: Higher security level with Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR), remote immobilisation, and enhanced theft alerts. Ideal for premium vehicle security.
  • SpSpecialityOffers robust security features for high-value vehicles and motorhomes, with a strong emphasis on insurance compliance and recovery services.

iTrack Direct

This brand provides GPS tracking devices primarily for vans and other commercial vehicles, including OBD2 trackers and insurance-approved solutions.

Its key features include the following: 

  • OBD2 Van Tracker: Easy plug-and-play installation, real-time tracking, and affordable monthly data plans.
  • S5 and S7 insurance-approved: High-end features including 24/7 monitoring, tamper alerts, driver ID requirement, and geofencing. These trackers are designed to meet insurance requirements and provide maximum security.
  • Speciality: Focuses on van tracking and insurance-compliant devices, offering advanced features for commercial vehicle management and theft prevention.

Let’s compare the three brands below. 

  • Best for affordability: iTrack Mini and iTrack Long Life from iTrack GPS Trackers are ideal for users looking for versatile and cost-effective solutions.
  • Best for high-value vehicle security: Phantom Tracking offers premium solutions for motorhomes and high-value cars with comprehensive monitoring and recovery features.
  • Best for commercial vehicles: iTrack Direct provides specialised trackers for vans and commercial vehicles, with a strong focus on insurance compliance and fleet management.

These brands cater to different needs and use cases, making it easier for users to choose the right tracker devices based on their specific requirements.

iTrack GPS tracker models

When considering fleet management solutions in the UK, iTrack presents a viable option. It provides GPS tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, and various security features.

When evaluating iTrack GPS trackers for fleet management in the UK, it’s essential to differentiate between the various models available, each tailored for specific needs. 

Each iTrack model has distinct features suited for different aspects of fleet management. The FS003 is ideal for those seeking a simple installation process, the GPS303 provides enhanced security features, and the GPS108 offers long battery life and easy attachment. When choosing the best tracker for your fleet, consider your specific needs regarding installation complexity and security features.

Here’s a more detailed comparison of three popular iTrack trackers:

iTrack FS003 OBD Port Fleet Series GPS Tracker:

  • Installation: Plug-and-play via the vehicle’s OBD port, making it extremely easy to set up without any complex wiring.
  • Features: Provides real-time tracking, crash detection, ignition status, tow-away alerts, and geozone boundary detection. It also offers real odometer and fuel level data directly from the vehicle’s ECU for supported vehicles.

iTrack Pro Fleet Tracker (GPS303):

  • Installation: Hard-wired installation with an included relay switch for remote engine cut-off, making it suitable for higher security needs.
  • Features: Includes real-time tracking, speed alerts, geofence functionality, an external microphone for listening, and an engine cut-off feature to immobilise the vehicle in case of theft. It also offers an internal backup battery.

iTrack Long Life GPS Tracker (GPS108):

  • Installation: Magnetic base for easy attachment to any metallic surface, meaning no complex wiring is needed.
  • Features: Offers real-time tracking, movement alerts, geofence technology, and an integrated infrared anti-tamper sensor. It also has a long battery life, lasting up to 80 days on a single charge in scheduled mode.
  • Subscription: Utilises the iTrack Live platform for real-time tracking and SMS tracking options, with costs dependent on data usage and text message frequency​.

About iTrack: UK quality and affordability

iTrack has emerged as one of the leading brands in the UK for GPS tracking devices, renowned for their high-quality products and competitive pricing. Manufactured in the UK, iTrack's devices are built to meet rigorous quality standards, ensuring durability and precise tracking capabilities. 

Their range of products includes options like the plug-and-play iTrack FS003 OBD tracker, the robust iTrack Pro Fleet Tracker with advanced security features, and the long-lasting iTrack Long-Life GPS tracker. Each product is designed to offer seamless installation and user-friendly interfaces, making them accessible to a broad audience.

iTrack's affordability is one of its key strengths, offering high-tech solutions at competitive prices without compromising on quality. This has made them a popular choice across the UK, as they provide excellent value for money and comprehensive features to enhance vehicle and fleet management.

iTrack vehicle tracking categories

iTrack specialises in providing GPS tracking solutions for a variety of vehicle categories, particularly focusing on commercial vehicles. Their products are designed to meet the needs of different types of vehicles, ensuring businesses can find the right tracking solution for their specific requirements. Here are the primary vehicle categories that iTrack serves:

  • Fleet and commercial vehicles: iTrack offers advanced tracking solutions for fleet management, including cars, vans, trucks, and other commercial vehicles. Key features include real-time tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, route optimisation, and geofencing, which help businesses enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs​​.
  • Caravans and motorhomes: For caravan and motorhome owners, iTrack provides reliable trackers that ensure the safety and security of these assets. Features include real-time location tracking, theft alerts, and historical route data​.
  • Plant and machinery: iTrack's solutions also cover heavy equipment and machinery used in construction and other industries. These trackers help businesses monitor equipment, prevent unauthorised use, and ensure timely maintenance​​.
  • Personal vehicles: Individual car owners can also benefit from iTrack's solutions, which offer peace of mind through features like real-time tracking, crash detection, and tow-away alerts​.

Impact on businesses

Using a GPS tracker is highly valuable; according to Verizon Connect’s Fleet Management Software: A Buyers Guide, 44% of organisations found a GPS fleet tracking system as beneficial in managing operations.

Businesses in the UK have experienced significant benefits from using iTrack's GPS tracking solutions:

  • Fuel efficiency: Companies have reported improvements in fuel economy by monitoring driver behaviour and optimising routes. Verizon Connect’s report illustrated that fleets using GPS tracking saw a reduction in fuel costs by 9-10%. 
  • Theft recovery: Real-time tracking and alerts have enabled businesses to recover stolen vehicles quickly, reducing losses and insurance claims​.
  • Operational efficiency: Monitoring vehicle locations and driver behaviours has led to improved delivery times, reduced idle times, and enhanced overall productivity​​.
  • Cost savings: iTrack's affordable solutions help businesses save on fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs. The initial and subscription costs are outweighed by the savings and efficiencies gained​.

Several businesses have shared positive feedback on how iTrack has improved their operations. For example, logistics companies have enhanced customer satisfaction by providing accurate delivery times and real-time updates, while construction firms have better managed their equipment, reducing downtime and increasing project efficiency​.

Vehicle tracking with the iTrack FS100

The iTrack FS100 Fleet Series Tracker is a versatile GPS tracking device ideal for standard vehicles such as cars, vans, and caravans. Designed to cater to both personal and commercial needs, it offers a range of features that enhance vehicle security, driver monitoring, and fleet management efficiency.

We have listed the tracker’s relation to standard vehicles below.

  • Cars: The iTrack FS100 provides a simple yet powerful solution for keeping track of their vehicle's location in real time. Its compact design and easy installation make it an excellent choice for personal use, ensuring peace of mind with features like crash detection, ignition status monitoring, and tow-away alerts​.
  • Vans: When it comes to van trackers, vans benefits greatly from the iTrack FS100's comprehensive tracking and monitoring capabilities. Real-time tracking and historical route data help businesses efficiently manage deliveries and service calls. The driver behaviour monitoring feature promotes safer driving practices, reducing the likelihood of accidents and improving fuel efficiency​​.
  • Caravans: The iTrack FS100 safeguards valuable assets. The waterproof and durable design ensures the device functions well in various environmental conditions. Real-time tracking and geofence boundary alerts provide an added layer of security, notifying owners if their caravan moves outside a predetermined area​.

Let’s take a look at the features and characteristics of this tracker below.

  • Easy installation: Supports both plug-and-play setups via an OBD port and hard-wired installation to the vehicle’s battery​​.
  • Real-time tracking: Allows continuous monitoring of the vehicle’s location, which is crucial for both personal use and fleet management.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring: Records data on driving patterns, such as speed and sudden braking, helping to promote safe driving and reduce operational costs​​.
  • Alerts and notifications: Includes overspeed alerts, geofence boundary detection, and tow-away alerts, enhancing vehicle security​​.
  • Historical route history: Access to past trip data, which is beneficial for analysing driving behaviour and optimising routes​.
  • Waterproof and durable: The IP65 waterproof rating ensures the device can withstand various environmental conditions​.
  • Backup battery: Equipped with an internal backup battery to ensure continuous operation even if the main power is disconnected​.

iTrack subscription: Fleet Series

iTrack offers comprehensive fleet management solutions designed to enhance the efficiency and security of your vehicle fleet. These solutions come with a variety of features and subscription plans tailored to meet the needs of business owners.

The fleet management solutions features include real-time tracking, driver monitoring behaviour, geofencing, historical route history, remote engine cut-off, as well as alerts and notifications.

Available tracker models for fleet management

  • iTrack FS100 Fleet Series Tracker: It supports both plug-and-play setups via an OBD port and hard-wired connection. Its features include real-time tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, crash detection, geofencing, and historical route history. It also has an internal backup battery and is IP65 waterproof rated.
  • iTrack Pro Fleet Tracker (GPS303): It requires hard-wired installation with an included relay switch for remote engine cut-off. Its features include real-time tracking, speed alerts, geofence functionality, an external microphone for listening, and an engine cut-off feature. It includes a backup battery and is lightweight and waterproof​.
  • iTrack FS003 OBD Port Fleet Series GPS Tracker: This tracker is a plug-and-play installation via the vehicle’s OBD port. Its features include crash detection, ignition status detection, tow-away detection, geo zone boundary detection, and real odometer and fuel level data. It is designed for easy installation and use without complex wiring​.

iTrack for plant and machinery

iTrack offers robust GPS tracking solutions specifically designed for plant and machinery, providing businesses with the tools necessary to monitor and secure their valuable equipment. These solutions combine advanced tracking features with durability to withstand the harsh conditions often associated with heavy machinery and construction environments.

We have listed some characteristics below: 

  • Geofencing: Geofence technology enables users to set virtual boundaries around specific areas. Alerts are triggered if the equipment moves outside these predefined zones, which is particularly useful for preventing unauthorised use and theft​.
  • Historical data and reports: The iTrack platform saves historical location data for up to 90 days, allowing businesses to review past usage, generate reports, and optimise future operations. This feature is essential for auditing and ensuring compliance with operational standards​.
  • Durability and weather resistance: iTrack devices are designed to be durable and weather-resistant, ensuring reliable performance in various environmental conditions. This makes them suitable for the demanding conditions faced by plants and machinery.
  • Remote engine cut-off: Some models include a remote engine cut-off feature, allowing users to disable the engine in case of unauthorised use or theft, thereby adding an extra layer of security.

Tracker models for plant and machinery

​Tracker models for plant and machinery include the iTrack FS100 Fleet Series Tracker, the iTrack Pro Fleet Tracker (GPS303), the iTrack FS003 OBD Port Fleet Series GPS Tracker, and the iTrack Long Life GPS Tracker (GPS108).

The iTrack FS100 Fleet Series Tracker can be installed via a direct connection to the vehicle's battery. It offers features such as real-time tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, crash detection, and geofencing. Additionally, it comes with a backup battery and has an IP65 waterproof rating.

The iTrack Pro Fleet Tracker (GPS303) is hard-wired with a relay switch for remote engine cut-off. It provides real-time tracking, speed alerts, geofence functionality, and a backup battery. This model also includes an external microphone for enhanced security.

The iTrack FS003 OBD Port Fleet Series GPS Tracker is a plug-and-play device that connects via the OBD port. It offers real-time tracking, crash detection, ignition status detection, and geofencing. Furthermore, it provides real odometer and fuel level data directly from the vehicle's ECU.

Lastly, the iTrack Long Life GPS Tracker (GPS108) features a magnetic base for easy attachment. It provides real-time tracking, movement alerts, geofence technology, and an integrated infrared anti-tamper sensor. This model boasts a long battery life, lasting up to 80 days on a single charge in schedule mode.

How much do iTrack solutions cost?

Here is a comprehensive comparison of the prices of all available iTrack tracking solutions by category/model.

Tracker ModelPrice Range
iTrack FS100 Fleet Series Tracker£65.00 – £360.00
iTrack Pro Fleet Tracker (GPS303)£855
iTrack FS003 OBD Port Fleet Series GPS Tracker£105.00 – £305.00
iTrack Long Life GPS Tracker (GPS108)£150.00
iTrack Long Life PRO GPS Tracker (GPS108-PRO)£175.00

Each model offers different features suited to various tracking needs, ensuring that businesses can choose the most appropriate device for their specific requirements while effectively managing costs. ​

Is iTrack worth it?

When evaluating iTrack GPS trackers, it's essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages associated with their most relevant product categories: standard vehicle tracking, fleet management, and plant and machinery tracking.

Below, we have listed the advantages of using this tracker range for standard vehicle tracking that were not addressed earlier (like real-time tracking and monitoring driver behaviour). 


  • Ease of installation: iTrack offers plug-and-play models like the FS003 OBD Port Tracker, which can be easily installed without professional help.
  • Cost-effective: Competitive pricing and affordable subscription plans make it accessible for personal and professional use.
  • Durability: Devices like the FS100 are IP65 waterproof rated, ensuring reliability in various conditions.

The advantages for fleet management include comprehensive monitoring and operational efficiency. Here are the other benefits in regards to fleet management:

  • Geofencing and alerts: Set virtual boundaries and receive instant notifications for unauthorised movements.
  • Security features: Engine cut-off and tamper alerts enhance the security of fleet vehicles.
  • Subscription benefits: Access to the iTrack Live platform and mobile app for seamless monitoring.


For standard vehicle tracking, these are the disadvantages: 

  • Subscription costs: While affordable, the need for an annual subscription may be a recurring expense for some users.
  • Installation complexity: Some models may require professional installation, adding to the initial cost.

For fleet management, the disadvantages include: 

  • Initial setup: Setting up and configuring multiple devices for a large fleet can be time-consuming.
  • Data overload: Managing and interpreting large volumes of data may require dedicated personnel or additional training.

For plant and machinery tracking, the disadvantages are:

  • Cost: Higher initial costs for robust devices like the GPS108-PRO may be a consideration for smaller businesses.
  • Subscription dependence: Continuous monitoring and advanced features require a subscription, which adds to ongoing expenses.

Compare multiple quotes

UK business owners should always compare multiple quotes when looking for cheap GPS tracker solutions. This practice helps ensure you get the best features at the most competitive prices, ultimately saving time and money. 

You can find the tracker that best suits your specific needs and budget by evaluating different options. Take the next step towards smarter fleet management today – compare quotes and make an informed decision.

Start comparing GPS tracking solutions now and secure the best deal for your business!


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