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Last Updated: 05. July 2019

Best Wireless Printers

How to Find a Wireless Printer For Your Business

Finding the right printer for an office environment requires taking a multitude of factors into consideration. Wireless printers come in an assortment of types, sizes (wireless A3 printers are available), and brands; they can provide augmented mobility, convenience, and multi-functionality. Organisations that are looking to review wireless printers should be aware of the needs held by their staff before they make a final decision.

Cordless printers have a practical application in almost every business environment. The question of which wireless printer companies should invest in can be best answered by looking at why they need to print. For example:

  • Wireless Mobile PrintingRetailers using mobile and electronic point of sale (ePOS) systems can connect wireless printers to their systems and produce high quality receipts and invoices.
  • Formal business entities, such as law firms and financial audit companies can print a high volume of documents, wirelessly from numerous devices.
  • Consultation firms can print customer contracts quickly and effortlessly using a cordless printer. Consultants that regularly work out of the office and need to have a contract waiting for them when they return can use cloud printing.
  • Professional photographers and graphic designers could benefit from a specialised wireless inkjet printer for printing mock-ups for their customers.

Which Wireless Printer is Best for Your Business?

Choosing the right printer goes beyond wireless functionality; there are several different types of office printers that are ideal for specific tasks and operations. Organisations and their personnel are likely to have general or specific printing needs. Choosing the correct printer will mean being able to print the best results and ease of use for the user. Typical needs include the need to print:

  • Wireless Printer On Office DeskOn specific paper sizes and formats
  • Various types of documents
  • Contrasting volumes of documents
  • At a certain frequency
  • Varying levels of quality
  • At a low cost
  • At a high speed

Matching these needs with a suitable printer can be difficult but once business owners have established their particular needs, the process becomes straightforward. For example, multifunctional colour laser printers are commonly found in offices that have a diverse set of printing needs while specialised colour inkjet printers are usually reserved for offices that have a specific need to print high quality images.

Printed Business Document From Wireless Printer _770x 360

The best wireless printer is essentially one that can:

  • Handle large data loads
  • Print at impeccable speeds
  • Receive multiple print jobs
  • Handle data intensive print jobs
  • Connect to all modern electronic devices.

How Should Your Business Install a Wireless Printer?

You should set up your printer so that your personnel can easily print and use other functions that are included with your printer, such as scanning. Ultimately, the process of adding a wireless printer to a device should be a quick and easy process.

Wireless Printer In Storage Room

One of the main benefits of wireless printers are their convenience and mobility. Investing in a wireless printer will mean that you can install it in a part of your office where it will not disturb your employees. This could mean placing a printer with a scanner in a dedicated printer room or in an accessible hallway.

Network printers can be connected with devices indirectly, via an infrastructure network, or directly via an ad hoc, also known as a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Users can connect directly to cordless printers by using near frequency communication (NFC), Wifi-Direct, branded apps (E.g. Epson iPrint) and Bluetooth.

546Laptop %20print %20from %20anywhere

While directly printing may be convenient, it is far more common for users to print indirectly via a Wifi connection on their local area network. There are two main tools that users can use to print on their local network: branded computer software, like Google Cloud Print, and branded mobile applications (Apple Airprint, etc).

A Recommended Wireless Printer for Your Business

Whether your organisation is small or large, or whether you have few or many colleagues, you will likely need one of two types of cordless printer in your office.

  1. If your business is small and your demand to print is low, then a wireless inkjet printer that can utilise Google Cloud Print would be suitable for you. A colour inkjet printer with wireless functionality will mean that you will be able to have a low cost printer that can print high quality images and text without the need for frequent use.

  2. The best printer for a large business without specific needs will almost always be a wireless multifunctional (also known as all-in-one) printer. Multifunctional printers will have several functions aside from printing: a scanner, photocopier, fax machine and duplex printing. Alternatively, large organisations could be interested in a specialised wireless inkjet printer that can print high quality images and promotional materials.

    Refilling A Wireless Laser Printer

The best wireless printer for the money will essentially be the printer that best matches your business needs. Submit a quote request form today to receive up to four free quotes from our highly qualified printer and photocopier suppliers. Our trained sales and customer service staff will guide you toward finding the best printing solution for your business and connect you with the best suppliers.