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Last updated: 25 June 2024

SmarTrack Solutions For Business: The Complete Guide

  • SmarTrack offers a robust portfolio of vehicle-tracking solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses. Their technology, global coverage, and robust security features make them a leading choice for vehicle tracking in the UK and beyond.
  • The company utilises GPS, GSM, and GPRS technologies to provide real-time tracking and global vehicle recovery.
  • The partnership between SmarTrack and Global Telemetrics is a key factor in the success of SmarTrack's vehicle tracking solutions. The Global Telemetrics Control Centre provides essential services that ensure real-time monitoring, rapid response, and reliable customer support, making it a critical component of vehicle recovery efforts in the UK.

SmarTrack offers a range of tracking devices, such as S5, S5+ iMob, and S7 Protector Pro, each designed to meet specific business needs.

The company has received 21 industry awards for its stolen vehicle tracking devices. The company uses GPS, GSM, and GPRS technologies to provide global vehicle recovery and real-time tracking through its Secure Global Telemetrics Control Centre. Although user reviews can be mixed, the company's impressive award record and worldwide coverage suggest high reliability.

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SmarTrack: top features and points of strength

SmarTrack is a leading provider of advanced vehicle tracking solutions renowned for its innovative technology and robust security features. Here's a broad overview of its solutions portfolio, particularly focusing on its business vehicle tracking offerings and the solutions for which it is most renowned in the UK.

Comprehensive solutions portfolio

The company offers tracking devices for various business needs, from small fleets to large commercial operations. Its solutions leverage advanced technologies such as GPS, GSM, and GPRS, ensuring real-time tracking and global vehicle recovery. This capability is managed through its Global Telemetrics Control Centre, which provides continuous monitoring and support.

We have listed the key solutions below.

  • SmarTrack S5: The S5 Tracker is one of the most advanced tracking devices, offering high-level security features, including driver identification and real-time tracking. This solution is particularly effective for high-value vehicles and is a favourite among businesses looking to protect their assets.
  • SmarTrack S5+ iMob: This solution enhances the S5 model with immobilisation features, providing an additional layer of security. The iMob S5 Plus Tracker allows users to immobilise their vehicles remotely, which prevents theft.
  • SmarTrack S7: The S7 Protector Pro is designed for fleet management and offers robust tracking and reporting features. It provides real-time location data, helping businesses improve operational efficiency and reduce unauthorised vehicle use.
  • SmarTrack S5 D-iD: The S5 D-iD is equipped with driver identification technology, which ensures that only authorised personnel can operate the vehicle. This feature is essential for businesses requiring strict fleet operations control.
  • Protector Pro Global: This solution offers global tracking capabilities, making it ideal for businesses with international operations. It uses multiple communication networks to ensure consistent and reliable worldwide tracking.

Points of strength

  • Award-winning technology: With 21 industry awards, SmarTrack Ltd. is recognised for its excellence in vehicle tracking solutions. These accolades reflect the company’s commitment to innovation and reliability.
  • Global coverage: Through the Global Telemetrics Control Centre, SmarTrack provides comprehensive tracking and recovery services worldwide, ensuring businesses can monitor their assets anywhere.
  • User reviews: While the company’s reviews vary, the majority highlight the effectiveness and reliability of their tracking solutions, particularly praising their advanced security features and customer support.
  • Advanced security features: Products like the S5+ iMob and S7 offer enhanced security features such as remote immobilisation and driver identification, providing businesses with critical tools to prevent theft and unauthorised use.

Global Telemetrics: excellence in UK vehicle recovery

Global Telemetrics plays a crucial role in the effectiveness and reliability of the company’s vehicle tracking solutions. Here's an overview of the connection between SmarTrack and Global Telemetrics and the importance of the Global Telemetrics Control Centre in the UK.

Connection Between SmarTrack and Global Telemetrics

The company utilises Global Telemetrics' services to provide real-time tracking and vehicle recovery solutions. Global Telemetrics is responsible for monitoring and operational management of SmarTrack's tracking devices, ensuring that stolen vehicles can be quickly and effectively located and recovered. This partnership enhances the reliability and security of SmarTrack's products, making them a preferred choice for individual and business users in the UK.

Overview of the Global Telemetrics Control Centre

The Global Telemetrics Control Centre is the heart of SmarTrack's tracking and recovery operations. This state-of-the-art facility has advanced technology to monitor vehicles in real-time, providing 24/7 support and response. The centre utilises GPS, GSM, and GPRS technologies to maintain continuous communication with SmarTrack devices, ensuring that location data is accurate and up-to-date.

Key functions of the Global Telemetrics Control Centre include:

  • Real-time monitoring: Continuous tracking of vehicles to provide immediate location updates.
  • Rapid response: Coordinating with local law enforcement to facilitate quick recovery of stolen vehicles.
  • Customer support: Offering round-the-clock assistance to users, promptly addressing any issues or concerns.

Importance in the UK

The Global Telemetrics Control Centre is essential in the UK for several reasons:

  • High vehicle theft rates: The UK has many vehicle thefts each year, making effective recovery solutions essential for individuals and businesses.
  • Insurance requirements: Many insurance companies in the UK require the installation of approved tracking devices for high-value vehicles. Global Telemetrics' services help meet these requirements, offering vehicle owners peace of mind 
  • Business fleet management: Businesses can monitor and manage their vehicle fleets in real-time, improving operational efficiency and reducing the risk of unauthorised use or theft.

SmarTrack Ltd, one of the best UK vehicle tracking brands

Since its inception, the brand has become a leading vehicle tracking brand among vehicle tracking companies in the UK. The company was founded to enhance vehicle security and fleet management and has evolved continuously to meet market demands.

History and milestones

The brand began by developing innovative tracking devices using GPS, GSM, and GPRS technologies. A key milestone was establishing the Global Telemetrics Control Centre, providing 24/7 monitoring and support.

The company has received 21 industry awards, reflecting its commitment to innovation and reliability. The S5, S7 Protector Pro, and the S5+ iMob are significant products.

Today, the company is known for its comprehensive tracking solutions, which are used by individuals and businesses and offer enhanced security and operational efficiency. The company continues to innovate and expand its offerings, maintaining its leadership in vehicle tracking technology.

According to the company, Global Telemetrics successfully recovered vehicles valued at £1.8 million for its customers in April.

Commercial vehicle tracking with SmarTrack S5 solutions

The S5 solutions are highly regarded for their comprehensive features, which cater to business owners' needs. One of the standout features is real-time tracking, which allows businesses to monitor their fleet's location at any time through the Global Telemetrics Control Centre. This ensures that vehicles can be tracked and recovered quickly if stolen.

Another significant feature is driver identification. The S5 D-iD system requires drivers to authenticate themselves before starting the vehicle, reducing the risk of unauthorised use and enhancing fleet security.

Additionally, the S5+ iMob includes remote immobilisation capabilities, allowing fleet managers to disable the vehicle remotely in case of theft or unauthorised use. This feature provides an extra layer of security and control over the fleet.

Commercial vehicle categories tracked by SmarTrack

The company offers tracking solutions suitable for various categories of commercial vehicles, ensuring that businesses can effectively monitor all types of assets. Their solutions are ideal for:

  • Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs): Providing robust tracking and management for large freight and logistics companies.
  • Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs): Ensuring the safety and efficiency of smaller delivery vans and service vehicles.
  • Plant machinery: Offering specialised tracking for construction and agricultural machinery, often targeted for theft.

Costs and installation process

The cost of SmarTrack tracking solutions varies depending on the specific product and service plan. For example, the S5 devices typically range from £200 to £400 for the unit itself, with additional annual subscription fees for monitoring services, which can range from £150 to £250 per year.

The installation process is designed to be straightforward and is usually carried out by certified installers to ensure proper setup and functionality. Installation fees vary but generally range from £100 to £150, depending on the vehicle type and installation complexity.

Overall, S5 solutions provide business owners with essential features such as real-time tracking, driver identification, and remote immobilisation, making them a popular choice for commercial vehicle tracking. 

These solutions cater to various commercial vehicles, from heavy goods vehicles to plant machinery, ensuring comprehensive fleet management and security. The costs are competitive, and the installation process is handled professionally, offering businesses a reliable and effective tracking solution.

uTrack solutions

uTrack by SmarTrack is a self-monitored vehicle tracking solution suitable for various vehicles, including cars, hybrids/electric, motorcycles, vans, motorhomes, plant machinery, agricultural vehicles, marine vessels, and HGVs.

Key features

  • Real-time and historical data: View current and past vehicle locations.
  • Reports and scheduled reports: Generate and schedule detailed activity reports.
  • Geofence alerts: Set virtual boundaries and receive alerts when breached.
  • Battery monitoring: Monitor vehicle battery status.
  • Notifications: Alerts for low battery, disconnection, and speed limit violations.
  • Vehicle grouping: Organise and filter your fleet.
  • Secure online account: Access vehicle data online with a mobile app.

Costs and subscription

The uTrack device costs £299 + VAT, which includes installation. Subscription options are flexible, with a monthly direct debit cost of £6.83 + VAT or an annual fee of £82.00 + VAT. These options provide cost-effective solutions for vehicle security and fleet management needs.

SmarTrack Fleet solutions

The company’s Fleet solutions is a powerful web-based fleet management tracking system designed to help businesses monitor their vehicles and drivers effectively. This comprehensive solution offers a range of features and tools to enhance fleet productivity, security, and operational efficiency.

Key features

  • Reports and scheduled reports: Generate detailed reports on vehicle activity, including mileage and journey data, and differentiate between private and business mileage. Reports can be scheduled to run automatically at set intervals and emailed directly.
  • Notification centre: Be alert if a vehicle’s battery is low, disconnected, or exceeds a specific speed limit. Notifications can also inform you of repeated speed offences based on road regulations.
  • Multiple user access: Grant access to additional users with varying levels of visibility and functionality based on their role.
  • Vehicle grouping: Organise your fleet into groups for easier management and monitoring.
  • Map view: You can view your fleet on a map, including details like speed, battery voltage, and current location.
  • Geofencing: Set up one or multiple virtual perimeters around specific locations. Receive alerts if a vehicle enters or leaves these areas. Geofences can be created manually or selected from predefined libraries.

General features

  • Driving style monitoring: Assess drivers’ behaviour for safer driving.
  • In-house monitoring: 24/7 Secure Control Centre for quick alerts.
  • Movement alerts: Notifications for unauthorised vehicle movement.
  • Battery and anti-tamper monitoring: Built-in battery backups and tamper alerts.
  • Repatriation network: Assistance with vehicle recovery using local and national resources.
  • Battery monitoring: Continuous monitoring with low battery alerts.

Costs and installation

The Fleet system is priced at £279.00 including VAT (£232.50 Excl. VAT), which includes nationwide installation. Subscription options include a monthly subscription at £8.32 + VAT via Direct Debit and an annual subscription at £94.00 + VAT.

SmarTrack S5+ iMOB

The S5+ iMOB is designed to offer comprehensive theft protection, including advanced features like "No Tag, No Start" technology. This system meets the stringent Thatcham S5 tracker security certification, ensuring it is recognised and approved by all major insurers.

Key features

  • No Tag, No Start immobilisation: The vehicle is automatically immobilised whenever the ignition is switched off. It can only be deactivated through the Driver Detection Card, effectively preventing relay and key cloning thefts.
  • Driver recognition systems: Use the D-iD mobile app or a physical Driver Detection card to verify the driver's identity, ensuring only authorised users can start the vehicle.
  • Battery tamper and low battery alerts: If the vehicle’s battery is tampered with or disconnected, an alert is triggered, and low battery levels are monitored continuously.
  • Full fleet online account: This allows viewing of both present and historical vehicle locations, accessible through a secure online account.
  • Integration with Aftermarket Alarms: The system can connect to your aftermarket alarm and send notifications if it is triggered.
  • Global telemetrics app: Provides real-time location information and other functionalities via a free Android and Apple device app.

General features

  • Repatriation network: Collaborates with local and national police forces and independent investigators to assist in vehicle recovery.
  • International network roaming: Utilises multi-network, roaming SIMs to ensure the strongest connection globally.
  • Multiple tracking technologies: GPS and additional technologies are employed to maintain reliable tracking capabilities.
  • Battery monitoring: Monitors the vehicle’s battery status and alerts for low battery levels.
  • Fully transferable: Devices can be easily removed and refitted to another vehicle.

Costs and installation

The S5+ iMOB offers robust security features suitable for high-value vehicles and those requiring high-level security measures. The cost details for this system can vary, and certified professionals typically carry out installation to ensure optimal performance.

SmarTrack reviews: is it worth it?

When considering a vehicle tracking solution for commercial purposes, it is crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages to determine its value. The company has earned a solid reputation in the industry, but like any product, it comes with its pros and cons. Here, we delve into the specific benefits and potential drawbacks of adopting commercial vehicle tracking to help businesses make an informed decision.

Business-specific advantages

  • Enhanced security: The advanced immobilisation and driver recognition features provide high-level security, reducing the theft risk.
  • Insurance benefits: Thatcham certification and approval by major insurers can help lower insurance premiums.
  • Fleet management: Real-time tracking, geofencing, and comprehensive reporting enhance fleet management efficiency.
  • Reliable recovery: A strong repatriation network and multiple tracking technologies make stolen vehicles more likely to be recovered quickly.


  • Cost: The device's initial installation cost can be higher than that of basic tracking systems.
  • Subscription fees: Ongoing subscription costs may be a financial consideration for some businesses.
  • Complexity: Advanced features may require learning and integrating into existing fleet management systems.

Adopting SmarTrack for commercial vehicle tracking offers significant security and operational advantages, though it requires a financial investment and integration effort. For businesses seeking top-tier protection and fleet management capabilities, it is a worthy investment.

Compare multiple quotes

For UK business owners, implementing an effective vehicle tracking solution is crucial for managing fleets, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing security. SmarTrack offers a range of advanced tracking devices that can significantly benefit commercial vehicle operations. However, it is essential to compare multiple quotes before making a decision. This practice helps find the best deal and ensures that the chosen solution perfectly aligns with your business needs.

We have listed some benefits of comparing multiple quotes below.

  • Cost savings: By obtaining multiple quotes, you can compare pricing structures and negotiate better deals, ultimately saving money on your investment.
  • Better features: Different providers may offer various features and benefits. Comparing quotes allows you to evaluate and select the solution that offers your business the most comprehensive set of features.
  • Custom solutions: Every business has unique needs. Comparing quotes enables you to find solutions that best fit your requirements.
  • Quality assurance: Evaluating multiple options helps ensure you choose a reliable provider with a proven track record, reducing the risk of poor service.
  • Time efficiency: Instead of committing to the first option, comparing quotes can lead to a more informed and efficient decision-making process.

Don't leave your vehicle tracking decisions to chance. Compare multiple quotes to find the best tracking solution for your business needs. Start saving time and money today by exploring the best options available.

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