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Last updated: 03 August 2021

Find the Best Mono Laser Printer Today

Monochrome Laser Printers Still Trending in 2021

Laser printers have been in our lives for more than 30 years now, and basic monochrome printers for even longer. They used to cost tens of thousands of pounds, and they usually took up a whole room’s worth of space. 

If you are interested in finding an affordable solution to your printing needs look no further for information, tips, and everything else there is to know about mono laser printers.

Check out our section about general laser printers to know more about them and how they work, then come back here for an insight on monochrome!

If you are looking to rent or lease printers, fill in the form at the top of the page and you can get up to four, free, non-binding quotes to help your business.

Who Are Monochrome Laser Printers Made For?

Monochrome printers are for everyone that works with documents and non-colour images. There are many kinds of laser printers and they are differentiated by their technical features and uses. A “monochrome” printer is one that works using only black ink, or black toner powder in the case of laser processing. In case you do need to work with colours, you can find more options in our a3 printers selection.

These are some of the profession that require or may benefit from the purchase of a mono laser printer:

  • Offices in general
  • Photographers
  • Professors and schools

But it's still just as great for personal use!

The Benefits of a Laser Printer

Investing in a laser printer rather than in a classic inkjet might seem more expensive right away, but it comes with its own advantages:

  • Better quality
  • Faster PPM (Page Per Minute) printing
  • Cheaper over a longer period of time

If you are interested in inkjet solutions you can learn more about it in our all-in-one printers section.

10+ Things You Should Know Before You Buy

The parameters that follow below, are those that you should be aware of the most, when comparing different kinds of printers.

Laser printer parameters

1. Print Speed

Print speed is usually measured in page per minute (PPM). The average PPM of a monochrome laser printer is around 20 PPM; for personal use 20 or less is almost always enough, while you should look for a printer with higher PPM if it is intended for office user.

2. Print Cost

The printer’s total cost of ownership will also be higher or lower based on the number of pages you can print with a full toner. This number can vary from around 500 to almost 10,000 pages, depending on the toner. For comparison, small to medium business in the UK print an average of 150 pages a week.

3. Print Quality

The quality is usually measured in dots per inch (DPI). The average DPI of a MLP is around 1200x1200 DPI; much higher resolutions are usually employed by professional photographers and such, who typically seek around 2880x1440 DPI.

4. Print Duty Cycle

The duty cycle is the number of pages the printer can handle in a month without risking damage or malfunctioning. The average monthly duty cycle of a typical personal printer is around 5,000 pages or below; business-level printers will range from 20,000 to 100,000 a month. Remember that you should always keep your usage below the duty cycle threshold to keep the printer in a good working condition.

Prevent printer damage

5. Connectivity Options

Wireless printing is a very convenient way of accessing one or more printers remotely. However, great as this feature may be, more often than not it becomes superfluous when working from home or personal use. This is one of the characteristics of which you can save a bit on your budget by settling with a wired connection. For offices and business purposes, wireless printing and Wi-Fi direct (connection between a device and a printer without the need for an intermediate common network) is a must.

6. Energy Consumption

Something that can very often be forgotten is that printers can have a relevant impact on your energy consumption bill when used intensely. If you need to print frequently and in large amounts, especially for personal users, remember to check the printer consumption and stand-by options when making a purchase.

7. Prices of Toners

Do not be alarmed when first buying a new toner for your new printer: prices may look surprisingly high, but as aforementioned laser printers, and especially monochrome variants, they are quite cost-efficient. A single toner will cost more than a set of ink cartridges, but when looking at cost per page a toner is cheaper. It is important to be aware of the price difference between laser and inkjet printers.

8. Multifunction Printers

Almost all of the new printers come with several additional features, such as scanning, copying and faxing. It might happen that different brands of printers have different specific names for different functions and some have more features than others, but most standard models offer a very good package.

9. Weight and Size

It goes without saying that these factors are important in the search for a printer, but in the case of laser printers they play a heavier role as they are usually bulkier in weight and dimensions. Especially if you are buying a printer for your office, be sure to take precise measures of the space where the printer will be placed, in order to avoid moving furniture all across the office.

10. Additional Relevant Features

The table below comprises more generic factors that should be kept in mind when making a decision on this topic.

General Characteristics of Laser Printers
Type Software Hardware Other
Basic Printer Wireless printing, quick installation Scanner Small size
Office Printer Wifi-direct, two side printing Phocopier Customer Support
Business Printer Speed selection Fax Third party programs support
Industrial Printer Built-in computer Custom paper formatting Durability, customisable

If you are unsure about the exact categories of printers that you may need, please fill in the form at the top of the page and we will help you find them for free.

Overview of Prices of Laser Printers

The prices for laser printers have a huge range that can confuse many at first sight. Below follows a table with average prices of general models of printers in order to give an idea of what to expect.

Average Price of Laser Printers
Type of Printer User Product Features Price Range
Basic Printer Personal Use / Small Home-Business Low volume printing, scanner $50-$150
Office Printer Small to medium business Higher speed, wireless network capabilities, photocopier, scanner $150-$300
Business Printer Medium to large business with high requirements of quality Higher speed, editing, stapling, formatting $400-$800
Industrial Printer Large and very large businesses Very high speed, high duty cycle, durability >$20,000

Beware of Bad Designs

We have seen time and time again that a seemingly great printer would be actually inconvenient because of poor structure or design. By poor design we mean a machine that has been built in a way that can make it uncomfortable for the user to perform simple tasks, for example:

Bad Designs Of Printers

The printer in the picture presents the control panel right above the paper tray, and all the openable compartments are only accessible by your legs. Be careful especially when looking at older versions and old devices.

Health Risks and Safety Precautions

It is commonly believed that the toner of a laser printer is dangerous to your health, but it is actually not classified as an hazardous substance. However, toners are made of concentrated powder and can bring minor problems to your respiratory system (as may any other kind of dust) when it is airborne. It is important to be careful when changing the toner, especially for people with an already at-risk respiratory system; vacuum any accidental spills and clean the surface with hot water.

Cleaning Printer

If you would like to learn more about other types of printers check out our sections about a4 printers and leasing / hiring printers in the UK

Should You Buy a Monochrome Laser Printer?

Whether you work in a small-medium business, a freshly created start-up, or you just need it for your home, there is a printer fit for your needs, and we can find it for you.

If you need specific information about the best monochrome laser printers, just fill in the form at the top of the page and we’ll make sure to provide you with up to four, free, non-binding quotes to help you make a well-informed decision.

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