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What is Retail Store POS Software?

A Retail Store POS Software is a retail software system that replaces the basic IT functions of old cash registers. It belongs to the group of POS software and can be integrated in every kind of ePOS system and hardware, without which it couldn’t work.

The retail software POS is linked to a network that is updated on a real time basis every time a purchase takes place and an item is sold. This is possible because the software is network-connected to the hardware implemented in the retail store.

Retail Store POS software provide several fundamental features essential for running a business efficiently.

  1. Multiple device synchronisation
  2. Multiple location configuration
  3. Inventory control system
  4. Data storage
  5. User-friendliness
  6. Payment security
  7. Multichannel management
  8. Trends of consumption
  9. Operations report
  10. Cost cutting


When customers get to the checkout, all the data concerning the products bought are automatically sent to the POS system thanks to the remote server on which the software runs. Needless to say that, in terms of efficiency, ePOS systems are the best solution to combine with retail store POS software.

The Point of Sale system used by the retailer can be either a cash register, computer or tablet. Regardless of the type of POS system, the software can be embedded equally on every type of electronic device.

So basically, this is how a Point of Sale retail software works, by speeding up the buying process. But most of all, it ensures timely updatings of the inventory and does not leave any room to human error.

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Features of Retail Store POS Software

1. Multiple Device Synchronisation
Multiple devices can be linked to the same router with retail store POS software. It connects every component of the hardware to the same core, no matter the size of the business or the number of POS systems employed.

2. Multiple Location Configuration
Given that the retail software POS can be implemented on computers, tablets and even smartphones, the performance of the shop can be monitored from multiple locations. The electronic device used just need to be configured in the retail software system.


3. Inventory Control System
Probably the most important feature, Point of Sale software for retail store allows to keep track of the balance quantity and the items turnover. As soon as a product is scanned for purchasing, the database is adjusted with new information related to sold and unsold stock.

4. Data Storage
At this purpose, retail store POS software enables backups of every internal data. Cash flows, customer information, stock remaining and many other details are saved on a database. Nowadays, data are reported and available on cloud-based systems. Well-performing POS software work even in offline mode.

5. User-friendliness
Point of Sale retail software have so many functions that one of the most important features is its ease of use. Although retail software systems provide several tools in a single device, they do not have to be complicated in their practical application. Trials and demos can help when it is up to choosing a new software.

6. Payment security
Retail store POS software ensure total warranty when it comes to take payments. Not only, payment transactions are becoming faster and faster. However, the same result is not achieved by free POS software. It is highly recommended to opt for a seasonal subscription or a software license.

7. Multichannel Management
Besides the physical store, many retailers operate also on online platform. The good news is that Point of Sale software for retail store can be employed the same way on the web. Therefore, a unique retail software POS can be used in both sales channels.


8. Trends of Consumption
Loyalty programs are a great tool to know what items customers like. Through retail software POS it is possible to analyse customer behaviour and organise the arrangement of the products in the store according to that. In order to improve customer satisfaction, tailored promotions can also be provided.

9. Operations Report
Point of Sale retail software can be accessed by different people having different accounts configured with the retail software POS. So all the operations made by the employees can be recorded and monitored thanks to the reports provided by the software. Graphs and charts show also buying trends and business performance.

10. Cost cutting
Integrating a Point of Sale software for retail can significantly reduce the company’s expenses and investments. In general, POS software save a lot of money in terms of HR costs. Furthermore, all the in-store operations are now made automatically by the software. This results in great saving of time and, bear in mind, time is money!

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