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Last updated: 28 June 2024

Trackershop: UK's One-Stop Shop For Vehicle Tracking?

  • Trackershop UK is highly regarded for its excellent customer service, product quality, and efficient installation services. The Enforcer 4 and ProPod 6 GPS trackers are praised for their reliability and ease of use.
  • It offers competitive pricing and regular discounts, making high-quality GPS tracking solutions accessible to many customers. Their free nationwide installation service and financing options further enhance their value proposition.
  • Trackershop UK's use of Thatcham-approved installers ensures top-tier vehicle security, meeting insurance requirements and offering features like 24/7 monitoring and advanced security measures such as Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR).

Trackershop UK stands out as a comprehensive provider of GPS tracking solutions, catering to various needs, including personal safety, fleet management, and vehicle security. Their extensive product range includes vehicle trackers, personal GPS trackers, and specialised devices, all designed to meet diverse customer requirements.

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How good are the Trackershop reviews?

Trackershop UK has garnered a strong reputation based on numerous positive customer reviews, particularly on platforms like Trustpilot. Here’s a broad overview of their strengths and weaknesses, reflecting where customers are most satisfied and where improvements might be needed.


  • Customer service: Many reviews highlight excellent customer service, noting polite and helpful staff. Customers appreciate the support they receive when choosing suitable GPS trackers and the efficient handling of queries.
  • Product quality: The Enforcer 4 and ProPod 6 GPS trackers are particularly praised for their reliability and accuracy. Users find these products easy to install and use, requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Installation service: Customers value the convenience of on-site installation, with technicians receiving commendations for their punctuality and efficiency.
  • Range of products: From vehicle trackers to personal safety devices, the diverse range caters to various needs, including fleet management and personal safety.


  • App functionality: While many users are satisfied with the Trackershop app, technical glitches or areas for improvement in user experience are occasionally mentioned.
  • Battery life: Some customers have noted that battery life can be less than the advertised duration, though this varies with usage patterns.

Is it an affordable tracker shop with good deals?

Trackershop offers a range of products at various price points, ensuring accessibility for different budget levels.

Several aspects contribute to its reputation. Apart from the free installation and wide range of products noted earlier, the company also offers the following: 

  • Competitive pricing: Trackershop offers a range of products at various price points, catering to different budgets. This ensures that individual and business customers can find suitable options without financial strain.
  • Deals and discounts: Regular promotions and discounts enhance the value proposition. Customers frequently benefit from special offers, making high-quality GPS trackers more accessible. You can find a reliable, cheap car tracker that meets your needs without compromising quality.
  • Free installation: Trackershop provides free nationwide installation, adding significant value by saving customers time and money on setup.

Overall, Trackershop UK stands out for its combination of affordability, customer-centric deals, and robust product offerings, making it a preferred choice for reliable GPS tracking solutions​. 

Thatcham-approved installers

Trackershop UK includes Thatcham-approved installers who provide top-tier vehicle security solutions. Thatcham Research is an internationally recognised body that tests and certifies vehicle security products, ensuring they meet stringent safety and reliability standards.

Key points:

  • Nationwide installation network: Trackershop UK boasts the largest network of Thatcham-accredited engineers nationwide. This extensive network allows for quick and convenient mobile installations, typically completed within 1-3 days at a location that suits the customer, whether at home, work, or a vehicle dealership​​.
  • Insurance compliance: Many insurance providers require Thatcham-approved trackers for certain vehicles. Installing these approved devices can not only meet these requirements but often reduce insurance premiums due to the enhanced security they provide.
  • 24/7 monitoring and quick response: Thatcham-approved trackers from Trackershop come with round-the-clock monitoring by a fully staffed control centre. In the event of an attempted theft, the system immediately alerts the control centre, which can then liaise directly with the police for a swift vehicle recovery​​.
  • Advanced security features: Products like the ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS offer proactive immobilisation and ADR. These features ensure that only authorised users can start the vehicle, significantly reducing the theft risk​​.
  • Comprehensive product range: Trackershop provides a variety of Thatcham-approved devices, including S5 and S7 trackers, which cater to different security needs and budgets. These devices protect all types of vehicles, from personal cars to fleets and motorhomes​.

Is it a GPS tracker store with a wide selection?

Trackershop UK is well-regarded as a GPS tracker store with a comprehensive selection of products catering to various needs. Their product range includes vehicle security, personal safety, and fleet management solutions. Here’s a detailed overview of its products:

  • Vehicle trackers: Trackershop offers various vehicle trackers, including those approved by insurance companies. Their range covers categories like S5 and S7 Thatcham-approved trackers, which are essential for high-value vehicles and often required by insurers to reduce premiums​.
  • Magnetic GPS trackers: These are versatile and include magnetic mini GPS trackers, making them suitable for various applications such as asset tracking and vehicle monitoring. They offer products with different battery life spans, from a few days to several months, ensuring they meet specific customer needs​.
  • Personal GPS trackers: Trackershop also provides personal trackers, including devices designed for dementia patients, children, and lone workers. These trackers ensure the safety of vulnerable individuals by providing real-time location updates and alerts​​.
  • Fleet tracking systems: For businesses, Trackershop offers fleet tracking solutions that help manage and monitor multiple vehicles. These systems include features like real-time tracking, journey history, and driver behaviour analysis, which are crucial for optimising fleet operations and enhancing security.
  • Speciality trackers: The store also includes trackers for specific needs, such as motorhomes, motorcycles, boats, and plant machinery. These trackers are tailored to provide the best security solutions for each type of asset​​.

Efficient customer service

Trackershop UK is highly praised for its efficient customer service, a significant aspect of its overall business model.

Key aspects of efficient customer service:

  • Prompt and helpful communication: Customers often highlight the customer service team's prompt responses and helpful nature, which assists in choosing the right product and efficiently arranging installations​.
  • Expert guidance: The customer service team provides expert advice to customers, helping them select the most suitable GPS trackers based on their specific needs.
  • Smooth installation process: The nationwide network of Thatcham-accredited engineers ensures a smooth and hassle-free installation process. 
  • After-sales support: After putting a tracker on a car, Trackershop UK maintains contact with customers to ensure everything is working correctly and to address any issues that may arise.

The Tracker Shop: a separate entity

Trackershop Ltd and The Tracker Shop are distinct entities with different scopes of operation and geographical focuses:

Trackershop Ltd

Trackershop Ltd was established in 2011 and it has a national scope, with an extensive network of Thatcham-accredited engineers providing nationwide service. It offers various GPS tracking solutions for vehicles, personal safety, and fleet management. It includes products like S5 and S7 Thatcham-approved trackers.

Moreover, it is known for comprehensive customer service, including mobile installation and after-sales support. Trackershop Ltd operates across the UK with no specific local focus. 

The Tracker Shop

Tracker Shop has a local scope, with primary focus in the Leeds area. It specialises in GPS tracking solutions but may have a more limited range than Trackershop Ltd. It is focused on providing personalised service within the local community. The brand has been active since the 1990’s, which indicates a long-standing presence in the local market.

The best categories of Trackershop

Trackershop UK offers many products and services, but some categories stand out due to their popularity and utility. Here are the best categories:

  • Vehicle trackers: These are designed for various vehicles. You can find van, motorcycle, motorhome, and car trackers. They provide real-time location tracking, journey history, and theft alerts. Popular products within this category include S5 and S7 Thatcham-approved trackers, which insurance companies often require for high-value vehicles. The key features include 24/7 monitoring, mobile installation, insurance approval, and features like driver recognition and immobilisation.
  • Fleet tracking systems: These systems are tailored for businesses that manage multiple vehicles. They help optimise fleet operations, improve driver behaviour, and enhance vehicle security. Popular products include comprehensive fleet management solutions with real-time tracking and driver performance analytics. Some key features in this category are real-time location updates, journey history, driver behaviour monitoring, and customisable alerts.
  • Magnetic GPS trackers: These trackers are versatile and easy-to-install trackers that can be attached to vehicles or assets without wiring. They are suitable for temporary or covert tracking. Popular products within this category include the Enforcer 4, Mini Enforcer, and Micro Magnetic 4. The key features are strong magnetic cases, long battery life, real-time tracking, and discreet design.
  • Insurance approved trackers: These trackers meet the stringent requirements of insurance companies and help reduce insurance premiums by providing high levels of security. Its popular products include Thatcham-approved S5 and S7 trackers. Key features within this category are high security, real-time tracking, driver recognition, and 24/7 monitoring.

Not just a GPS tracker store: own solutions

Trackershop UK is not just a GPS tracker store; it also offers proprietary solutions that enhance the usability and functionality of its tracking devices. These branded solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of its customers and provide comprehensive tracking and security services.

Trackershop branded solutions

Let’s take a look at the branded solutions this fleet tracker provider has to offer. 

Fleet tracking system

This robust system is designed to help businesses manage and monitor their fleets efficiently. It is ideal for companies with multiple vehicles, providing insights into fleet operations and driver behaviour.

Key features:

  • Real-time tracking: Provides live updates on the location of each vehicle.
  • Journey history: Records detailed trip data, including routes taken and stops made.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring: Tracks driving patterns and behaviours such as speed, harsh braking, and acceleration.
  • Customisable alerts: Set alerts for specific events like unauthorised vehicle use, maintenance reminders, and geofencing.
Trackershop mobile app

The mobile application integrates seamlessly with Trackershop’s GPS trackers, offering users a convenient way to monitor and manage their tracking devices. The app's key features include the: 

  • User-friendly interface: Easy to navigate, making it accessible for users of all technical levels.
  • Real-time tracking: View the real-time location of all connected devices.
  • Geofencing: Set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts when a device enters or exits these areas.
  • Journey history: Access historical data to review past trips and activities.
  • Instant alerts: Receive push notifications for events such as low battery, movement alerts, and SOS signals.
  • Secure login: Ensures that only authorised users can access the app and its features.

Compare multiple quotes

For UK business owners, comparing multiple quotes for GPS tracking solutions is a crucial step that can lead to significant time and cost savings.

While Trackershop UK offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products and services, exploring different options is always beneficial to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Take the time to research and compare quotes from multiple GPS-tracking solution providers. This due diligence will help you save money and ensure that you select the best service for your business needs. Start your comparison today and experience the benefits of a well-informed choice.

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