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Last updated: 14 March 2024

8 Effective Lead Generation Strategies

What Is Lead Generation?

Today, everyone is talking about lead generation strategies, but not everyone understands the true lead generation meaning. Basically, lead generation is a process of collecting a potential customer’s information (customer’s name, email, phone number, etc.) that can be further used for personalizing communication and creating an effective marketing funnel. There are many lead generation companies that can help you in the process. Here's how a lead generation company works:

How Lead Generation Companies Work

Who is a lead? Lead is a qualified prospect that is starting to exhibit buying befhaviour. It can be a person who has visited a specific product page on your website or read a blog post relatable to your product or service.

The lead generation process is complex. It includes the following stages:

    • Finding leads: You should have a clear understanding of who your leads are and how you can reach out to them.
    • Attracting leads: You should know how to grab the lead’s attention and direct it in the right direction.
    • Convincing leads: You should use the power of persuasion to make leads believe that it’s worth sharing their personal information with you.

8 Effective Lead Generation Strategies

Now let’s discuss the most effective lead generation strategies and figure out what steps you should take to boost your marketing efforts and make more sales.

1. Craft a Proper Homepage Messaging

Before you start using brand new lead generation techniques, take a look at your website. How does your homepage messaging sounds like? Is it engaging enough?

Your homepage is one of the first things users see when visiting your website. It should look visually appealing and promote the right message. Headline, subtitle, images, and other elements of your website should draw the leads’ attention to the value you offer, create a sense of trust, and encourage users to share their personal data.

Outsource the web design services – let professionals make your website looks perfect. Once your homepage messaging will be clear and convincing, you will generate business leads with ease.

2. Strive to Provide Value

You can’t force people to share their contact data. But you can offer them something valuable in exchange so that they will want to provide the data you are asking for.

Stop for a moment and think: what type of information do your customers are looking for? What type of content do they struggle to find online? Create a piece of content that meets your customer’s needs, and you will easily attract B2C and B2B leads.

Depending on who your target audience is and what preferences it has, you can craft and offer various types of content:

    • Step-by-step guides
    • Check-lists
    • eBooks
    • Case studies
    • Podcasts
    • Webinars
    • Infographics
    • Whitepapers
    • Templates

When asking a user to fill in a contact form, don’t forget to specify what how users can benefit from your particular service.

Take a look at the following screenshot. Market Inspector presents its advice and reviews for lead generation, and does it just right. After reading such a compelling description, users will get a clear understanding of what value they will get if they sign up.

Lead Generation

3. Design an Irresistible CTA

Some content marketers design remarkable lead magnets but fail to present them in a proper way. They choose the wrong CTAs, and, as a result, fail to attract leads to business. The truth is your CTA should be extremely clear and simple to use while also grabbing attention.

Let’s take a look at an example that shows how to generate leads using a clear cut CTA.

Greenmatch Call to Action

Screenshot source:

There are many marketing companies that can help you frame a CTA if you struggle with it. You can get assistance from freelance marketing writers such as Grabmyessay, who will review and find an expert who will help you to write an ideal CTA and boot lead generation efforts.

4. Respect Your Leads’ Time

Your prospective customers are busy people – they value every minute of their time. Take that into account when designing a lead generation strategy.

When you’re asking a lead to participate in a survey, mention how much time the survey will take. When you’re asking a lead to join a webinar, specify how long the webinar will last. In the end of your email (or sign up form) add a note, “Thanks for your time”. It’s a very simple, yet effective way to show respect to the leads and win their loyalty.

Lyft email

Screenshot source: Private email from Lyft.

5. Tap the Power of Herd Mentality

Do you know that you can leverage “herd mentality” to improve your marketing strategy and achieve success in B2B lead generation?
Herd mentality or mob mentality is a term which describes a phenomenon when people act the same way or adopt similar behaviours as the people around them — often ignoring their own feelings, needs, and logic.

If you assure your leads that their colleagues, friends, or family has subscribed for your newsletters or downloaded your eBook, they will do the same.

Look at the following screenshot. GreenMatch invites visitors to “stay updated” about the latest grants available by subscribing to platform. This phrase works as a “herd mentality” trigger and makes users think this way: “I have to subscribe in order to keep up with industry news.”

GreenMatch Email Popup

Screenshot source:

6. Speak Your Target Audience’s Language

Here is one of the best pieces of advice lead generation companies can give you: “if you want to grab the leads’ attention, speak their language”.

If you target newbies in marketing – avoid using buzzwords and industry-specific terms. If you target qualified lawyers – feel free to use popular legal jargon. If your target Millennials and Generation Z who love to use acronyms, emojis, and slang – add acronyms and emojis to your sign up form. Be on the same page with your leads, and you will win their trust.


Screenshot source:

Have just started your business and don’t know how to make a lead?

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Find the lead generation company that will do all the hard work for you. Once you gain experience in the field, you will be able to manage leads by yourself.

7. Master the Art of Storytelling

Top marketing companies use storytelling in their lead generation strategies. So why don’t you do the same?

A well-written story will help you to quickly get and keep the attention and connect with your customers on a deeper emotional level. Storytelling is an art, and it might take your years to master it. So if you want to leverage storytelling in your lead generation strategy today, consider using writing services. Just don’t forget to check the reliability of the website you are choosing by reading customer feedback.

8. Build a Chatbot

Probably, you already have a chatbot that helps your customers to place orders or file complaints. What about building a bot that will work as a lead generator?

AI chatbots can transform the way you communicate with your target audience. Since chatbots perfectly feed into Millennials’ and Generation Z’s need for instant gratification, chatbots can help you to acquire more qualified leads.

Let’s consider an example to understand how lead generation chatbots work.

If you visit, a chatbot will ask you whether you “need some help evaluating the platform”. By clicking “yes”, you will start interacting with a bot and get invited to answer two simple questions. When we are involved in the conversation (even though it’s a conversation with a bot, not a human), we feel like it’s rude to quit the chat.

Monday Chatbot

Screenshot source:

A chatbot allows to get the user’s personal data in a fast and non-intrusive way – it’s just a perfect lead management tool. To build a chatbot, do the following:

    • Choose a user-friendly chatbot development platform, for instance, Chatfuel or ChatBot.
    • Write two or three questions that will engage users in conversation and help you to collect useful information. Add from three to five possible answers to each question.
    • Write a compelling final message to convince leads to provide their personal information. If it’s a challenging task for you, check a content writing service and get professional help.

Find The Best Lead Generation Services

Have these eight lead generation ideas inspired you to design a lead generation strategy for your business? We really hope so.
However, if it hasn’t happened, we highly encourage you to use online lead generation services. Delegate lead management to the experts like Market Inspector, and you will take your business to a brand new level.

Fill in the form at Market Inspectot to get multiple non-binding quotes from the best lead generation companies in the UK.

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