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Last updated: 14 March 2024

Best Coffee Machines for Your Business in 2021

Our Dedicated Guide for Finding the Right Coffee Machine

For a growing number of UK citizens, coffee is part of their routine. Therefore, helping your employees or customers get their daily coffee cup can make a significant difference for your business.

The factors to consider when buying the best coffee machine for your business are numerous: the quality of the coffee, the coffee machine price, the amount of coffee consumed, and the placement of the coffee machine in the office.

After figuring out the specific needs of your business, you still have to choose from a wide range of coffee machine suppliers. These suppliers create several new coffee machine models every year with various designs and updated technical characteristics.

Another aspect to consider is the possibility to select method the of payment, which can be coffee machine rental, lease, or purchase. In this guide, you will find the best coffee machines in the UK.

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Coffee Drinks

Factors to Help You Choose the Best Coffee Machines

In this table you can find some basic information that can help you direct your research towards the best coffee machine for your office. According to the number of expected users, you can already pick which type of coffee machine will be a more accurate choice.

Overview of Best Coffee Machine Types
Nr. of Employees / CustomersCoffee Machine TypePrice Range
0-30Filter Coffee Machine£10-£100
0-30Pods or Capsule Coffee Machine£70-£370
30-100Bean to Cup Coffee Machine£200-£5,000
500+Espresso Machine£100-£5,000
500+Vending Machine£900-£5,000
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Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Jura bean to Cup

The bean to cup coffee machine is a good compromise between the coffee made by a professional barista and the one you can make on your own in the office. As the name suggests, this type of coffee machine gives you a freshly ground coffee by the press of a button.

While all the other coffee makers start the brewing process from already ground beans, this type of coffee machine grinds the beans just before brewing the coffee, without implying a longer waiting time. The majority of bean to cup coffee machines give you the possibility to pick between a wide range of different drinks. Though some of these machines were inspired by the ones used in coffee shops, they are designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

One of the downsides of bean to cup coffee machines is their large size, as they are rather difficult to move.

In addition, compared to the other options mentioned in this guide, this coffee maker is one of the most expensive. The price range for this type of coffee machine is relatively high, ranging from £200 to £5,000.

The best coffee machines for your office are Jura E8WMF 1100S, and Jura GIGA X3 Pro.

Jura E8 gives you the possibility to fill two coffee cups simultaneously, and the LCD LED display gives you a complete overview and helps you prepare your favourite coffee. This coffee machine, thanks to the Smart Connection, can register your favourite drink on your phone or tablet so you can brew it by simply touching the screen of your device. 

WMF 1100S can come with two different settings: plumbed in or with a simple tank. Another interesting feature of this coffee maker is the Zero-Energy-Function, which turns the coffee machine off completely and therefore reduces electricity waste. 

Jura GIGA X3 PRO is another reliable bean to cup coffee machine, with accesories such as the cup warmer, and the integrated rinsingcleaning, and descling programmes. 

Best Espresso Coffee Machines

Lavazza IB4705

Espresso machines are the ones that can be found in coffee shops. In these coffee makers the water is heated and passed through fine coffee grounds that have been pressed in portafilters. The portafilter is where the barista places the coffee grounds and tamps it. Each portafilter can brew two cups of coffee at a time.

The more portafilters there are in a machine, the more expensive it is, and as such, more suitable for professionals. Yet, there are professional coffee machines, even called automatic, that can be used in an office. Still, for this type of coffee machine, there is a need for a dedicated person that has to maintain the appliance.

The quality of the coffee is as high as the barista’s skills. The prices of espresso coffee machines depend on the number of portafilters and the features that you might need for your company. Therefore, the price range is really wide and it starts at £100 and it can reach a whopping £50,000.

The best coffee machines for this category are the Lavazza LB4705 and Douwe Egberts Barista One.

The Lavazza LB4705 will give you the experience of an Italian espresso in your office. This coffee maker has an easy-to-use automatic steam wand that permits you to make your own Latte and Cappuccino. The LB4705 model can make up to 180 cups of coffee per hour.

Our second pick for this category of the best coffee machines on the market is the Douwe Egberts Barista One. As a bean to cup coffee machine, this model features a whole bean hopper which can make this coffee machine a compromise between an espresso coffee machine and a bean to cup coffee machine. The intuitive full colour touch screen makes this coffee maker as user-friendly as possible.

Best Coffee Vending Machines

Vitro x3 machine

A classic in most public areas and in larger offices, coffee vending machines offer coffee, milk, tea, and hot chocolate. Once the vending machine is refilled with coffee, milk, and chocolate powder, the employee or customer can select one from the set drinks and get their cup of refreshment by simply pressing a button. This type of coffee machine can have a water container or connected to the mains water supplies.

The coffee vending machine is ideal for crowded areas, as they brew the coffee in a few seconds and they require little maintenance. This way, the coffee vending machine can help boost the productivity of larger companies without employees having to stand in endless queues. The brewing process is completely automatic, while the user can still specify the amount of sugar that is put in the drink. Due to the size of the appliance, it is not possible to move it on a regular basis.

The price of this type of coffee machine can vary according to the dimensions of the coffee maker and the amount of drinks options. The price can vary from £900 for smaller vending machines up to £5,000 for the more advanced devices offering a diverse range of beverages.

The best coffee machines in this category are the Vitro X3 DUO and Cofétouch 5.

The Vitro X3 DUO includes 13 different drinks, including coffee and tea. The display was created for the best user experience, making it similar to a tablet’s screen.

Even if the Cofétouch 5 offers less beverage options than the Vitro X3 DUO, it is still one of the best coffee machines on the market. The intuitive touch screen featured in this machine makes it also possible to display advertisements during the brewing process.

Best Filter Coffee Machines

Melita Filter machine

The process to make coffee with this coffee maker is simple. The water container has to be filled with the appropriate amount of water according to how much coffee is needed. Then, the coffee grounds must be added and the coffee pot positioned over the plate. This coffee maker gives you the freedom to adjust the strength of the coffee each time. This is possible due to the sachet present in the upper part of the coffee machine.

The filter coffee machine is ideal for the office environment as it brews a big quantity of coffee in a few minutes. The coffee pot rests on a hot plate which keeps the coffee warm for a longer amount of time. Some models of filter coffee machines can be connected directly to the mains water supplies or filled every time manually. The last type of filter coffee machine can be moved from one room to another.

The price range for this type of machine can be from £10 up to £100. This depends on the choice of brand, performance, and different features of the specific model.

The best coffee machines in this group are the Melitta Look IV, the Bravilor Bonamat Maticand the Switch Filter Coffee Machine. 

The Melitta Look IV coffee maker has a capacity of 1.2 litres, and it keeps your coffee warm for up to 2 hours. Among the most relevant features, there are the descaling programme, the water hardness level setting, the auto-off feature, and the aroma selector. The latter permits you to adjust the intensity of the coffee. 

Bravior Bonamat Matic is a plumbed in type of filter coffee machine. It is designed to keep two coffee decanters warm at the same time with two different hot plates. This feature allows you to have already prepared coffee at all times. 

Switch Filter Coffee can be plumbed in or not, according to your needs. Moreover, among the most interesting features, there are the programmable timer and the 8 litre glass jug.

Best Pods or Capsule Coffee Machines 

Dulait Pod Machine

This type of coffee maker is already popular in households, as these coffee machines are easy to use and to maintain. Yet, this coffee maker can be a good go-to option in staff rooms, reception areas, and waiting rooms.

The pods and capsule coffee machine can be brought from one room to the other, as it only needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet and the water tank has to be filled manually. The water passes from the water container through the capsule, and finally to the cup. This coffee machine brews one cup of coffee at a time. Hence, each employee or customer can pick their own preferred drink, which will be always ready in a few minutes.

There are few disadvantages of this solution, which might depend on the needs of your business. The cost might be a primary problem to consider as you need a fair amount of capsules, with each capsule corresponding to only one cup of coffee.

The capsule machines - even if improved every year - make a certain amount of noise while the coffee is brewed. This noise might become an issue for those working close by. Another problem is the environmental impact, as some of the pods are made of plastic.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to move from one room to the other

The price of pods coffee machines starts at £70 and it can go up to £370. This depends on the included features and the brand.

The best coffee machines in this category are the Dualit 85180 Cafe Cino, Keurig K150P, and Flavia Creation 500.

Even if it is a small machine compared to the others on the market, the Dualit 85180 Cafe Cino has a great potential.You can pick between a cappuccino or a cup of tea, and many more drinks by pressing only one button. One of the features of this coffee machine is the cold milk frothing that helps you make milkshakes.

The Keurig K150P gives the user the possibility to adjust the brewing temperature via the interactive touch screen. Moreover, this top-of-the-market coffee maker features five cup sizes, including the travelling mug size.

The Flavia Creation 500 is an upgrade of the Flavia Creation 400. This option of the best coffee machines is designed for the office environment. The engineers developed a energy-efficient coffee machine and included a 2.5 litre capacity tank.

Find Suppliers for the Best Coffee Machines for Your Business

Each business has its own understanding of which the best coffee machines on the market are, according to their needs. Every type of coffee machine answers to a different need that varies in line with the company size, portability, and quality of the coffee.

The listed best coffee machines are suggestions. Yet, if our best coffee machine picks are not answering your specific needs, feel free to contact us by filling in the form above. Our sales team will help you with finding the best match for your company by sending you up to 4 quotes, free of charge, and with no obligations.

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