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Last updated: 25 June 2024

Should You Adopt RAM Tracking For Your Fleet?

  • Adopting RAM Tracking for commercial fleets offers numerous benefits, including enhanced efficiency, security, and cost savings.
  • The system's driver-specific features provide significant advantages for employers and employees, making it a valuable tool for improving fleet management. 
  • The tracking offers comprehensive tools, such as dash cams and real-time tracking for various vehicles, enhancing maintenance and driver monitoring.
  • Safety and security features such as geofencing and crash detection with this tracking improve driver behaviour and reduce accidents and costs.

RAM Tracking provides an intuitive fleet management system with real-time GPS tracking. This allows businesses to monitor driver activities, streamline route planning, and enhance efficiency.

Adopting tracking for your fleet can significantly enhance your fleet management capabilities. With its cost-effective solutions, reliable support, and comprehensive tracking features, RAM is a strong contender for businesses looking to optimise their fleet operations. It is a top choice in the UK vehicle tracking market for those seeking tailored tracking solutions focusing on improving driver safety and operational efficiency.

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RAM vehicle tracking: top features and points of strength

RAM Tracking is recognised for offering comprehensive and affordable vehicle tracking solutions tailored to business needs. With over ten years of experience, it has built a reputation for reliability, customer support, and affordability. 

Their offerings include dash cams, fleet tracking software, and tailored tracking solutions for various vehicle categories, making them one of the most sought-after providers in the UK vehicle tracking market.

Overview of RAM solutions portfolio for business vehicle tracking

RAM Tracking's portfolio is designed to cater to business requirements, providing tools that enhance safety, efficiency, and overall fleet management. Their critical solutions include:

  • Dash cams: Offers 4G connected and hardwired SD dash cams that help reduce accident risks, improve driver behaviour, and provide valuable evidence during incidents.
  • Fleet management software: This includes the tracking’s Assist app, which helps manage job assignments, track driver behaviour, and automate fleet maintenance tasks.
  • Real-time tracking: Real-time tracking capabilities are powered by its intuitive tracking app and web tracking dashboard, which provide live updates on vehicle locations and driver activities.

A RAM tracker for each commercial vehicle category

This tracker offers tailored tracking solutions for various vehicle categories, ensuring that each type of vehicle is monitored and managed efficiently. Here’s a look at how these tracking features differ across vans, trucks, and cars, including their latest advancements for electric vehicles (EVs).

Van tracking features

The characteristics of the best van trackers include: 

  • Live location tracking: Real-time updates every minute for precise vehicle location.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring: Tracks speed, idling, and harsh braking to promote safer driving.
  • Geofencing: Alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves designated areas.
  • Maintenance reminders: Keeps track of service schedules, insurance renewals, and more.

Truck tracking features

When it comes to truck tracking, these are the best features to look out for: 

  • Crash detection and reporting: Immediate alerts in case of an accident are available with the Plus package.
  • Advanced reporting: Detailed reports on mileage, fuel usage, and route efficiency.
  • Fleet management integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing fleet management systems for enhanced operational control.
  • Remote asset management: Monitors and manages assets remotely to ensure optimal utilisation.

Car Tracking Features

  • User-friendly dashboard: Simplifies the tracking and management of individual vehicles.
  • Historical data: Provides up to 3 years of historical data for better analysis and planning.
  • Mileage tracking: Automatic mileage tracking helps calculate travel expenses accurately.
  • Driver identification: Differentiates between multiple drivers using a single vehicle.

Electric vehicles' specific tracking features

  • Battery monitoring: Keeps track of battery levels and charging status.
  • Eco-driving reports: Evaluates driving habits that impact battery life and efficiency.
  • Charging station locations: Integrates with maps to show the nearest charging stations.
  • Remote diagnostics: Provides alerts on potential issues with the vehicle’s electrical components.

One of the best brands: RAM Tracking UK

Since its inception over a decade ago, it has emerged as a leading vehicle tracking and fleet management provider in the UK. The company was founded to provide cost-effective and reliable vehicle tracking solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Over the years, the tracking provider has achieved several key milestones, such as developing user-friendly real-time tracking dashboards, integrating advanced driver behaviour monitoring systems, and offering affordable long-term deals with comprehensive support packages.

In 2021, it expanded its capabilities by integrating with ScorpionTrack, enhancing its offerings with advanced security and telematics solutions.

Vehicle and driver security with dash cams

RAM Tracking offers two primary types of dash cams: 4 G-connected dash cams and hardwired SD dash cams. These devices enhance vehicle and driver security, reduce accident risks, and provide objective evidence during traffic incidents.

4G connected dash cams

  • 1080p HD video: Ensures clear footage with high-definition recording.
  • Cloud storage: Stores up to 90 days of footage in the cloud, accessible anytime.
  • AI Event detection: Automatically detects and records incidents, alerting fleet managers in real time.

Hardwired SD dash cams

  • Local storage: Stores video footage on an SD card, with manual retrieval.
  • Nighttime optimisation: Ensures clear video capture even in low-light conditions.
  • Front vehicle departure warning: Alerts drivers when the vehicle in front moves.

Installation processes

The installation process for dash cams varies depending on the type of vehicle and the business's specific requirements. The installation process for standard vehicles such as cars and vans is straightforward, involving mounting the camera and connecting it to the vehicle's power supply.

Additional considerations for larger vehicles like trucks include optimal placement for maximum coverage and integration with other vehicle systems.

Positive impact of dash cams

The adoption of dashcams has shown significant positive impacts on businesses. According to recent studies, companies utilising dashcams report a 30% reduction in accident rates.

Additionally, research published in the Journal of Safety Research found a beneficial effect through a 60% reduction in the number of incidents and an 86% reduction in the cost of vehicle crashes from the three years before three years post-implementation of In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) and supervisory coaching of drivers. 

According to the study, dash cams, as part of IVMS, play a crucial role in monitoring driver behaviour, providing valuable feedback, and improving overall safety on the road.

RAM Tracking has become a top choice for vehicle tracking and fleet management in the UK. Its advanced dash cam solutions improve vehicle and driver security and contribute to more efficient and cost-effective fleet operations.

RAM Tracking app: everything you need to know

The tracking app is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline fleet management for businesses of all sizes. It offers a user-friendly interface with powerful features that provide real-time insights into vehicle locations, driver behaviours, and overall fleet performance.

The app is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, ensuring fleet managers can monitor and manage their operations anywhere.

Features and characteristics

The tracking app includes several key features:

  • Real-time tracking: Provides live updates on vehicle locations, allowing for efficient dispatching and route optimisation.
  • Geofencing: Allows managers to set virtual boundaries and receive alerts if a vehicle crosses them.
  • Automated reports: Generates detailed reports on mileage, fuel usage, and other critical metrics.
  • Historical data: Offers up to three years of historical data for comprehensive analysis and planning.

App dashboards and modules

The tracking app is divided into modules, each tailored to specific aspects of fleet management. Here’s an overview of each module and the types of businesses that benefit the most from them:

Tracking module

  • Features: Real-time vehicle location updates, geofencing, route optimisation.
  • Best for: Logistics and delivery companies that need to monitor vehicle movements and ensure timely deliveries.

Maintenance module

  • Features: Service schedule reminders, maintenance record-keeping, and alert notifications for maintenance needs.
  • Best for: Businesses with large fleets that require regular maintenance to minimise downtime and extend vehicle lifespan.

Job management module

  • Features: Job assignment and scheduling, progress tracking, automated invoicing.
  • Best for: Trade businesses that must manage multiple jobs and ensure efficient workforce deployment.

Positive impact on businesses

Businesses implementing RAM Tracking's software have reported significant efficiency and cost savings improvements. For instance, the overall positive impact of adopting solutions includes reductions in fuel costs and improved fleet efficiency due to optimised routes and better driver behaviour monitoring.

Automated maintenance reminders have helped businesses stay on top of vehicle service needs, reducing unexpected breakdowns and repairs.

The app provides robust features and modules that cater to various business needs, from real-time tracking to maintenance management. By leveraging these tools, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, and improve fleet performance.

RAM fleet management software

Fleet management software is a robust and versatile solution designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses managing vehicle fleets. The software is divided into four main modules, each focusing on different aspects of fleet management to ensure comprehensive control and optimisation.

Tracking Module

The Tracking Module provides real-time location updates and historical journey data, allowing fleet managers to monitor the exact whereabouts of their vehicles at any given time. This module enables:

  • Real-time GPS tracking: Ensures continuous monitoring of vehicle locations for efficient dispatch and routing.
  • Historical data analysis: This service offers up to three years of journey data, helping businesses analyse travel patterns and optimise routes.
  • Geofencing: Allows virtual boundaries, sending alerts when vehicles enter or exit designated areas.
  • Live map interface: Displays all vehicles on a map, showing their status, speed, and direction for better decision-making.
Driver Module

The Driver Module is considered one of the best in the industry due to its comprehensive features that focus on enhancing driver performance and safety. This module includes:

  • Behaviour monitoring: This involves tracking critical driving behaviours such as speed, braking, and acceleration to identify areas for improvement.
  • Safety scores: Assigns scores based on driving habits, incentivising better performance and safer driving practices.
  • Training tools: Provides feedback and resources to help drivers improve their skills and reduce risky behaviours.
  • Automated alerts: Notifies fleet managers about unsafe driving behaviour in real-time, enabling prompt corrective actions.
Maintenance Module

The Maintenance Module helps businesses keep track of vehicle health and maintenance schedules, ensuring minimal downtime and extending vehicle lifespan. Key features include:

  • Service schedule reminders: Sends alerts for upcoming maintenance tasks such as oil changes and tyre rotations.
  • Maintenance record-keeping: Maintains a comprehensive history of all service activities, helping businesses stay organised.
  • Automated notifications: Alerts managers about critical maintenance needs, preventing unexpected breakdowns.
  • Cost tracking: Monitors maintenance expenses, providing insights into the cost-efficiency of the fleet.
Job Management Module

The Job Management Module streamlines job assignments, tracks progress, and manages invoicing, making it ideal for trade and service businesses. This module offers:

  • Job assignment and scheduling: Automates the process of assigning jobs to drivers and scheduling them efficiently.
  • Progress tracking: Monitors the status of each job in real-time, ensuring timely completion.
  • Automated invoicing: Generates invoices based on completed jobs, reducing administrative burden and improving cash flow.
  • Customer notifications: Keeps customers informed about the status of their orders, enhancing customer satisfaction.
Driver Module Features

The Driver Module stands out for its detailed focus on driver performance and safety. Its comprehensive features are designed to provide actionable insights and training opportunities:

  • Behavior monitoring: Tracks key metrics like speed, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration to identify unsafe driving patterns.
  • Safety scores: Assigns a safety score to each driver based on their behavior, encouraging a culture of safe driving.
  • Training tools: Offers targeted feedback and resources to help drivers improve their performance.
  • Automated alerts: Sends real-time notifications to fleet managers about any unsafe driving behaviour, allowing for immediate intervention.

Why Choose RAM Tracking?

This tracking has become a popular choice for business vehicle tracking in the UK due to several key advantages:

  • Affordability: This tracking offers competitive pricing with long-term deals starting as low as £8.99 per vehicle per month, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.
  • User-friendly solutions: The intuitive dashboards and apps simplify fleet management, making it easy for managers to monitor and control their operations.
  • Customer support: The tracking boasts a high customer retention rate, which is supported by excellent technical support and a dedicated help centre.
  • Comprehensive features: From real-time tracking to advanced dash cams and driver behaviour monitoring, it provides various features to meet diverse business needs.

Fleet management with a focus on the drivers

RAM Tracking offers driver-specific features to enhance fleet management and improve driver behaviour. These features benefit both employers and employees.

Employer benefits

  • Idling time monitoring: Employers can track each vehicle's idling times, helping reduce fuel waste and improve overall efficiency. By minimising unnecessary idling, businesses can save on fuel costs and reduce their environmental impact.
  • Driver behaviour analysis: Its solutions include detailed driver behaviour reports monitoring speed, braking, and acceleration patterns. This data helps employers identify risky driving behaviours and provide targeted training to improve safety.
  • Geofencing: Employers can set up virtual boundaries for their fleet. Alerts are triggered when a vehicle enters or exits these boundaries, ensuring drivers stay within designated areas and reducing the risk of unauthorised use.

Employee benefits

  • Privacy switch: The tracking includes a feature that allows drivers to disable tracking during personal time. This ensures drivers can maintain their privacy when using vehicles for non-work-related activities.
  • Driver feedback: The system provides real-time feedback to drivers about their driving habits. Positive reinforcement and constructive feedback can lead to better driving practices and increased safety.
  • Ease of use: The tracking app is user-friendly and gives drivers easy access to important information about their routes, schedules, and performance, helping them manage their duties more efficiently.

Remote asset management with RAM: yes or no?

Remote asset management is a crucial aspect of modern fleet management, allowing businesses to monitor and manage their vehicles and assets from a distance.

RAM Tracking offers a comprehensive suite of tools for remote asset management, providing real-time data and insights to help businesses optimise their operations. But is it the right choice for your business? Let’s weigh the advantages and disadvantages of adopting this tracking for commercial vehicle tracking.

Advantages of adopting RAM Tracking

  • Improved efficiency: Vehicle tracking provides real-time data that helps businesses optimise routes, reduce fuel consumption, and improve operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced security: With geofencing and driver identification features, businesses can ensure their assets are used appropriately and reduce the risk of theft or unauthorised use.
  • Cost savings: By monitoring driver behaviour and vehicle performance, businesses can reduce maintenance costs, fuel consumption, and insurance premiums.

Disadvantages of adopting RAM Tracking

  • Limited features for advanced needs: While this tracking excels in basic and intermediate fleet management functions, it may lack some advanced features required by larger fleets or those with specialised needs.
  • Initial setup and training: Implementing a new system requires time and effort for setup and training, which can be a temporary inconvenience for businesses.

For businesses looking to streamline operations with an intuitive and cost-effective solution, RAM Tracking UK is a strong contender. Whether you access the system via a tracking login or the tracking app, the tools provided by RAM Tracking ensure efficient and secure fleet management. For those needing remote asset management, RAM Tracking offers a viable solution that balances functionality and ease of use.

Compare multiple quotes

Comparing multiple quotes from different vehicle tracking providers is highly advisable to make the most informed decision and ensure you get the best value for your investment. This approach will save you time and money in the long run.

By understanding the diverse offerings and pricing structures from various suppliers, you can select the solution that perfectly aligns with your business needs and operational goals. Comparing quotes allows you to evaluate each provider's features, benefits, and costs, ensuring you make a well-informed decision supporting your business's growth and efficiency.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your fleet management, optimise your operations, and drive your business forward with the right tracking system.

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