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What Is a POS System ?

POS is an abbreviation of Point of Sale. An ePOS system is an electronic device used by retailers, caterers and professionals to register income transactions and cash flows. POS systems work as cash registers, however, they have a lot of functions that make businesses run easily and efficiently. 

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Brief History of Point of Sale Systems

Over the last years, there has been an important development in the POS technology together with the evolution of the means of payments. Nowadays, we can benefit from ePOS systems (electronic Point of Sale) and mPOS systems (mobile Point of Sale).

But the history goes back to 1970s, when IBM introduced the first POS system, which was supposed to replace cash registers.

Pos System

Most retailers at that time did not buy UK POS systems for their business, keeping old fashioned cash registers. They later switched to the modern versions of POS systems. At present, when mentioning POS systems we refer to ePOS systems.

Smartphones and tablets are an innovation of the last decade and are becoming an integral part of all UK POS systems. In this regard, the cloud technology is now implemented into UK POS system thanks to POS software.

The wireless connection and the mobile technology bring new advantages and opportunities to businesses that weren't feasable with old POS systems.

POS System - Why to Invest  

There are many ways a new modern POS system can make your daily work easier. By having the correct setup you can save time and money. Modern UK POS systems take care of handling the whole transaction with customers.

  • POS systems save time by automatically performing tasks that were made manually.
  • Checkouts are faster. Customers no longer have to spend a long time queuing.
  • Tracking inventory is now easier. There is no more need to do it by hand.
  • Customer service management has improved with all the features
  • Customer satisfaction is rising thanks to loyalty programs and tailored promotions.
  • Businesses are more efficient, thanks the advantages mentioned above - saved time, analysis of data, reports, customer loyalty programs, efficiency of human resources, easier tracking of inventory, etc.

An overview of the key advantages of a POS system to help you outsmart your competitors can be found in the infographic below.

Point of Sale

If you would like to use this infographic, use the embed code below:

<a href="https://www.market-inspector.co.uk/epos-systems/pos-systems" target="_blank"> <img src="https://www.market-inspector.co.uk/media/3411213/point_of_sale.png" alt="Outsmart your Competitors with POS" width="800px" border="0px" /></a>

Different Types of UK POS Systems

POS Systems have evolved in line with technology. There are a variety of POS systems on the market to fit all the companies. If it is paired with a card payment machine for small business, you cawn easily reduce the overall cost of your POS system. 

This is an overview of the most common types of Point of Sale Systems in the UK:

  • ePOS systems (electronic Point of Sale)
  • mPOS systems (mobile Point of Sale)
  • Cash registers

Cash Register Copy _250x 250POS systems have key additional features depending on the business type: what is needed by retailers is not necessary for restaurants and vice versa. It is a good idea to think about the needs of your company before buying hardware, POS software or peripherals (terminals, printers, barcode scanners, etc).

A POS system is an important investment, it will affect every business process, and will stay in your company for a longer period of time, therefore it is not wise to choose hastily.

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UK POS System Prices

Depending on the type of business, the range of prices for UK point of sales systems is generally between £650 and £2500. Different key features make the difference in POS system prices.

  • Business size
  • Hardware components
  • Software inclusion
  • Warranty length
  • Inventory control
  • Sales operations report
  • Staff management
  • Booking system
  • Customer database

These functions are not required by every business. Retail shops, restaurants, hotels and beauty salons diverge for the services they offer and change the suitable properties of the Point of Sale system they need. Nevertheless, POS software always plays a leading role in the POS performance.

Where Do We Find POS Systems?

Now, where are they located, you may ask? Just follow the smell of money and when you hear the “cha-ching”, you know you've arrived in the right place. Basically, Point of Sale Systems are located wherever a transaction occurs. Even the cash register of a smaller firm is working with a POS System due to their grant popularity and effciency. They are usually executed in a remarkable range of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, DOS and Unix.

Whilst choosing a POS system, the retailer should principally consider the ease of use, the functionality, the price and the security. First and foremost, a valuable system should offer a balance between the possible features and their accessibility.

Furthermore, you need to take into consideration your budget, it would be best to take a system that can start modestly but grow with your needs. More importantly, the POS system should be able to provide tight control over cash receipts to prevent theft. How will you start a successful business if you are being constantly fooled by the lack of security in your POS system?

Checkout Machine

Further Considerations on point of sale systems

The weak point of POS systems is the fact that they are computerised devices and therefore susceptible to crashes and errors. Since they are connected to the Internet network, malware and viruses from third parties may affect your POS system and data might be in danger.

While it is hard to avoid crashes, there are some ways of avoiding a virus or malware - installing antivirus software, downloading legitimate apps, keeping the used device updated and locking the device every time it is not in use.

The best solution to be safe from crashes is investing in a quality POS system. Buying the cheapest solution might result in higher repair costs, inefficient business processes and loss of customers in the end.

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