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Last updated: 3 August 2021

Sharp Cash Register


Founded in 1912, Sharp is specialized in advanced technology with designed products. With 50,300 employees around the world, they sell solutions for individuals and corporate teams.

Sharp has a really good reputation in its fields. They are producing televisions, sound systems, microwaves, air purifiers, mobiles and business products as professional displays or electronic cash registers.

Since the creation of the company, they have been really concentrated on the innovation. They are putting much effort on always creating new products that improve people’s life. That is the reason why Sharp was the company that invented the first mechanical pencil.

Sharp has solutions to provide you with appropriate equipments for your store’s cash out process. They offer electronic cash registers and ePOS systems but they mainly focus on hardware. For the UK market some of their products are delivered with a preloaded software.

This solution can be convenient as it avoids you to buy a software from another supplier. Moreover, having hardware and software from the same supplier can avoid complications during the installation process and in case of problems as they could not pretend that the trouble comes from another supplier.

Anyway, Sharp also offers independent software that can suit you. Fill in the form to get free quotes and professional advice from our suppliers.

Cash -register -POS

Sharp Products: Electronic Cash Register - Numeric System

Sharp, in the UK, offers two numeric electronic cash registers that are entry level equipments.

They are made for small retail shops where you do not need to print precise information on the receipt.

Anyway, the sales report can be with detailed information, such as the sales per department or PLUs (Price Look-Up code). Up to 8 standard departments can be saved.

Their design is compact, it is perfect if you do not have too much space on your counter or if you want it to be out of sight. They have a cash drawer, a drum printer and a large LED display for the seller.

The options on these cash registers are not advance but you will have everything necessary to start your business.

Sharp Products: Electronic Cash Register - Alphanumeric System

Alphanumeric system by Sharp are also entry level electronic cash registers. With these kind of equipments you can print receipts with more details and even with text. Operations are easier than with the numeric system as you have the alphanumeric keyboard.

Nine different kind of alphanumeric cash registers are available in the UK market, with different options. They are respectively made either for retail speciality shops, Fast Food restaurants or hospitality businesses.

Different levels of quality offer different options and it is important to know them before to understand if they are needed for your business. Below are some important features about alphanumeric cash registers that you have to take in consideration before to decide which machine you need:

    • The cash registers can save different departments, articles and clerks to make the check out faster and the reports better.
    • The machines have either one or two thermal printer stations that offer the possibility to print fast and quietly. Two stations can be useful for a busy shop to have directly one receipt for the customer and one for the seller.
    • These kind of equipments have either only one or two screen displays. The machines with only one screen allow the sellers to see important information with up to 9 lines, depending on the models. The machines with two screen displays have one that also let the customers see information. This small detail can be important as it improves your customer’s experience.
    • All these cash registers have a SD memory card that can be used to do the data’s backup, as daily sales and electronic journal.
Cash -register -sharp

Some of the machines are specialized for the hospitality sector:

    • They have a water proof keyboard. This can be useful for restaurants as silicone rubber keyboard will be protected from waitresses’ dirty hands.
    • They have a built-in kitchen printer that can receive the orders from the waitress. This can avoid mistakes and waitresses running around to give the orders to the Chef.
    • They have a “table management system” to track tables and be able to split bills by item, number of person or amount.

Some other machines have more features:

    • Barcode scanner can be connected to some of the alphanumeric cash registers that Sharp offers. This feature can be interesting for the busy shops that need to process many check out per day.
    • Some of the cash registers have a keyboard with direct buttons for products which make the price identification faster.
    • Promotion function can be a feature, which also makes the check out faster by updating the price directly when the product is identified.

Sharp Products: POS System - ROM Based

POS systems offer more options and possibilities, Sharp offers 4 different ones for the UK market.

These machines are more sophisticated than traditional cash registers.

Here are some features that define this type of electronic POS:

    • The screen is in colour.
    • You can have names and addresses on receipts and bills.
    • The system can control your stock and warn you when you run low on a specific product.
    • POS systems allow you to have more sophisticated reports that can compare product groups or seller’s performances.
    • Some have a built in application software, while the others are sold without software, if that is the case you need to purchase a software from another retailer.
    • The ones with software can offer the possibility to manage bonus points and have an elaborate loyalty program.
    • Most of them combine keyboard and touch screen and one has only a touch screen. Depending on your business industry it can be more practical to have only one big touch screen or in the opposite it could be faster to have a keyboard combined with a touch screen.

Sharp Products: POS System - Windows Based

Sharp also offers POS systems with Windows based. There are two different models, which both have 38 cm flat colour touch screens.

These machines are fast and have an efficient processor. They offer lots of options and opportunities as you can install application software made specifically for your industry.

Sharp is selling only the hardware, which is perfectly designed and can have in option an extra screen display for the customers.


Evaluation of Sharp

We would recommend Sharp to your business as it offers many features. Either for retail or hospitality businesses Sharp offers good quality equipment that will make you and your customers happy.

However, the downside is that not all hardware come with a software. Sometimes, it comes with a trial software that will cost a lot.

Also, it is important to notice that Sharp machines are known to be more general and not really specialized to each industry.

Depending on the size of your business, the products you sell or your industry, you will need a different level of quality for your equipment.

Before buying any kind of equipment you need to understand what is the best for your business. Products, offers and suppliers have to be analyzed and compared.

In depth research will assure you to make the right choice and buy the right product, as you do not want to have to change in the near future.

However, if your investigation and decision process seem overwhelming we can help you. Complete the quote request form today to find out more about Sharp and all the other ECR and POS available. We will connect you with qualified suppliers of hardware and software solutions, for free.

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