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Last updated: 25 June 2024

Vodafone Automotive And Vehicle Tracking For Business

  • Vodafone Automotive's trackers are well-regarded for their advanced features, extensive coverage, and reliability, making them a solid choice for enhancing vehicle security and fleet management.
  • The trackers provide robust security with Thatcham-approved devices, engine immobilisation, real-time tracking, geofencing, and 24/7 monitoring. They also support fleet management with real-time data, driver behaviour monitoring, and predictive maintenance.
  • Vodafone Automotive is highly regarded by luxury car brands like Maserati for its advanced security features and telematics solutions, ensuring high security and connectivity standards.

Vodafone Automotive delivers an impressive security solution for cars and vans. Their Thatcham-approved trackers and engine immobilisation capabilities ensure outstanding security and reassurance for drivers in the UK.

Vodafone Automotive boasts 45 years of experience in vehicle security and telematics. It has a global presence, with Secure Operating Centres in over 50 countries, including 45 in Europe. The company collaborates with 35 vehicle manufacturers, and currently, 40 million vehicles on the road are connected through its services. On average, Vodafone Automotive handles 5,000 vehicle alerts daily across all markets.

Moreover, the company offers telematics services and electronic products for the automotive sector, focusing on stolen vehicle tracking, emergency assistance, usage-based insurance, and fleet management.

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Are the Vodafone trackers any good?

Vodafone Automotive, founded as Delta Electronics in 1975, has a rich history in the automotive sector. The company initially gained recognition under Cobra for its anti-theft vehicle devices. Over the years, it evolved through several name changes and expansions. In 2015, Vodafone acquired Cobra Automotive Technologies for €145 million (approximately £123 million), rebranding it as Vodafone Automotive.

Today, Vodafone Automotive operates globally, offering advanced telematics and vehicle security solutions to enhance safety and connectivity in the automotive industry​​.

Vehicle tracking solutions and features

Vodafone Automotive provides a range of vehicle tracking solutions tailored to different needs. Their products include:

Stolen vehicle tracking:

  • Thatcham Approved trackers: These trackers are recognised for their reliability and effectiveness in recovering stolen vehicles. They include real-time tracking, geofencing, and remote immobilisation to enhance security.
  • Secure operating centres: These centres operate in over 50 countries, including 45 in Europe. They provide 24/7 monitoring and support, ensuring swift response in case of theft​.

Vodafone's fleet management solutions include real-time tracking, driver behaviour monitoring and maintenance alerts. For usage-based insurance (UBI), Vodafone uses telematics devices to collect driving data, enabling personalised insurance policies. The system also includes crash detection and assistance, automatically alerting emergency services and providing incident reports in case of accidents.

Popular tracker devices and apps

Vodafone Automotive's most popular tracking devices and apps include:

  • CobraTrak: A highly reliable stolen vehicle recovery system that integrates GPS and GSM technology for precise tracking. It offers features like remote engine immobilisation and alerts in case of unauthorised movement.
  • My connected car: An app that provides vehicle owners real-time information on their car's status, location, and health. It supports features like trip history, driving score, and maintenance reminders.
  • Guardian S5: A comprehensive tracker with advanced features such as motion detection, driver identification, and global positioning system (GPS) technology to offer robust protection against theft​.

Vodafone Automotive VTS S5

The Vodafone Automotive VTS S5 is designed for commercial vehicles and provides comprehensive tracking and security features. This Thatcham-approved tracker device offers real-time vehicle tracking, crucial for fleet management.

It includes geofencing capabilities, allowing businesses to set predefined areas and receive alerts if a vehicle exits these zones. The VTS S5 also supports remote immobilisation, enhancing security by preventing unauthorised vehicle use.

Associated software

The VTS S5 integrates seamlessly with Vodafone Automotive's "My Connected Car" app, offering fleet managers real-time data on vehicle locations, trip histories, and driver behaviours. 

The app provides alerts for potential issues, such as attempted thefts or accidents, ensuring prompt action can be taken. The platform also supports predictive maintenance by monitoring vehicle health and notifying managers of required services, thus reducing downtime and extending vehicle lifespans.

By choosing Vodafone Automotive VTS S5, businesses can significantly enhance their fleet's security and operational efficiency through advanced tracking and management capabilities.

Vodafone car tracker and luxury brands

Luxury car brands highly regard Vodafone Automotive for its advanced security features, reliability, and comprehensive telematics solutions. Maserati, a world-renowned luxury car manufacturer, collaborated with Vodafone Automotive for their ability to deliver world-class connected car services. These trackers offer real-time vehicle tracking, geofencing, remote immobilisation, and 24/7 monitoring, essential for protecting high-value vehicles from theft and ensuring quick recovery if stolen.

The company’s expertise in delivering solutions to luxury car manufacturers, such as its stolen vehicle recovery solution, provides customers with digital peace of mind. The integration of cutting-edge technology and robust security measures aligns with luxury brands' high standards, making Vodafone Automotive a preferred choice.

Relevance to luxury taxi businesses

For luxury taxi businesses, adopting Vodafone Automotive solutions provides significant benefits:

  • Theft prevention: The advanced tracking and remote immobilisation features help prevent theft and ensure quick recovery, protecting valuable assets.
  • Enhanced safety: Real-time monitoring and alerts enhance driver and passenger safety by providing immediate emergency assistance.
  • Operational efficiency: Fleet management features such as real-time tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, and predictive maintenance optimise operations, reduce downtime, and improve overall service quality.

Vodafone Automotive's collaboration with Maserati exemplifies how their solutions cater to the needs of luxury vehicles by ensuring high security and connectivity standards. By implementing these solutions, luxury taxi services can safeguard their high-end vehicles, ensure passenger safety, and maintain high operational efficiency.

Vodafone telematics for fleet management

Vodafone's fleet management solutions leverage advanced telematics to provide real-time data and insights for optimising fleet operations. Key features include:

  • Real-time tracking: Provides live location data, helping managers monitor vehicle movement and ensure efficient routing.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring: Tracks driving patterns such as speed, acceleration, and braking, promoting safer driving habits and reducing accidents.
  • Predictive maintenance: Monitors vehicle health to anticipate maintenance needs, reducing downtime and extending vehicle life.

According to the company’s brochure on Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, the platform offers a modular solution designed to gather operating data to maximise vehicle performance and improve employee safety and security on the road.

The platform provides real-time information on travel, speed, and routes, is available 24/7/365, and provides comprehensive details on reserve times and stops with a complete route history. Preventive maintenance through car diagnostics and GPS distances helps maintain vehicle health, while driving behaviour monitoring ensures safety and GDPR compliance.

The My Vodafone Fleet portal and Vodafone Fleet Drive mobile app provide easy access to fleet performance data, driver activity, and advanced reporting capabilities. With nearly 2 million vehicles worldwide using this platform, it is suitable for tracking small and large fleets, optimising routes, and proactively managing vehicle maintenance.

Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics is used in approximately 2 million vehicles worldwide, capturing rich data on ignition, trip distance, engine idling and speed.

Positive impact

Adopting Vodafone's fleet management solutions has shown significant benefits:

  • Operational efficiency: Companies report improved route planning and reduced fuel consumption. Verizon Connect’s report illustrated that fleets using GPS tracking saw a reduction in fuel costs by 9-10%. 
  • Safety: Enhanced driver behaviour monitoring leads to fewer accidents.
  • Cost savings: Predictive maintenance decreases unexpected breakdowns and repair costs.

Efficiency, safety, and security of goods and drivers and operating costs are top concerns regarding fleet telematics. Businesses can effectively address these concerns by leveraging Vodafone Automotive's solutions.

Vodafone car tracker subscription cost

The company offers several vehicle tracking solutions with varying subscription costs. The table below shows the company’s most popular tracking options. 

Tracking solutionInitial cost1-year resubscription cost3-year resubscription cost5-year resubscription cost
Vodafone Protect & Connect S7£349 (includes installation and 1-year subscription)£99£268£396
Vodafone Protect & Connect S5 VTS£584 (includes installation and 1-year subscription)£159£430£636
Vodafone Protect & Connect S5 VTS Plus£649£189£511£756
These costs are estimates. Get a professional installer QUOTE now!

"Green" vehicle data monitoring with Vodafone Automotive?

Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, in partnership with Geotab, offers a "Green Fleet" management solution to reduce environmental impact while optimising fleet performance. This solution provides real-time data on vehicle operations, which helps fleet managers make informed decisions to enhance efficiency and reduce emissions.

Vodafone's vehicle tracking solutions enhance telematics fleet management through real-time tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, predictive maintenance, and comprehensive analytics. These features optimise routes, reduce fuel consumption, promote eco-friendly driving, prevent breakdowns, and help businesses meet environmental targets.

Case study insights

Vodafone Automotive's solutions have been adopted by various industries, including transportation and logistics, to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability. For instance, Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd. faced challenges in promoting safe driving, lowering fuel costs, and reducing their carbon footprint. They turned to Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics for a solution, leveraging driver behaviour analytics, real-time telematics data, and the Green Fleet Dashboard reporting tool.

Key results include:

  • Fleet productivity increased by 12%
  • Fuel consumption reduced by 30%
  • Carbon emissions reduced by 30%

Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd. provides vital support to care services, ensuring their fleet is always ready to respond. By implementing Vodafone's fleet management system, they gained deeper insights into fleet operations, enhanced service quality, and promoted employee safety.

Vodafone vehicle tracking: pros and cons

Vodafone vehicle tracking solutions offer numerous benefits and drawbacks for business categories, such as luxury taxis and logistics. Let’s examine the advantages of this vehicle tracking. 

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring provide live data on vehicle locations, speeds, and routes. This feature optimises route planning and reduces fuel consumption, enhancing customer satisfaction for luxury taxis and improving delivery efficiency for logistics companies.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring collects data on driving habits, promoting safer and more eco-friendly practices. This improves passenger safety and reduces liability for luxury taxis while minimising accidents and related logistics costs.
  • Predictive maintenance alerts fleet managers to vehicle maintenance needs based on real-time data, preventing breakdowns and ensuring vehicles run efficiently. This ensures high-quality service and fleet reliability for luxury taxis and prevents unexpected breakdowns for logistics.
  • Comprehensive analytics provide detailed reports on fleet performance, fuel usage, and emissions, helping businesses meet environmental targets and make data-driven decisions.

For a more balanced understanding, we have also listed some disadvantages; these include: 

  • The initial setup and subscription costs can be high, especially for smaller businesses.
  • The system's complexity may require technical expertise, and continuous tracking raises privacy concerns for drivers. 
  • Reliance on consistent GPS and GSM signals can be problematic in remote areas.

Despite these drawbacks, Vodafone's fleet tracking software significantly improves fleet efficiency, safety, and sustainability, making them a valuable investment for luxury taxi services and logistics operations.

Compare multiple quotes

As a UK business owner, it's crucial to understand that comparing multiple quotes isn't just a smart strategy - it's a game-changer. By evaluating various offers, you can uncover significant savings and ensure you receive the best value for your investment. Different suppliers often offer varied pricing and service levels, and comparing these can highlight the most cost-effective and comprehensive options available.

Gathering multiple quotes allows you to benchmark costs, discover new suppliers, and avoid overpaying for the same service. Additionally, it provides a clearer picture of the market rates, helping you make informed decisions that benefit your business in the long run.

Don't settle for the first offer you receive. Take the time to compare quotes and make an informed choice that maximises your business’s potential.

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