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Last Updated: 08. January 2020

Pros and Cons on 3 Types of Coffee Machines

Which Is the Best Coffee Machine for You?

Have you researched the market for coffee machines but you don't know which of the options fits your needs the best? Nobody said that this would be an easy task. The variety of options can easily make you feel overwhelmed.

However, do not panic, this is why we are here to help you. No matter, if you need an espresso machine, a bean to cup machine or a coffee vending machine, here you can find the very basics tips before moving on to the decision-making process.

Nonetheless, in case you prefer to gather some more information about specific products of coffee-making or if you want to compare coffee machine prices and coffee machine brands then fill out the free quote form at the right side of the page. Our specialised sales team will prepare a list of suppliers according to your preferences. There is no charge, obligations or spam messages for these services, thus do not think twice about it and fill out the form.

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Espresso (3)

Espresso Coffee Machine

As we have already explained, espresso is neither a way of roasting nor a specific type of coffee bean. It is just a method of brewing coffee.

An espresso coffee maker has several advantages, a fact that also justifies why it is the best seller within coffee industry. Nevertheless, nothing in life is perfect and the espresso coffee maker could not be an exception.

So, let’s see the 4 basic types of espresso coffee machines that are available in the market and check what better suits you.

Market -inspector -big CroppedPump-Driven Espresso Machine. The most advanced and frequently used coffee machine.

Market -inspector -big CroppedPiston-Driven Espresso Machine. The previously mainstream model.

Market -inspector -big CroppedSteam-Driven Espresso Machine. The first espresso machine.

Market -inspector -big CroppedAir-Pump Driven Machine. The latest coffee machine invention.

Market -inspector -big Cropped A pump-driven espresso machine can offer you the highest possible quality on the highest volume of demand. Hence, it is easy to understand why it is preferred by most of coffee shops and café. However, if you do not have a barista or someone who knows how to use the coffee machine, probably you will face some practical problems


  1. It can deliver the best quality of coffee.
  2. It can respond to high-volume demands for coffee – up to 4 group of heads.
  3. Ideal for coffee shops and restaurants.


  1. Needs an expert to use the machine, so this could be an issue for an office with many employees – however it is a standard process that if you learn it once it is not difficult to repeat.
  2. More expensive than other models.

Market -inspector -big Cropped A piston-driven espresso machine can also offer the highest possible quality of coffee on high demand, but it is more difficult to use it than the pump-driven maker. The main change is that the operator handles the lever that pressurises the water and pushes it to the coffee.


  1. Offers the best quality of coffee.
  2. It can respond to high-volume of demand – up to 4 group of heads.
  3. It is less expensive than pump-driven coffee machines.


  1. Needs a barista to operate the machine and to handle the lever, so it would be unpractical for usage in an office or a company. The quality of coffee is depended from the person who uses the machine, thus a training program is necessary.
  2. It is technologically less advanced than the pump-driven coffee machines.

Coffee Machine1

Market -inspector -big Cropped A steam-driven espresso machine can no-longer be considered as a competitor of the previously mentioned machines. It was the first machine that could actually produce espresso coffee, but it is no longer preferred by the vast majority of the market.


  1. Cheaper than the other models.
  2. Offers good quality of coffee.


  1. It is not a good option for any professional environment. It is preferred mainly by individuals.
  2. It is technologically less advanced than any other types of coffee machines.

Market -inspector -big Cropped The air-pump-driven technology has been on the market for less than 10 years. It is mainly for personal use because it is easily portable. However, it is used in coffee shops as supplementary option to other espresso machines.


  1. Cheaper than the pump-driven and steam-driven machines.
  2. Easily mobile.


  1. It cannot respond to a high volume demand of coffee.

Coffee _beans _in _a _grinder

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

The main difference between an espresso coffee machine and a bean to cup coffee machine is that the latter has an integrated coffee grinder and therefore can prepare a freshly ground coffee on demand.

The main pros and cons of bean to cup machines can be summarised, as follows:

Advantages of Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

  • It is user friendly, fast and efficient .Therefore it is a great choice for any self-service environment.
  • It can deliver high quality of coffee.
  • It can offer a variety of coffee drinks.

Disadvantages of Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

  • One of the most expensive options in the market.
  • It is difficult to move.

Vending _machinesCoffee Vending Machine

The coffee vending machines automatically prepare your favourite beverage. So, the only thing that you have to be aware of, is which button can offer you the type of coffee that you desire. Vending machines typically have other functionalities, so can double as a water dispenser too, if your business has a need for that. It is really common in businesses and institutions, where there is a high demand of coffee but not always a professional barista to prepare the coffee. 

Advantages of Coffee Vending Machines

  • It can offer the highest number of cups of coffee. It depends on the type of coffee machine, but vending machines can reach up to 1200 cups in a day.
  • The most user-friendly coffee machine in the market.
  • Several drink options, making it a great general hot drinks vending machine.

Disadvantages of Coffee Vending Machines

  • It offers lower quality of coffee.
  • The price is close or even higher than other types of coffee machines which can deliver the best quality of coffee.

Coffee Machine Rental

We know that the commercial coffee machines can be an expensive investment. Many companies or institutions do not want to make such an investment if they are not first sure which services they are being provided.

A coffee machine rental could be a great solution for them, while it gives them the option of trying different coffee machines without paying a large amount of money. Of course, the price range depends on the type, brand, and features of the coffee machine, but in general terms, you can rent a coffee maker from £5 to £50 per week.

Advantages of Coffee Machine Rentals

  • You have the opportunity to try different coffee machines before buying the one that you prefer.
  • The rental agreement of most of the coffee machines comes also with some technical and maintenance services.

Disadvantages of Coffee Machine Rentals

  • It is an investment with only short-term returns.

Coffee Beans In A Tree

Did You Decide?

We hope that you found this article useful. If you did, then now you should have a clearer idea around the type of coffee machine that your company or office needs.

In this case, if you want to know some more about specific coffee machine suppliers and prices fill out the form at the top of this page and our sales team will contact you with a list of possible solutions. There is no charge or obligations for these services, so send us your preferences as soon as possible.

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