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Car Tracker Halfords: Best Tracking Solutions

  • Halfords offers various GPS trackers to suit various tracking needs and budgets. Customers can find a suitable product, from basic car trackers to advanced insurance-approved vehicle trackers.
  • Halfords is known for its competitive pricing and frequent deals, making its vehicle trackers accessible and affordable. Many of their trackers, including insurance-approved options, are priced to ensure value for money without compromising quality. 
  • Halfords provides professional installation services to ensure that trackers are properly fitted. Their customer service is noted for being responsive and helpful, both online and in-store, contributing significantly to customer satisfaction.

Halfords offers a comprehensive range of GPS trackers to meet diverse tracking needs and budgets. Their products include basic car trackers, advanced insurance-approved ones, and specialised bike trackers. Known for their reliability, Halfords trackers feature real-time GPS tracking, long battery life, and easy installation. 

Many Halfords trackers are insurance-approved, potentially lowering insurance premiums. Overall, Halfords provides affordable, quality vehicle tracking solutions.

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Is a Halfords tracker reliable?

Halfords is a well-known UK retailer specialising in automotive products and services. Its vehicle trackers are generally reliable and offer features like real-time GPS tracking, long battery life, and ease of installation. 

Below, we delve into the strengths and weaknesses of Halfords trackers based on customer experiences and reviews.


  • Wide range of products: Halfords offers a diverse selection of car trackers, including Thatcham-approved S5 and S7 trackers, OBD trackers, and bike trackers.
  • Affordability: They provide competitive pricing and regular deals, making their trackers accessible.
  • Installation services: Halfords provides professional installation services, ensuring trackers are properly fitted.
  • Customer service: Known for responsive customer support, both online and in-store.
  • Insurance approval: Many trackers are insurance-approved, offering potential discounts on premiums.


  • Mixed reviews: Some customers report issues with the functionality and reliability of certain trackers.
  • Technical support: Occasional complaints about delays or difficulties in getting technical support.

Customer satisfaction

Halfords' vehicle trackers are highly appreciated for their frequent discounts and value-for-money products. Customers are satisfied with the variety of trackers available, which cater to different needs and preferences. Installation services receive positive feedback, with many praising the quality and professionalism of the technicians.

Customer service is generally good, though there is some variability in experiences, indicating room for improvement in consistency. Halfords' commitment to affordability and product range significantly contributes to customer satisfaction.

Halfords vehicle tracker affordability

The company is widely recognised for its affordability in the vehicle tracker market. It offers a range of products that cater to various needs and budgets. This affordability is significant for customers seeking reliable tracking solutions without a hefty price tag.

Competitive pricing and value for money

Halfords offers a variety of competitively priced car trackers. For instance, basic models like the Streetwize Accessories GPS Tracker are available for under £50, making them an accessible option for many customers.

The affordability extends to more advanced models, such as Thatcham-approved trackers, which are essential for insurance. These products are priced to ensure that customers get value for their money without compromising quality. Using a police-approved car tracker increases the chances of recovering your vehicle if it's stolen.

Subscription costs

Many of the trackers offered by Halfords come with subscription plans for ongoing GPS tracking services. These subscription costs are generally reasonable and comparable to industry standards, ensuring users can maintain their tracking services without incurring excessive costs. 

Deals and discounts

Halfords frequently offers discounts, further enhancing the affordability of their vehicle trackers. These promotions make it easier for customers to invest in high-quality tracking solutions, with savings that can be quite substantial during sale periods.

Insurance-approved trackers

Many Halfords vehicle trackers, such as the S5 tracker and the Cat 5 tracker, are insurance-approved. These trackers often lead to insurance premium discounts, providing an additional financial benefit to users. This aspect is particularly important for customers seeking cost-effective ways to meet insurance requirements while ensuring their vehicles are secure.

Overall, Halfords offers a range of affordable car trackers that do not compromise on quality. Combining competitive pricing, reasonable subscription costs, and frequent discounts makes Halfords a go-to option for customers seeking reliable and cost-effective vehicle tracking solutions.

Does Halfords offer a wide selection of GPS trackers?

Halfords offers a wide selection of GPS trackers to cater to various needs and preferences, including car, bike, and vehicle tracking solutions. This broad range ensures that customers can find suitable products regardless of their specific requirements.

  • Variety of products: Halfords stocks various car trackers, including entry-level models and advanced trackers. The selection includes basic OBD trackers like the Amacam AM-T22, which plugs into the car's OBD port, and more sophisticated options such as the Thatcham-approved trackers often required for insurance purposes.​
  • Advanced features: Many Halfords GPS trackers have advanced features such as real-time tracking, geofencing, and notifications for movement or tampering. For example, the S5 tracker Halfords offers comprehensive tracking and is insurance-approved, providing vehicle owners an extra layer of security​.
  • Diverse applications: Halfords caters to a wide array of tracking needs for cars, bikes, and other vehicles. This includes specialised bike trackers that help cyclists keep track of their bicycles, enhancing their security and recovery chances in case of theft.
  • Professional installation: Halfords also offers professional installation services in addition to selling vehicle trackers. These services ensure that the trackers are installed correctly and function optimally, providing peace of mind for customers who may not be confident in fitting the devices themselves.

Efficient customer service

Halfords is renowned for its efficient customer service, particularly with vehicle trackers. 

  • Professional installation services: Halfords offers professional installation services for its range of car trackers, including the Halfords GPS tracker and Thatcham-approved trackers. Customers frequently commend the professionalism and expertise of the installation team, which ensures that devices are correctly fitted and fully operational. 
  • Comprehensive support: Halfords provides comprehensive support for their vehicle trackers. This includes detailed product guides, both online and in-store, helping customers understand the features and functionalities of their trackers.
  • Responsive customer service: Business reviews often highlight Halfords' responsive customer service. Customers report quick issue resolutions and helpful support staff knowledgeable about the products. This is particularly important for maintaining the functionality of Halfords car trackers, where timely assistance can prevent disruptions in tracking services.

The best Halfords trackers

Halfords offers various vehicle tracking devices and products that cater to different needs and budgets. Below, we will discuss some of the most popular products available.

Streetwize GPS Tracker

The Streetwize GPS Tracker is highly regarded for its ease of use and versatility. It’s a compact device, about the size of a matchbox, and can be used for tracking cars, caravans, vans, trailers, and even personal items like bicycles.

This tracker is praised for its simplicity; users can text the tracker’s SIM card and receive a location map. It's also subscription-free, a significant advantage over many other trackers. It can be hardwired to a vehicle's battery or charged via USB​.

Carlock anti-theft devices

The Carlock anti-theft devices are designed to protect thoroughly against vehicle theft.

Some insurance companies may offer discounts for vehicles with advanced tracking and anti-theft devices like CarLocks. This can further reduce operational costs for business owners​.

Insurance-approved vehicle trackers

Halfords offers several insurance-approved vehicle trackers that can enhance the security of your car. An insurance-approved vehicle tracker without a subscription is a cost-effective way to secure your car. Here are some key options:

  • iTrack FS100 GPS Vehicle Tracker: This tracker is a simple plug-and-play solution that connects to your vehicle's battery. It provides real-time tracking via a web-based platform, making it ideal for those who want a straightforward installation and immediate access to tracking data. The Track FS100  is priced at around £65​.
  • Streetwize GPS Tracker: This compact tracker was recommended by Auto Express in 2019 and is suitable for various vehicles, including cars, caravans, and trailers. It operates with a SIM card (excluding the Three networks) and offers features like SMS location updates and optional online tracking with geo-fencing. It can be powered by connecting to the car's 12V battery or charging via USB. This tracker is particularly noted for its ease of use and subscription-free service, priced at approximately £55.50​.
  • iTrack Long-Life Wireless GPS Tracker: This tracker is suitable for long-term tracking without frequent charging. It offers a battery life of over three years in scheduled mode and around 40 days in constant live tracking mode. It also includes features like driver behaviour monitoring and historical tracking data storage. This device costs around £150 and includes a free 14-day trial subscription to the iTrack Live GPS platform, with an annual subscription fee of £20 after that​.

Each tracker provides unique benefits depending on your needs, from ease of installation to long battery life and additional security features like geo-fencing and real-time tracking.

Bike tracker Halfords

Halfords offers a range of bike trackers that are ideal for UK-based business owners looking to secure their bicycle fleet. Here are some top options currently available:

  • Garmin Edge 130 Plus GPS Cycle Computer: This high-end cycle computer is perfect for businesses needing detailed tracking and performance data. It includes navigation, live tracking, and connectivity features, allowing real-time bike location monitoring and rider performance. This device can be particularly useful for bike rental services or delivery companies that require efficient fleet management.
  • iTrack Long-Life Wireless GPS Tracker: Although primarily advertised for vehicles, this GPS tracker can be adapted for bicycles. It offers long battery life (up to three years in scheduled mode) and provides real-time location tracking through an easy-to-use platform. It’s waterproof and suitable for outdoor use, making it a reliable option for businesses monitoring bike usage over extended periods​.
  • Halfords Magnetless Cadence Sensor: This magnetless cadence sensor is affordable for tracking pedalling speed and efficiency. It attaches easily to the crank arm and connects to various cycling apps like Garmin Connect via Bluetooth. It suits businesses focused on optimising bike performance and ensuring efficient use by employees or customers​​.

These trackers offer various features that can help businesses keep track of their bicycles, ensuring both security and optimal usage.

Halfords OBD

At Halfords, several OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) trackers are designed to enhance vehicle tracking and diagnostic capabilities. Here are the key options currently available:

  • iTrack FS003 OBD Port GPS Tracker: This tracker plugs directly into your vehicle's OBD-II port, offering easy installation and immediate tracking capabilities. It provides real-time tracking, route history, and geofencing features. This tracker is particularly useful for business owners monitoring fleet vehicles efficiently. It is priced at £105, and members of the Halfords Motoring Club can get it for £99.75.
  • Foxwell NT301 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool: While primarily a diagnostic tool, the Foxwell NT301 also serves as an OBD-II device that reads and clears engine fault codes. It displays live sensor data and helps maintain vehicle health. This tool is compatible with petrol cars from 2001 and diesel cars from 2004 onwards and is priced at approximately £56.99​.

These OBD trackers are designed to provide comprehensive vehicle monitoring and diagnostics, making them ideal for business owners looking to keep their fleet in optimal condition and track vehicle usage efficiently.

Vehicle tracker Halfords: is it worth it?

When considering whether to purchase a vehicle tracker from Halfords, evaluating the benefits and potential drawbacks is essential. Here's a detailed overview of the advantages and disadvantages of shopping for vehicle trackers at Halfords.


  • Wide range: Halfords offers a broad selection of vehicle trackers, including OBD port GPS trackers, wireless GPS trackers, and more specialised options like the iTrack Long Life Wireless GPS Tracker and the Foxwell NT301 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool​​.
  • In-store and online: Products are available both online and in physical stores, providing flexibility in purchasing.
  • Trusted brands: Halfords stocks reputable brands known for quality and reliability, such as iTrack and Foxwell.
  • Customer reviews: Products often include customer reviews and ratings, which help buyers make informed decisions based on real user experiences.
  • Easy installation: Many trackers, like the iTrack FS003 OBD Port GPS Tracker, are designed for simple plug-and-play installation, reducing the need for professional installation services.
  • Additional services: Halfords provides additional services like fitting and setup assistance, which can be particularly beneficial for business users who must ensure their fleet is equipped quickly and correctly.
  • Halfords Motoring Club: Members of the Halfords Motoring Club receive discounts and benefits, making the purchase more cost-effective. For instance, members can get reduced prices on certain products, such as the iTrack FS003 OBD Port GPS Tracker.
  • Customer service: Halfords offers robust customer support both online and in-store, assisting with any issues or questions regarding their products.


  • Higher costs: Some products at Halfords may be priced higher than other retailers or online stores. While the quality is generally high, budget-conscious buyers might find cheaper alternatives elsewhere.
  • Stock availability: Certain popular models might be out of stock or unavailable at specific locations, potentially causing delays for business users who need multiple units immediately.
  • Additional Costs: To take full advantage of discounts, users may need to join the Halfords Motoring Club, which involves an additional fee. This might not be ideal for one-time buyers.

Compare multiple quotes

UK business owners should take the time to compare multiple quotes when considering the installation of vehicle trackers. Doing so can save time and money, ensuring you get the best deal for your specific needs.

By comparing quotes from different providers, you can identify the most cost-effective solutions, considering the initial installation costs and any ongoing subscription fees.

Take control of your vehicle tracking needs by comparing quotes from multiple providers today. Start your comparison now and secure peace of mind with the most cost-effective and reliable tracking system.

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