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Last updated: 8 November 2022

Sam4s Cash Register

Sam 4s

About Sam4s

Sam4s is one of the brands from Shin Heung Precision company.

This Korean firm was established in 1968 and by 2001 they acquired Samsung Electronics ECR Business. In 2004, a new brand was launched and that is how Sam4s was created. Since these dates, they are always developing and penetrating innovative markets. Therefore, in 2009 they won the IF Design award and in 2013 they launched an Android POS.

Today, Shin Heung Precision has 13 000 employees, 4 affiliates and is present worldwide with 7 business locations in Korea, 13 overseas and partners from 60 countries.

Sam4s has a wide range of products for your cashout solution. They offer electronic cash registers, ePOS systems and also peripherals as printers or card terminals. They also produce automotive parts and moldings.

Get free professional advice and choose the most suitable Sam4s for your business. Fill in the form and our suppliers will suggest the best Sam4s solution for your company.

Sam4s Products: ECR - Electronic Cash Register

Cash -register

Sam4s has three different kind of cash registers:


NR series have two models that are compact in design, which is perfect for stores with limited space on their counters. Moreover, their sizes make them really easy to transfer from one place to another.

These cash registers include a thermal printer and a backup sales data on SD card. On option you can also add the possibility to have GPRS modem and to change some keyboard buttons.

These cash registers are easy to use and your employees will not need a big formation to get ready. However, it is more adapted for small businesses which have reasonable amount of sales per day and not many employees.


ER series have 13 models that are fast and reliable. ER series have elegant and reliable hardware with screen displays for operators. The software is powerful and offers lot of options.

They are equipped with 2 types of thermal printers that are fast and quiet. They can be practical as they can be used outdoor, most of them have a battery and do not have to be always plugged.

ER-series are a bit more advanced than the NR-series, here are some noticeable features:

    • More communication interfaces are available.
    • More data and fiscal options. These equipment can allow you to set a different kind of taxation for different products. This can be really convenient if you are in a country with many different taxations for each products.
    • Even with all these options available, these equipment are still user friendly and the learning process should not be hard.

Depending on the different models of ER-series you can have or choose to have additional options. GPRS modem, cash drawer, SD card, screen display for customers or different kind of keyboards are some options that will make the equipment fully adapt to your business.

Finally, these cash registers are adapted for small retailers or hospitalities, but also for larger ones. They are mostly designed and adapted for scalable growth. Therefore, if you select one of these cash registers you will not have to change your machine in the near future as it can follow the growth of your company.

Electronic -cash -register


SPS series have two models which are more sophisticated than NR or ER-series. They can be connected to more peripherals and are more stylishly designed. They are adapted to busy stores or hospitality applications with effective solutions and various functions. 

Here are some important features to remember when researching about these kind of equipment:

    • It has two screen displays, one for the customers and one for the seller. The screen for the operator can have up to 8 lines, which is useful to fastly read the information needed.
    • It has advanced functions to calculate and record all the transactions.
    • It has the possibility to save up to 20,000 PLUs or barcodes, 99 sellers and 100 departments, which is adapted for busy stores.
    • It has an advanced software that can save data like sales reports. The SD card allows you to transfer the information to a computer and to realize backup.
    • You have the option to connect UPC scanner to improve your customer’s experience by reducing the queue with a fast check out. Barcode scanner also allows you to reduce mistakes.
    • With one of the models the seller can use a small touch screen display. Touch screens are often more intuitive and faster.

Sam4s Products: POS

Cash -regitser -grocery

Sam4s have four different kind of POS that can be used as a cash out solution. It has more features and options than a simple electronic cash register. Depending on your needs, you will have to decide which option between POS and electronic cash register is the most appropriate for you.


This is the most advanced model in the all Sam4s Products. It can allow you to use many different kind of options. Therefore, it is suitable for the large stores as franchises or hypermarkets.

The design is slim and elegant and the touch screen is waterproof so you can use it with wet hands. Installation and maintenance are easy but the formation of your employees will take a bit longer than a traditional electronic cash register.


TAB is a software application that can be used for hospitality or retail POS system. The application can be used on up to 6 smart devices, the only specific need is a web browser. TAB application can be used as an entire system or as an extra cash out solution in addition to your existing one. Using the application on any kind of devices allows the system to be used as a fix or mobile POS system.

Sales reports can be checked in store and also from home.

Maintenance is easy and utilisation is user friendly. Although, a relatively small training for your employees will still be needed.


Sam 4s -cash -register

SPT series are really adapted to your store’s specificity. Either you are in the hospitality sector, as a restaurant, or you have a retailer store, in both case you will need a SPT equipment but not exactly the same.

Three of them are adapted and specialised for these two sectors and another one is more specifically made for convenience store as it has a bar code reader.


SAP series are made for android POS terminal, it can be used with any kind of application. You can decide between a touch screen equipment or a machine that has both touch screen and keyboard.

Sam4s Products: Peripherals

Sam4s also provides peripheral equipment as pole display, cash drawer or credit card reader. Once you will have understood your needs, you will know what are the most convenient accessories for you.

Evaluation of Sam4s

We would recommend Sam4s to your business as it offers many features, the prices are reasonable and they are always trying to improve and develop new models.

On the other hand, even if the company says the opposite, we have heard some relatively disturbing reporting problems with the customer service. If Sam4s wanted to be 100% perfect, help and support could be improved.

Anyway, before  buying an electronic cash register or a POS system it is important to be aware of your needs. Products, offers and suppliers have to be analysed and compared. We strongly recommend you to avoid buying equipment without having done any research.

However, if your investigation and decision process seem overwhelming we can help you. Complete the quote request form today to find out more about Sam4s and all the other ECR and POS available. We will connect you with qualified suppliers of hardware and software solutions, for free.

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