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Last Updated: 10. October 2017

The Best Coffee Machines? It Depends on Your Business Needs

There is not really such a thing as the best coffee machine for your office. One cannot just pick up a single coffee brewer and expect it will do everything. To a great extent, the best coffee machine depends on the single business objectives.

 519best _coffee _machine

For example, choosing a classic espresso coffee machine for a large office will be a mistake, having in mind that a huge amount of beverages have to be brewed on a daily basis. In contrast, an instant coffee machine will rarely be the first choice for coffee shops or cafés as these places don’t rely on quantity, but quality.

Here is why one should first define its business objectives in order to find the best coffee machine solution.

There may be different locations where a coffee machine is needed and each of them will probably have different business requirements. Therefore, we bring to your attention the next 5 coffee machines which you may find interesting and valuable.

Franke T200

Franke -t -200

This coffee maker is an amazing espresso coffee machine, which is a suitable solution for any coffee shop, restaurant or cafe. Franke T200 is available with 1, 2 or 3 brewing groups, which means that the customer can choose depending on its business needs. This unit has everything from the classic espresso machines combined with some automatic features.

Gaggia D90

Gaggia -d 90-alti

This espresso machine is one of the best units preferred by many barista professionals. It has a simple design, suitable for many different environments. Furthermore, Gaggia D90 is famous for its solidity and long life cycle. It is a suitable choice for those who need a coffee maker working with reliability and precision.

Jura GIGA X7

Jura GIGA X7

If you need a bean to cup coffee machine with high capacity and quality of the beverages, then this is the right choice. Jura GIGA X7 is an incredible unit which can brew high quality coffee drinks. Furthermore, one can choose among a wide variety of specialties such as cappuccino, macchiato and more. In addition, this coffee maker is easy to maintain and clean, plus it can deliver a drink at a touch of a button.

Kenco Bolero XL

Kenco _Bolero

This coffee maker has several advantages, which make it the perfect office coffee machine. First of all, it is simple to use - one press operation. Second, it can serve up to 240 cups per hour. Third, it offers a range of 8 different drink selections. And last but not least, it weighs only 20 kg, which makes it easy for relocation.

Crane Genesis 

Crane Genesis

Crane Genesis is an amazing unit, which combines instant coffee machines and bean to cup machines. This instant coffee maker has all the advantages of fast brewing table top coffee units such as speed and capacity. Furthermore, it has an incorporated coffee grinder, which comes to notice that it can brew coffee drinks rich of aroma and flavour.

These five suggestions only show how different coffee machines can be and how different the perception of the phrase “the best coffee machine” can be interpreted. Therefore, one should always remember to first define its business need and then the solution will come by itself.

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