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Last updated: 20 December 2021

How to Choose the Best POS for Restaurants?

Tips for Choosing the Best Point of Sale (POS) for Your Restaurant

Running a modern restaurant can get overwhelming, from keeping track of your inventory to managing your employees, and keeping track of sales records. Fortunately, a working POS system can help automate a large chunk of your tasks and simplify your processes, so managing your restaurant business is easier.
However, selecting the best from the various POS systems available in the market can be daunting when you don't know the qualities to look out for.
This is why we compiled five tips to select the right POS system that works best for your restaurant business.

Let's get into it.

5 Factors to Help You Choose a Point of Sale System for Your Restaurant

When choosing the right POS system for your business, you need to identify your needs and the challenges you encounter most as a restaurant business. Then, you will look for a POS system that can meet your needs and help put an end to your challenges.

Here, we identified the five most essential qualities to look out for when selecting excellent POS systems for restaurants that ensure a smooth running of your business's operations. Check them out below.


Usability is one of the critical qualities you should look out for when purchasing your ePOS system. You want a POS system that is easy to use, so you can perform and run your business's operations efficiently, not a POS system that will make your activities more complicated than it is. So, choose a POS system that comes with a simple-to-use user interface with the slightest learning curve.

This way, you and your staff can get started with it without delay. Also, a usable POS system speeds up transactions so your customers will never be kept waiting when making transactions, thereby increasing your customer experience to grow your business.

Inventory Management System

Proper inventory management is crucial to your success as a restaurant. It keeps you updated on the amount of food you need to order and the amount of food left in the store. Statistics show that 10% of food purchased by restaurants gets wasted before they reach their consumers, which happens because of a lack of a proper inventory management system.

A POS system with a functional inventory management system can save your business from several losses because it will give you insights into your restaurant supply state. It also keeps your customers satisfied because a proper inventory management system means you will always be in the know when food items are about to run out of stock.

This way, you can re-stock before they get exhausted, so your customers will always have the food they want on the menu. Therefore, ensure to opt for a POS system that lets you track your ingredients and food items to always stay prepared for your customers' needs.

Table and Restaurant Reservation Management

Table and restaurant reservation management is a must-have feature of an excellent POS system for restaurant businesses. Trying to keep track of the number of tables available and the number of tables unoccupied can be a lot of work for you and your staff. Also, it's less efficient because you may lose track of the numbers as more customers come in and leave.

It can reduce your level of organization and portray you as less efficient, especially when your staff leads your customers to the wrong tables or a table that has already been reserved for other customers. To save yourself from the stress of managing your tables and reservations manually, go for POS systems with the table and restaurant reservation management feature.

POS systems that come with this feature help you increase the quality of your customer service. With this feature, you will have accurate numbers of tables available, reduce your customers' wait time and assign your customers to the right tables on time, thereby increasing your efficiency as a business.

Data Recording

One of the best ways to thrive as a business is to be equipped with adequate knowledge about your customers. If you understand your customers and understand what they need, you can meet their expectations and make them happy with your business.

POS systems with a reporting feature save and supply you with valuable insights on your customers' preferences about your businesses so you can track your customer experience and improve where necessary. In addition, you will be able to personalize your customers' experiences when you create customer profiles to know the type of purchases they make and their areas of interest, to create experiences that align with what they want. It's good to know that thriving as a restaurant isn't all about how good your food tastes; retaining your customers comes down to how well you can create good experiences for your customers as well.

By using a POS system with a customer data recording feature, you can make better-informed decisions; from your customer service to the type of recipes you make, down to your restaurant aesthetics so your customers are always satisfied.


Just as you need a POS system that provides actionable reports about your customers, you also need a POS system with an excellent reporting feature to give you insights into your sales, profits, and expenses as a business. This helps you track your finances to know if you are making profits or running at a loss.

Without a proper reporting system, you will be in the dark about your business financial state, and you won't know if your company is getting ahead financially or not. Rather than tracking your finances through paperwork, opting for a POS system with a reporting feature can help you simplify the process and bring more accurate results.

It gives you real-time data on transactions, so you are constantly updated about how much money you are making and where your money is going to, therefore enabling you to make better financial decisions for your business.

Benefits of Using POS Systems for Your Restaurant Business

Are you still running your restaurant business's operations manually and wondering why you should go digital with POS systems? Below, we explain the top reasons.

1. Automates Your Tasks

If you want to save effort and time while running your restaurant business, then you should consider using a POS system. POS systems automate a large part of your customer service, accounting, and staff management systems.

Some features help you sum up your expenses and profits, so you don't have to stay back to do the paperwork on your finances at the end of the day. You also won't have to count tables for reservations because the tables reservations feature has you covered.

All of these features enable you to do better as a business because you have more time at hand to think strategically and come up with innovative ideas to grow your business.

2. Faster Services

Your customers never want to be kept waiting. Instead, they want to be able to walk into your restaurant and get attended to without having to wait for long, and POS systems help you achieve that regardless of the number of customers that troop in.

They speed up processes to make you deliver faster services. For example, your customers won't have to wait in queues to make reservations or payments because your POS system will put all of that in check.

They also help you manage your floor plan to reduce the number of customers waiting to be seated.
Every operation is faster with a POS system, and it goes a long way in attracting and getting your customers to come back for more experiences.

3. Helps You Make Improved Business Decisions

It's easy to make mistakes when running a business, especially when you don't have enough accurate data to keep you updated on the state of operations.
Sometimes, the mistakes can be costly and can lead to wastage and substantial financial losses.

An excellent way to reduce the number of mistakes you make as a business is to surround yourself with tools like the POS system that give you accurate data about your business.

With POS systems, you will receive real-time reports about your sales and how your business is doing, and you can make good decisions regarding the information you know. This will ensure you are on track with every business decision you make as you have accurate data to rely on.

4. Helps You Manage Your Staff Better

POS systems allow you to track your staff activities to monitor their performance. For example, you can know the number of sales every team member made within a specific period; you can also track the number of hours they worked.

This helps you to manage your staff efficiently even when you aren't at your restaurant to ensure they perform their roles effectively.

POS systems are a must-have for restaurant businesses that want to create better customer service and make informed decisions to move their businesses forward.

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