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Last updated: 8 May 2024

The Best Vehicle Tracking Companies for Your Business

  • Fleet management systems are particularly crucial for businesses that rely heavily on transportation and logistics, as they help reduce operational costs and enhance productivity.
  • As the technology evolves, fleet management systems continue to become more advanced, offering solutions that are increasingly tailored to the specific needs of different industries and fleet sizes.

Choosing the right vehicle tracking company can be a game-changer for your business, optimising logistics, enhancing security, and driving significant cost reductions. With numerous providers on the market, each boasting unique features and benefits, selecting one that aligns perfectly with your operational needs and budgetary constraints can be daunting.

This comprehensive guide delves into the attributes of the best vehicle tracking companies, providing you with essential insights to make an informed decision.

We will evaluate these companies based on critical factors such as tracking accuracy, user interface, cost-efficiency, customer support, and additional functionalities like fuel monitoring and route optimisation. By understanding what each company offers, you can identify a solution that improves your fleet management and boosts overall productivity and safety.

Comparing multiple quotes can save you valuable time, allowing you to quickly identify the most cost-effective and feature-rich options tailored to your business needs. Don’t miss the opportunity to streamline your operations and enhance efficiency with the right provider.

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Fleet tracking systems: Factors to consider

The key points and trends highlighted in the 2024 Fleet Technology Trends Report by Verizon Connect emphasise that fleet tracking systems are crucial in managing vehicle and driver operations, especially in an era of fluctuating costs and competitive pressures.

Here are some key factors to consider when evaluating these systems:

  • Tracker devices (sale and installation): Tracker devices are essential for real-time location monitoring of fleet vehicles. The accuracy of GPS systems, ease of installation, and compatibility with various vehicle types are critical. Also, the durability and maintenance of these devices are essential for long-term use.
  • Vehicle management: Effective vehicle management ensures optimal utilisation of fleet resources, contributing to cost efficiency. Features like telematics data collection for analysing vehicle health, usage patterns, and maintenance needs are vital. Systems should also enable scheduling for preventive maintenance to extend vehicle lifespan.
  • Driver management: Effectively managing drivers improves safety and productivity. Systems should track driver behaviour, facilitate training, and help in scheduling. Integrating in-cab video technology can coach drivers on safe driving practices and provide evidence in case of incidents.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With rising operational costs, finding cost-effective solutions is imperative. Evaluate the ROI of fleet tracking systems, focusing on features that reduce fuel consumption, labour costs, and accident-related expenses. Systems that offer quick returns on investment are preferable.
  • Fuel saving: Reducing fuel costs is a significant concern for fleet operations. Systems should offer route optimisation to reduce unnecessary mileage, features to monitor and reduce idling times, and analytics to detect and address fuel fraud.
  • Security and insurance: Enhancing security and managing insurance costs are crucial for fleet management. Features like real-time alerts for unauthorised vehicle use, geofencing, and improved vehicle recovery after theft can help reduce insurance premiums. Incorporating the best car tracker for insurance in the UK can also provide significant benefits by protecting against false claims and reducing accident-related costs through dashcams and other monitoring technologies.
  • Integration and usability: A system’s ease of integration with existing operations and user-friendliness significantly affect its effectiveness. Look for systems that seamlessly integrate with other enterprise software and offer intuitive interfaces for managers and drivers.

These aspects will help fleet managers choose a fleet tracking system that fits their current needs and scales with their operational demands. As technology evolves, staying updated with the latest advancements in fleet tracking can further enhance efficiency and productivity.

Best overall tracking systems

The essential characteristics of the best overall vehicle tracking systems are drawn from the insights provided in GPS Vehicle Tracking: A Start-Up Guide for Your Business by Bobit Fleet Group.

As businesses increasingly seek to leverage technology to address complex challenges, GPS vehicle tracking has evolved from essential location monitoring to a sophisticated tool that enhances safety, efficiency, and workflow management.

Today's best overall vehicle tracking systems offer more than just real-time tracking; they provide comprehensive solutions designed to address a broad spectrum of business needs. These systems stand out by delivering advanced analytics on driver behaviour, vehicle health, and operational efficiency, which are crucial for making informed decisions that drive business success. 

Ideal for businesses of all sizes, these systems integrate seamlessly with existing operations, offer customisable features to suit specific needs and provide exceptional support to ensure maximum benefit from their deployment.

Businesses can transform their fleet management, enhance safety protocols, and optimise their workflows by choosing a top-tier vehicle tracking system. This can result in significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Verizon Connect - All-encompassing tracking

Verizon Connect's vehicle tracking solution stands out for its comprehensive approach to fleet management, enhancing productivity, safety, and cost-effectiveness. It offers precise real-time tracking to improve operational decision-making by providing exact vehicle locations.

The system uses advanced algorithms for route optimisation, suggesting the most efficient routes to save time and reduce fuel costs. Additionally, it monitors driver behaviour to promote safer driving practices and minimise the risk of accidents.

The platform automates maintenance alerts, helping prevent expensive repairs and extend vehicle lifespan. It also supports regulatory compliance with features like hours of service reporting and powerful analytics tools, allowing for continuous improvements in fleet performance. Overall, Verizon Connect provides a robust suite of features that enhance the management and efficiency of fleet operations.

Webfleet - Fleet vehicles management

Webfleet offers a sophisticated fleet management solution that enhances operational efficiency and vehicle safety. Key features include real-time vehicle tracking, advanced route optimisation, and detailed analytics on driver behaviour.

This system allows fleet managers to monitor and improve driving habits, increasing safety and reducing costs. Moreover, Webfleet's solutions are equipped with communication tools that ensure messages reach drivers without disrupting their focus, alongside tools for automatic recording of working hours for compliance and payroll purposes.

The platform is designed to simplify fleet management tasks, enabling managers to focus more on core business activities.

Focusing on vehicle efficiency, Webfleet provides innovative tracking solutions that enhance fleet visibility and safety. Its advanced analytics tools enable businesses to make data-driven decisions and achieve operational excellence.

Masternaut - Fleet drivers management

Masternaut offers a robust fleet management solution that strongly focuses on driver behaviour and vehicle safety. Their technology gives fleet operators real-time insights into vehicle performance and driver activities. This system is particularly effective in reducing fleet costs and improving safety through features like monitoring speeding, idling, harsh braking, and acceleration.

Masternaut's fleet tracking capabilities also extend to maintenance management, helping ensure vehicles are well-maintained and incidents are efficiently managed. The company's solutions integrate seamlessly with existing business systems, enhancing data-driven decision-making across the fleet.

The platform supports a green fleet transition by providing insights that can significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Their telematics devices, including the Masternaut Pulse, offer flexible installation options, making them suitable for many vehicles, from short-term hires to company cars and subcontracted vehicles.

For businesses looking for a comprehensive approach to fleet management that enhances driver safety, optimises productivity and supports sustainability initiatives, Masternaut provides a data-rich platform that can be tailored to specific fleet needs.

RAM Tracking - Cost-effective tracking

RAM Tracking is recognised for providing a cost-effective yet feature-rich vehicle tracking solution. Their platform is designed for businesses of all sizes and offers an intuitive interface that simplifies the management of vehicle fleets.

RAM Tracking’s key strengths lie in its customisable reporting features and user-friendly dashboard, which facilitate efficient fleet management and decision-making.

The system provides real-time tracking and detailed analytical reports that help businesses improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. RAM Tracking's solution is especially favoured by companies looking for a reliable tracking system that provides significant functionality at a competitive price.

Quartix - Fleet vehicles' fuel efficiency

Quartix specialises in vehicle tracking solutions, optimising fuel efficiency and managing operational costs. Their system offers real-time tracking and comprehensive reporting on fuel usage, helping businesses identify areas where fuel consumption can be reduced.

Quartix's platform is designed to support fleet managers in implementing more fuel-efficient driving practices across their fleets.

The solution includes features for monitoring driving behaviour and vehicle idling, which is critical for reducing unnecessary fuel use. With a strong emphasis on cost-saving through improved fuel management, Quartix provides valuable insights that help businesses maximise their fleet efficiency and sustainability.

iTrack - Low-cost fleet or personal vehicle tracking

iTrack offers an economical solution for tracking both fleet and personal vehicles. Their system includes essential tracking functionalities like real-time location updates, geofencing, and basic reporting, accessible through a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. 

iTrack’s vehicle tracking system is particularly suitable for small businesses or individuals who need reliable vehicle tracking on a budget.

This platform allows users to maintain oversight of their vehicles without the complexity and cost associated with more advanced systems, making it an ideal choice for those new to vehicle tracking or with limited tracking needs.

Each of these solutions offers unique advantages tailored to different aspects of fleet management. They emphasise cost efficiency, driver safety, fuel management, and ease of use to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses.

Best fleet management systems

Fleet management systems are designed to optimise the use of vehicles within a corporate fleet. These systems harness modern GPS tracking technology to provide a comprehensive view of fleet operations, helping businesses monitor, manage, and improve their fleet performance. Here are the key characteristics and capabilities of the systems of top fleet management companies.

Asset Monitoring Solutions

Asset Monitoring Solutions (AMS) offers a robust and versatile vehicle tracking system designed to cater to diverse industry needs, emphasising cost-effectiveness and market-leading technology. Here's an overview of their vehicle tracking solution's key strengths:

  • Cost-effective fleet management: AMS provides competitively priced, high-quality tracking systems, making them a leading choice for UK fleet management.
  • Advanced hardware: Their range of devices supports essential functions like driver behaviour monitoring, temperature checks, and event tracking, all integrated into the user-friendly AMS Dashboard.
  • Real-time data and alerts: The system monitors vehicle locations and driver activities 24/7 and offers instant alerts to help manage fleet operations effectively.
  • Customisable interface: Tailored solutions are possible through their in-house maintained web portal and app, facilitating specific reporting needs and operational demands.
  • Safety and compliance enhancements: AMS features like vehicle cameras and detailed driver behaviour analytics help improve safety and compliance with road regulations.

AMS's solution is designed to enhance operational efficiency, ensure safety, and reduce costs, making it ideal for organisations seeking a comprehensive and adaptable vehicle tracking system.

TomTom Fleet Management

TomTom Fleet Management, now part of Webfleet Solutions by Bridgestone, offers a streamlined vehicle tracking system with several key features:

  • Real-time tracking: GPS monitors vehicle locations and statuses in real-time.
  • Traffic and routing: Leverages TomTom’s traffic data for optimal routing and reduced delays.
  • Driver monitoring: Tracks behaviours like speeding and idling to improve safety and reduce vehicle wear.
  • Maintenance alerts: Sends proactive notifications based on vehicle diagnostics to help prevent breakdowns.
  • Scalable solutions: Easily integrates with other business applications and is suitable for all fleet sizes.
  • Enhanced safety tools include active driver feedback and truck-specific navigation to ensure compliance and safety.

These features collectively enhance fleet efficiency and safety, making TomTom's solution ideal for optimising fleet operations.

Radius Telematics

Radius Telematics offers a robust vehicle tracking solution tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes. The key strengths of their system include:

  • Comprehensive telematics solutions: Radius Telematics provides a wide range of solutions for vehicle tracking, ensuring businesses can find precisely what they need to optimise their operations.
  • User-friendly interface: The system boasts an easy-to-use software platform that can be accessed via web and mobile devices, allowing fleet managers and business owners to maintain oversight from anywhere.
  • Enhanced fleet safety and security: The system improves driver safety and vehicle security through features like dash cams and advanced driver behaviour analytics.
  • Integration capabilities: It supports integration with other systems, enhancing functionality and providing businesses with a comprehensive view of their fleet operations.

Best anti-theft vehicle tracking systems

Anti-theft vehicle tracking systems are specialised solutions designed to enhance vehicle security by monitoring their location and status in real-time. These systems typically offer features such as real-time GPS tracking, geofencing to alert when a vehicle moves out of a predefined area, and immediate notifications in case of unauthorised movements or tampering.

Advanced systems might include remote immobilisation capabilities, allowing owners or fleet managers to turn off a vehicle remotely if theft is detected. These features are crucial for recovery after theft and can significantly deter potential thieves.

Meta Trak

Meta Trak offers a robust vehicle tracking solution with various anti-theft features. Its strength lies in its ability to provide detailed tracking data, real-time alerts, and a secure link to law enforcement to recover stolen vehicles quickly.

Meta Trak systems often include advanced diagnostics, which help in theft prevention and vehicle maintenance by monitoring vehicle health metrics.

Scorpion Track

Scorpion Track is known for its highly effective theft recovery tracking solutions. The system is designed to offer 24/7 monitoring with immediate theft alerts and pinpoint GPS tracking. 

One of its key strengths is its low quiescent draw, which doesn’t drain the vehicle’s battery. This is especially beneficial for cars that aren't used frequently. The system also provides detailed journey data, helping to optimise vehicle use and increase security.


Smartrack specialises in vehicle recovery systems, offering features such as geo-fence alerts, movement sensors, and even battery disconnection alerts.

Their solutions are known for being remarkably resilient in maintaining signals in areas where GPS/GSM signals might typically be disrupted. This capability ensures continuous protection and monitoring of the vehicle, making Smartrack a preferred choice for anti-theft vehicle tracking.


Vodafone's vehicle tracking solutions are part of their broader automotive services. Their systems integrate advanced GPS technology with automatic driver recognition and can offer remote vehicle immobilisation in case of theft.

Additionally, Vodafone provides a user-friendly app that allows vehicle owners to monitor their vehicle’s status and location in real-time from their smartphones, enhancing both convenience and security.


Trackstar by Teletrac Navman provides an effective vehicle tracking system that focuses on theft protection and has quick response features. 

Their technology is approved by many major car manufacturers and insurance companies due to its reliability and effective integration with police response units. Trackstar systems are equipped with tamper alerts, tow-away notifications, and even a dedicated app for enhanced user interaction and vehicle monitoring.

Each of the above-mentioned systems provides a unique set of features designed to meet various user needs, from basic vehicle recovery to comprehensive anti-theft protection and recovery assistance. Thus, they ensure vehicles are safeguarded against theft and unauthorised use.

Best online tracker shops

Purchasing vehicle trackers from specialised online shops can be especially beneficial when you need a specific type of tracker that may not be available locally or when you want to compare different products and prices conveniently.

Purchasing vehicle trackers from specialised online shops is advantageous for accessing various products that may not be available locally, including accurate car tracking prices and cheap tracking devices. This online option allows you to conveniently compare different trackers and ensure you get the best deal for your specific needs.

Online tracker shops typically offer devices catering to various needs, from basic vehicle tracking to advanced fleet management solutions. They can also provide detailed product information, customer reviews, and direct customer support, making it easier to find a product that suits your specific requirements, whether for personal use, business logistics, or anti-theft purposes.

Trackershop - Trackers shop specialised in installation

Trackershop is a specialised online store focused on providing a wide variety of tracking solutions along with professional installation services. Key strengths of Trackershop include:

  • Wide product range: Offers a comprehensive selection of tracking devices for vehicles, personal use, pets, and assets, ensuring solutions for almost every tracking need.
  • Expert installation services: Provides professional installation services across the UK, which is a significant advantage for customers who require a reliable setup performed by experts.
  • Specialised support: The store offers personalised customer service with expertise in all tracking aspects, from product selection to post-purchase support.
  • Rapid delivery options: They provide fast shipping options, including next-day delivery, making it ideal for urgent tracking needs.

Halfords - Wide range of vehicle trackers

Halfords is known for its wide range of vehicle-related products, including a substantial selection of vehicle trackers. The strengths of shopping at Halfords include:

  • Variety of products: It stocks a wide array of trackers, from simple GPS devices to sophisticated fleet tracking systems, catering to individual and business customers.
  • Accessible expert advice: Offers access to expert advice both online and in-store, helping customers make informed choices based on their specific tracking needs.
  • Installation services: Provides professional installation services at various locations, ensuring that your vehicle's trackers are correctly set up.
  • Competitive pricing: Frequently runs promotions and discounts, providing good value for customers looking to purchase quality trackers at competitive prices.

No one-size-fits-all vehicle tracking

The choice of a commercial vehicle tracking system is not a one-size-fits-all decision. Different business categories and each business within those categories often have unique needs and contexts that critically influence their requirements for a vehicle tracking solution.

For example, a long-haul transportation company might prioritise tracking features that focus on route optimisation and fuel efficiency, along with compliance with hours of service regulations. In contrast, a local delivery service might look for systems that provide real-time traffic updates and quick communication channels between drivers and dispatchers to enhance timely deliveries.

Given these diverse needs, it’s crucial for businesses to carefully evaluate their specific operational requirements when choosing a vehicle tracking system. This might include considering factors such as the size of the fleet, typical journey lengths, the nature of the cargo, insurance requirements, and even customer service needs.

Compare multiple quotes 

Businesses should also compare multiple quotes and proposals from different providers to make the most informed decision. This comparison should look beyond the cost, examining the comprehensiveness of each system's features, the quality of customer support offered, and the system’s scalability to accommodate future growth or changes in operational strategy. 

By doing so, businesses can find a vehicle tracking solution that meets their current needs and adapts to future challenges and opportunities, ensuring a long-term investment in their fleet's efficiency and security.

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