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Last Updated: 29. August 2019

Inkjet Printers

Commercial Inkjet Printers in UK

Inkjet printers can be a beneficial addition to offices that need to print complex products, such as photographs or small quantities of promotion materials (under 1,000 pages a year). The best inkjet printers tend to either be high-end multifunctional inkjet printers that can handle a variety of functions or specialised single function inkjet printers that can print high quality photographs.

There are both heavy duty inkjet printers that can handle printing many complex images in high quality and cheaper inkjet printers that are typically found in domestic context where printing may not be needed everyday.

Colour inkjet printers can handle printing a variety of colours and can print in monochrome which is ideal for text and simple graphics. Most machines have at least one element of multi-functionality, whether this is a scanner, copier or a fax machine.

Inkjet Printer With Scanner

The inkjet printer that is the cheapest to use is the inkjet printer that best matches your needs. Using an inkjet printer for printing photographs when it is intended to print text and graphics will result in having a low quality print that may not last very long. Likewise, printing text and simple graphics using a printer that is optimised for printing photographs will be a waste of both ink and paper.

If your office needs to print high volumes of simple content in either few colours or monochrome, then you should consider investing in a laser printer. A laser printer will have a lower long term cost for businesses that will need to print more than 2,000 pages a year and will be faster than most inkjet printers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying an Inkjet Printer

There are various advantages and disadvantages to inkjet printers as they tend to meet specific printing needs and are only suitable for some printing occasions.

Printing Photographs With An Inkjet Printer _779x 367

The advantages and disadvantages to inkjet printers are as follows:


  • High quality and resolution printing is what makes inkjet a superior process when it comes to complex printing. Photographs, brochures and other important promotional and reporting documentation that are produced by inkjet printers tend to have an improved impact on the viewer. If you need to print posters, broadsheet brochures and other materials that are larger than A4 then you should consider A3 and large format printers.

  • Multifunctioninkjetprinterwithscanner -minA small floor footprint is what makes inkjet printers recognisable as they tend to be small enough to fit on a desk.

  • Environmentally friendly power consumption (typically around 50% power usage of equivalent laser printers) and inkjet cartridges that are easy to recycle make inkjet printers great green alternatives.

  • Low volume printing needs are best met by inkjet printers as they have a lower initial cost than their counterparts. If your business needs to print less than 1,000 pages a year then an inkjet printer is the leanest solution.


  • Low toner yield will make printing with an inkjet printer expensive, especially for high volume use. However this is an associated cost with printing high quality, complex images and there are few alternatives that are cost effective.

  • Inkjet printers are not ideal for printing text and simple graphics and businesses that need to print high volumes of documents should consider a laser printer.Printer Head From Inkjet Printer

  • Inkjet printers are slow and the number of pages that they can print a minute will be low in comparison to alternatives such as laser printing.

  • Inkjet printers are noisy, due to a number of moving internal parts. You should consider the auditory environment of your office before considering an inkjet printer and its placement.

  • Clogging is a risk for inkjet printers that are not regularly used and they will inevitably require more maintenance than other types of printers.

Which Toner Is the Best?

There are a variety of printer toner cartridges and inks, each with their own benefits and level of quality. There are essentially three main types of inkjet printer cartridge:

  • Genuine, also known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges are produced by the same manufacturer as your printer. These cartridges tend to be the most expensive but they also the most reliable and deliver the highest quality prints. If you want to consistently have exceptional printing results then it is recommended that you stick to buying OEM cartridges.

  • Re-manufactured cartridges are used cartridges that are refilled, cleaned and have any defective parts replaced. There are an assortment of production practices when it comes to re-manufactured cartridges and users should be wary of the risks involved with installing these cartridge types. Leaking, printer malfunction and even printer damage are just some of the hazards of using a re-manufactured cartridge.

  • Compatible cartridges are brand new cartridges that are manufactured by third party producers. They will differ in brand, design and price but they will mostly differ in the quality and amount of ink that they contain. There are cases where compatible cartridges contain less and even inferior ink to OEM cartridges and users are advised to be cautious when buying these types of ink containers.


Compatible Inkjet Toner Cartridge Leak _759x 355

Choose the Best Printer for Your Business?

The best inkjet printer for your business depends on what you need from a printer. Do you need to print high quality, complex images then an inkjet printer with an appropriate choice of paper will allow you to print images that leave a lasting impression.

Do you need to print high volumes of documents that need only adequate coloured text and graphic qualities? Then a colour laser printer may be more appropriate for your business.

Printer Colour Toner Inkjet Printer

There are many advantages to using an inkjet printer for your business. However, depending on how much you spend, there are various disadvantages, such as lower toner yield, speed and capacity. You can typically go for a printer lease or hire solution, rather than buying one outright, in order to preserve your cash flow.

Some of these disadvantages can be overcome by investing in a high end inkjet printer that, through superior engineering can have a lower toner yield and higher overall performance.

If you would like to learn more about inkjet printers for your business then submit a quote request form today. Our qualified sales staff will connect you with suppliers of inkjet printers that match your needs, for free. These suppliers can deliver high quality products and services, all at competitive prices.