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Last updated: 3 August 2021

Touch Screen Cash Register

What Is a Touch Screen Cash Register?

Touch Screen cash registers can be used as mPOS systems or ePOS systems. While electronic cash registers use a touch screen computer that always stays at the counter, mobile cash registers use a tablet or a smartphone which allows the staff to move the device from place to place, inside or outside the store.

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 Touch Screen Cash Register

How Does a Touch Screen Cash Register Work?

Either you choose a mobile or an electronic touch screen cash register, they are both easy to setup.

However, you still need to organize the setting up process. You need to do some research in order to decide which software or application you need.

Many are available and they all offer different options, services and solutions.

Most of them are specialized for specific sectors as restaurant, hospitality, pharmacy or retailer.

Opting for a specialized application or software could offer you more possibilities. You should keep in mind that costs will vary depending on the chosen option, the number of devices and the number of employees.

Once you have purchased your touch screen monitor, tablet or smartphone, some peripherals might still need to be added. You might need to have a credit card reader, a receipt printer or a bar code scanner.

Advantages of Touch Screen Cash Registers

Having a touch screen for your cash register has many advantages.

    • Easy
      Touch screens are really intuitive and really easy to use. Therefore, your can save money by implementing one of them instead of a traditional POS system, as it reduces or completely avoids the need of training your employees. Either you have young or older staff, they will all think that this new device is easy to understand and to use.

    • Small
      The second main advantage of having a touch screen cash register is to save space and have a clean and elegant countum. No need of having a mouse or keyboard on your way anymore as you can use your fingers to type and move the cursor.

    • Fast
      Touch screen POS systems are able to process the checkouts fast. As the queue in your store will be highly reduced, you will forget about annoyed customers that had to stand in the queue with the old system...

    • Sophisticated
      Many options can make the vendor’s job easier. For example, if a customer wants to return an item for an exchange or a refund, the operation is easy and fast. It will also allow you to enjoy all the other POS systems solutions as performant loyalty programs or efficient data management.

    • Reliable
      Touch screens are good quality devices. They are more resistant against scratch or dust  than  traditional POS systems.

Touch Screen POS

Disadvantages of Touch Screen Cash Registers

In most of the cases, a touch screen cash register is a good solution. However, there are few downsides to be aware of.

Firstly, sometimes a keyboard can be more convenient and can even make processes faster.

Depending on your business you might need to type a lot of information and in that case a keyboard would be more suitable than a touch screen.

In any case, you can also have both items, a touch screen computer and a keyboard.

Secondly, you need to be careful to follow the right steps to protect your business from virus. You need an antivirus and a code to lock your device.

Also, touch screen monitors can often not be used with gloves and this can be a problem for stores with strict hygiene rules. However, if this is your case, you can still opt to get a touch screen for a slightly higher price that can be used with gloves.

Finally, software or applications might need to be updated and sometimes this is mandatory and not free.

Other Possibilities with Touch Screens

Touch screen computers can also be used as a self checkout service. Placing touch screens at customer’s disposal can allow them to pay by themselves and avoid the need of being assisted by your staff, therefore reducing the queue.

Also, placing touch screens in stores could allow customers to search and find information about products without any help from staff.

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