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Which Is the Best All-In-One Office Printer?

There are a wide range of office printers that can handle various tasks and work well with specific office environments. All-in-One printers have the potential to be suited to any office environment that has a diverse set of document processing needs.

All-in-One printers, also known as 4-in-1 or multifunction printers, can benefit all office environments, from micro offices, small workgroups, to large open space offices that house several hundred employees.

All-in-One printers typically include some, if not all, of the following capabilities and qualities:

Market -inspector -big CroppedPrinting many pages

Market -inspector -big CroppedScanning high resolution documents

Market -inspector -big CroppedPhotocopier capabilities

Market -inspector -big CroppedAutomatic duplex printing

Market -inspector -big CroppedHigh capacity paper feed trays that accommodate different paper sizes

Market -inspector -big CroppedAutomatic document feeder

Market -inspector -big CroppedFax and direct email

Market -inspector -big CroppedWireless printing from multiple mobile and stationary devices

Market -inspector -big CroppedPrinting from USB and SD storage devices

 Multifunction Printer With Adjustable Paper Feed Tray

While they may have some of the same features, it is worth remembering that All-in-One home printers differ greatly from All-in-One office printers. The capacity, features and cost of these two printer classes will vary greatly and businesses that have intricate needs from a printer should be prepared to make a high initial investment.

Domestic All-in-One printers will typically have a lower initial cost but they will also have a lower toner yield and a higher risk of malfunction. Office printers, on the other hand, have a higher initial cost but their long term running costs will be lower and they will likely need less maintenance and servicing. Business printer suppliers will also typically offer some kind of servicing program where they will routinely conduct proactive servicing audits and be immediately available for repairs.

While it is clearly sensible to invest in a printer with lower long term costs, the best All-in-One office printer will be the one that best matches your needs. Handling documents should be an easy and straightforward process for you and your personnel; printing, scanning and copying should in no way detract workers from more important aspects of your business operations.

Recommended All-In-One Printers

All-in-One printers will differ greatly in their reliability, quality, speed, capabilities, and cost. A small home office may benefit from a low cost multifunction printer that can intermittently print and scan documents that have an average quality. Large businesses on the other hand will need a state-of-the-art multifunctional printer that can reliably connect with and print from a multitude of devices while handling large print jobs.

User Of A Multifunctional All -in -one Printer

There are a series of relatively new developments in mobile printing that allow users to print, scan and copy while on the go. Mobile retailers that use mobile point of sale systems, consultants that need to print contracts, and salesmen that need to print invoices out of the office will benefit from portable All-in-One printer solutions.

Both mobile and stationary All-in-One printers will customarily be equipped with some sort of wireless functionality; most wireless printers will be able to connect via wifi and bluetooth while some will be able to connect directly to mobile devices. Some of the newest wireless printers are “Cloud Ready”, meaning that they can connect to devices via cloud services (such as Google Cloud Print) quickly and easily.

These two distinct All-in-One printer types can be further dissected into whether they employ inkjet or laser printing technologies. The difference between them is whether you will need to print high quality images or large volumes of text and graphic based documents.

Inkjet All-In-One Printers

Colour inkjet printers are an excellent choice when it comes to printing photography, high definition graphics and specialised fonts. Professional inkjet printers are superior to laser printers when it comes to specialised, visual tasks. They are typically used by marketing and public relations entities to produce pre-press colour proofs for jobs that are created digitally.

Furthermore, engineers, architects and designers that need to present drafts of their project designs use inkjet printers to assist them with communicating their ideas.

Engineer Or Architect Working With Blueprints

As All-in-One inkjet printers are typically used for visually demanding materials, the added features will naturally accommodate needs that are similar to printing high quality documents on a variety of formats and sizes.

Design and promotional work groups will need multifunctional inkjet printers that can support the quality of their work: a large scanning and copying surface area that can scan at high resolutions, paper feed trays that can be adjusted to host several paper sizes, multiple data input methods (wireless, SD card inputs, etc.) and duplex scanning. Multifunction A3 printers are also available.

All-In-One Laser Printers

The best office All-in-One printer for businesses that have a diverse set of basic needs is undoubtedly a multifunctional laser printer.

Laser printers are superior to inkjet printers when there is no need to print high quality images and graphics. If there is only a need to handle text based documents and average quality graphics then a multifunctional colour laser printer will suffice.

Organisations that only print black and white text will find that a monochrome laser printer is best suited for their office as they are both faster, require less maintenance and have lower long term running costs.

Scanning A Document Using A Multifunction Office Printer

Law firms that handle many pages of text based documents typically invest in a monochrome multifunction laser printer with a duplex scanner as well as integrated fax and email capabilities. Sales and accounting departments that handle large volumes of invoices will benefit from a simple A4 multifunctional laser printer that can quickly print large volumes of letters and invoices while being able to digitise many pages with a scanner and photocopier.

For businesses that have a general need for fast, smudge-free, quiet and economical printing, an All-in-One colour laser printer will be an excellent investment.

Which All-In-One Printer Should you Choose?

Ultimately, the All-in-One printer that you should choose for your business should be reliable, closely match your needs, and include a level of post-purchasing service that is adequate for you. All electronic apparatus for office environments, regardless of their cost and quality will eventually need some form of maintenance and servicing. Months and even years could go by before this will be necessary but the majority of businesses will expect reliability and optimum usability from their investments in office equipment.

All -In -One Printer Printing Monochrome

Many printer suppliers will offer varying degrees of service in different price brackets, everything from basic complementary service to invaluable full coverage that includes regular proactive maintenance, prompt emergency servicing, and 24 hour service customer service hotlines.

Submit a quote request form today to find out which printer is best suited for your business. We will work with you to determine which of our qualified suppliers of All-in-One printers will be able to provide you with the best printer for your organisation. Requesting a quote and being connected with a supplier is free and we strive to find a solution that works for you.