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Last updated: 2 November 2022

Olivetti Cash Register

Olivetti -Logo

About Olivetti

Back in 1908 Olivetti was created in Italy and started with the production of mechanical typewriters. Then, in the sixties they started focusing on the IT which later became their core business. 

In 1994, Olivetti merged with Telecom Italia and started to produce cash registers with very powerful software.

Today, Olivetti offers many business solutions with various devices such as printers, touch screen computers, tablets, faxes, ePOS systems or cash registers.

Olivetti provides professional solutions that are always at the cutting-edge of the technology, they are really innovative and adapting their products to the latest technologies on the market.

Get in touch with our suppliers and receive professional advice and free quotes. You just need to fill out the form and they will help you find the most suitable cash register for your business.

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Olivetti Products: Electronic Cash Register

Olivetti offers 11 cash registers that are reliable, flexible and well designed.

ECR series include 9 entry level models with basic functions, adapted for small to medium stores. Remember to check what are the options available and to know which one you need before purchasing one of their products.

Here is a small list of the main features of different cash registers:

    • Most of the machines, except two basic models, have two displays: one for the seller and one for the customer. Having two displays gives an extra quality of service to your customers.
    • Olivetti cash registers allow you to be equipped with an electronic journal in order to keep track of your business activity. Depending on which machine you are using, the number of lines can go from 3,000 to 12,000. The basic models with only 3,000 lines possesses the option to automatically rewrite on the older data; so you don’t have to reset it all the time.
    • Payment methods available vary between 4 with the basic models to 9 with the more advanced ones.
    • Some of the cash registers have a SD memory card which can be useful to do backup and to transfer data from the machine to the computer.
    • Setting options are different according to each machines. The number of PLUs that can be saved vary from 400 to 3,000, the clerk's number vary from 8 to 15 and finally the department can be from 14 to 99.
    • One of the cash register has numeric ink roll but the others have a thermal printer. If you want to be able to print your logo you need to select a special printer.
    • Some of the cash registers have USB interfaces and others don’t have it. Also, other interfaces are sometimes available, for exemple, if you need to connect a bar scanner be sure that it is possible.

Two of the cash registers are a bit more advanced with a touchscreen keyboard: Nettun@7000int'l and Nettun@3000int'l.

These machines have an innovative design and a compact size. They are reliable, with many product categories and a wide choice of connections. Their thermal printer is fast and with automatic cut-off.

These cash registers can manage up to 5 credit or debit cards, several currencies and many different taxes. They offer a wide range of programming tools, electronic journals and detailed diagnostics.

Both have an integrated software adapted for retailers or restaurants. They are simple to use and management is easier.

Computer -cash -regitser -B

Olivetti Products: Integrated ePOS Solutions

Electronic cash registers from Olivetti are well designed, reliable and low in energy. They can suit any kind of industry as they come without a software. Programs from your own industry can then be installed on it.

POS systems are advanced ones, benefiting from a touch screen view angle that can be adjusted. Except for the cheapest model, the other ones have a front panel water and are dust resistant.

Evaluation of Olivetti

Olivetti offers good quality machines that can be well adapted to your business.

Buying from this supplier will provide you reliable materials and will help you in your everyday tasks.

However, be careful to double check if the software is included when you buy the hardware. For some of their machines it is not the case and that would force you to purchase a software from another supplier.

Keep in mind that having hardware and software from two different suppliers can create troubles in case you have some difficulties with one of them as they could accuse each other without being ready to fix the issues.

Moreover, remember that if you buy the cheapest models they are good and efficient but the cash drawers are pretty small so it is not really practical.

Before deciding which brand you want to buy from and what kind of equipment you need, previous searches have to be conducted. You need to understand all the features and options available on the market to be sure to make the right choice.

Machines can be specialized and adapted to many different kind of industries so you need to be sure that if fit you in order not to be forced to change in the near future.

Nevertheless, if your investigation and decision process seem overwhelming we can help you. Complete the quote request form today to find out more about Olivetti and all the other cash registers and POS available. We will connect you with qualified suppliers of hardware and software solutions, for free.

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