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Last updated: 28 July 2021

What is a Coffee Grinder?

Coffee Preparation Importance

Coffee is the beverage that serves multiple purposes, from a pick me upper in the morning to a tasty warm beverage during the day. For this reason there are a multitude of types of coffee which can accommodate the needs of all coffee lovers. However, not everyone is aware of how to get that perfect taste from a cup of coffee, which incorporates all of the aromas that the coffee bean has to offer.

Coffee preparation is an important aspect for the quality of the end result product. Brewing an excellent cup of coffee is the reward of several factors, among which can be included a good coffee machine for brewing but maybe more important, a coffee grinder.

A coffee grinder can be bought separately, or can be already installed in a machine, like in bean-to-cup coffee machines where the beans are freshly ground before each brew.

Nowadays, most people do not spend so much time on making a coffee, pouring coffee beans into a grinder and using the finely grinned coffee for brewing.

Ground Coffee

Coffee Grinders, How Important Are They?

The grinder is a tool of great importance in extracting the aroma and taste from coffee beans, allowing for the brewing of delicious, high quality coffee. In most cases, the grinder is the crucial aspect to the equation, though most people believe that the coffee machine is the star of the show.

The grinder is not the only tool which provides for a delicious cup of coffee, however it is important in providing the right type of coffee bean grind.

Types of Coffee Grinders

With the evolution of technology so results the existence of advanced coffee grinding machines which can satisfy even the most pretentious coffee drinker.

Below is a description of the three main types of coffee grinders which can give a better understanding regarding different technologies used in the art of grinding coffee as well as assert the importance of such machines in the process of brewing coffee.

Blade grinders

Blade coffee grinders can be compared to blenders in the sense that they cut the coffee bean using small blades. These types of grinders are inexpensive and it is because of this that the grinding technology they use is not complicated. Blade grinders are recommended for coffee drinkers who do not have such a high expectation from their grinned coffee, and wish to buy an appliance that does the job for a limited amount of money. For this purpose, blade grinders are the right tool, and as an extra can be used to chop other things besides coffee beans.

Burr grinders

Burr coffee grinders are small grinders which can also be associated with the term hand grinders, and they are as well inexpensive, however cost a little more than the blade grinders. The main advantage of burr grinders over blade grinders is their size, however they are also more efficient in grinding bigger amounts of coffee and does not tend to burn the beans if it is overused. There exist the possibility to adjust the size of grind which is useful for coffee drinkers who prefer to serve their beverage in a certain way. 

Disc and Conical grinders

Disc and conical coffee grinders are the most technologically advanced grinders, providing a more precise and facile grinding experience. Disc and conical grinders are characterized by grooves which can be found in the discs or cones, allowing for the coffee bean to find its way into this space and grind in a better manner. The result is an improved grind of the coffee bean due to the sharp edges of the grooves which cut the beans more effectively. As a result of the improved technology and performance, disc and conical coffee grinders are the most expensive out of the three, however if you’re seeking to grind high quality coffee than these types are recommended for an around better coffee experience.

Coffee Machine

Coffee Grinder Budgeting

It is very well known that there exist several types of coffee grinders on the market, but there arises the question of which to buy? Of course, after having understood that each type of coffee grinder delivers a different experience, it might be confusing as to which type to pick.

However, the trick is to analyse your personal needs and expectations from a coffee grinder, for example if you wish to experience a relatively qualitative grinned coffee bean but your budget is not extraordinarily high, then maybe consider the middleman, a type of burr grinder.

Taking into consideration the price that each individual has paid for the coffee machine, it would only seem adequate to spend at least the same amount of money on the coffee grinder as well. In doing so, the results of grinding the coffee beans will offer a similar experience if these are grinned in a machine which is at the “same level” so to speak as the coffee machine itself.

Most coffee machine suppliers offer accessories like the coffee grinder, so be sure to explore your options to find the best one for your preferences.

The coffee grinders and the coffee machines can both be considered tools used for the coffee experience, and if these are more equal in quality build and performance, then there is a higher possibility that the end result will be of a better quality overall.

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