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Last updated: 25 June 2024

Is A Scorpion Tracker The Best For Your Business?

  • Scorpion trackers offer robust theft-prevention and fleet management solutions, providing substantial benefits through advanced technology and comprehensive features.
  • The positive impact on fleet operations and the significant reduction in theft incidents underscore the effectiveness of these trackers in protecting assets and enhancing efficiency​.
  • The S5 Plus tracker alarm and immobiliser provide extra security features for fleet and individual vehicle owners.

The Scorpion Tracker offers robust vehicle tracking and security solutions, making it a valuable investment for businesses aiming to improve their fleet management and security. The tracker app enhances user experience by managing both the fleet tracker and individual car track units.

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Scorpion trackers: theft-prevention and fleet management

Scorpion trackers provide robust GPS tracking solutions tailored for individual vehicle security and comprehensive fleet management. Known for their reliability and advanced features, these trackers are highly effective in preventing theft and optimising fleet operations.

We have listed the features of the tracker below.

  • Real-time GPS tracking: These trackers offer precise, real-time location tracking to monitor vehicle movements continuously​​.
  • Geo-fencing: These devices allow the creation of virtual boundaries, sending alerts if a vehicle crosses these limits, enhancing security and control​​.
  • Immobilisation capability: The ability to remotely disable a vehicle's engine if unauthorised movement is detected adds a critical layer of theft prevention​​.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring: The trackers monitor driving patterns such as speed and braking, promoting safer driving habits and reducing the likelihood of accidents​.
  • Maintenance alerts: The system schedules and sends reminders for regular vehicle maintenance, ensuring the fleet remains in optimal condition​​.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Detailed reports on vehicle usage, routes, and driver behaviour assist in performance analysis and operational improvements.
  • Integration with fleet management systems: These trackers integrate seamlessly with existing fleet management software, streamlining operations and data consolidation​​.

Advantages in theft-prevention and fleet management

Scorpion trackers provide a comprehensive solution for both theft prevention and fleet management. Let's delve into the benefits and real-world impacts of using these trackers in fleet management and theft prevention.

Theft-prevention benefits:

  • Enhanced security: The combination of real-time tracking and immobilisation features significantly reduces the risk of vehicle theft. Remote engine disablement deters thieves and provides peace of mind​​.
  • Rapid recovery: In the event of a theft, the precise location data aids law enforcement in quick recovery, minimising losses​​.

Fleet management benefits:

  • Improved efficiency: Real-time data and comprehensive reporting allow fleet managers to optimise routes, reduce fuel consumption, and improve overall efficiency​.
  • Cost reduction: Monitoring driver behaviour promotes safer driving, reducing accidents and lowering insurance premiums. Maintenance alerts prevent costly repairs through timely servicing​.
  • Enhanced accountability: Detailed tracking and reporting hold drivers accountable, encouraging responsible vehicle use and adherence to company policies.

Positive impact on fleet management

ScorpionTrack Fleet Management provides numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. It improves driver performance by promoting safer driving habits by gaining insights into speeding, harsh braking, and idling. 

The system reduces costs by saving on fuel, lowering insurance premiums (with Thatcham approval), and cutting maintenance expenses through optimised operations. Fleet operators using the trackers have reported significant efficiency and cost savings improvements. 

For instance, a startup trucking company saw a 15% reduction in fuel costs due to optimised routing and reduced idling. They also experienced a 20% drop in accidents and related expenses from enhanced driver behaviour monitoring. This is according to insights from  FasterCapitals’ Leveraging telematics and fleet management systems research.

Additionally, the tracker streamlines operations by simplifying dispatch, scheduling, and driver communication, leading to better overall fleet management.

Theft-prevention trends and Scorpion Tracker impact

Vehicle thefts are on the rise, especially with keyless start systems. However, these trackers have proven to be effective countermeasures. According to the brand, due to their real-time tracking, geo-fencing, and immobilisation features, there is a 96% vehicle recovery rate when using their trackers.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau's (NICB) 2020 Equipment Theft Report, there were approximately 11,117 equipment theft reports in 2020. Theft damages incurred by victim companies range from USD$300 million (approximately £236 million) to USD$1 billion (approximately £784 million) annually.

Is ScorpionTrack a reliable brand in the UK?

Established in 1973, the brand is part of Scorpion Automotive Group, a trusted name in vehicle security for over 48 years. The company operates from Lancashire, UK, and conducts in-house research, development, and manufacturing to ensure high-quality products​.

Key achievements

The brand is renowned for its innovative and Thatcham-approved vehicle tracking systems, which are required by many insurance companies. As mentioned earlier, it boasts a 96% vehicle recovery rate, a significant achievement that underscores its reliability. The brand has partnered with major automotive brands like Subaru, Toyota, and Aston Martin​.

Currently, ScorpionTrack leads the market with advanced trackers like the S5 and S7, which offer features such as 24/7 monitoring, global coverage, and protection against key cloning. Their products are supported by a dedicated UK-based team and a 24/7 monitoring centre, ensuring top-notch customer service​.

Everything you need to know about the Scorpion S5 tracker

The S5 tracker is a top-tier vehicle security solution that offers comprehensive protection against theft and unauthorised access. Here's a concise overview:

Technical aspects and improvements

  • Advanced technology: It utilises the latest GPS and GSM technology for accurate, global tracking and features multi-network roaming SIMs for continuous connectivity​​.
  • Easy installation: Designed for simple installation by a professional or the user​​.
  • Driver recognition system: This system includes Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tags to ensure that only authorised individuals can start the vehicle​.

Unique tracking features

  • 24/7 monitoring and alerts: Provide round-the-clock and instant alerts for unauthorised movement or tampering​.
  • Remote immobilisation: Allows remote engine immobilisation, preventing the vehicle from starting without the ADR tag​.
  • Geo-fencing: Supports setting virtual boundaries, with alerts triggered when boundaries are crossed​.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring: Records driving data, which is helpful in improving driving standards and fleet management​​.

Enhanced features over older models

  • Key cloning protection: Enhanced protection against key cloning, ensuring only authorised starts​.
  • Mobile app integration: The Scorpion tracker app offers more advanced, real-time access to vehicle status and settings management than in older models​​.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Provides detailed journey and usage reports that are valuable for individual users and fleet managers​.

The Scorpion S5 tracker is an advanced security solution. It offers superior features and improvements over older models, making it an essential tool for vehicle security.

Scorpion tracking by vehicle category

Different vehicles have unique security and operational needs, requiring specific trackers and solutions. Here are some examples of how these trackers cater to various types of vehicles:

Tractors and agricultural vehicles

Agricultural vehicles, like tractors, often operate in remote and expansive areas, making them susceptible to theft. The S5+ tracker is ideal for these vehicles. It offers features like remote immobilisation and geo-fencing, ensuring that an alert is triggered if the tractor leaves a designated area. Installation involves securing the tracker in a concealed location to prevent tampering.

Taxis and fleet vehicles

Taxis and fleet vehicles require real-time tracking to monitor routes and ensure driver accountability. The fleet tracker provides live tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, and detailed journey reports. This helps fleet managers optimise routes, improve fuel efficiency, and ensure passenger safety. Installation is straightforward, often done at the company’s facility to equip multiple vehicles simultaneously​​.

Luxury cars

Luxury cars benefit from the Scorpion S5 plus tracker alarm and immobiliser. This tracker offers advanced features such as key cloning protection and 24/7 monitoring. Its remote immobilisation feature ensures the car cannot be started without the ADR tag, offering enhanced security. Professionals typically install the system to ensure it is well-integrated with the car’s existing electronics​​.

Motorhomes and caravans

Motorhomes and caravans require a tracker that can handle long periods of inactivity while providing security. The S5 tracker, with its robust battery life and geo-fencing capabilities, is perfect for these vehicles. It gives peace of mind when the vehicle is parked for extended periods. Installation is simple, often involving mounting the tracker in an inconspicuous location​​.

Motorcycles and ATVs

The Scorpion Track & Trace is a compact and waterproof tracker for motorcycles and ATVs that offers real-time tracking and geo-fencing. It is easy to install and ensures the vehicle's security even in off-road conditions. The tracker’s small size allows it to be hidden effectively, preventing theft​.

Different vehicles require tailored tracking solutions to address their specific security and operational needs. These trackers provide versatile and advanced options to ensure the safety and efficiency of various vehicle types.

Scorpion car track

The most popular tracker in the Scorpion tracker range for cars is the Scorpion S5 Plus. This model is highly favoured due to its comprehensive feature set, including 24/7 real-time tracking, automatic driver recognition (ADR), remote immobilisation, and advanced theft alerts. The S5 Plus is also a Thatcham-approved tracker, making it recognised by all major insurers. These features make it suitable for high-value vehicles, providing robust protection against theft and unauthorised use​.

Advantages for businesses

For businesses, the S5 Plus offers significant advantages:

  • Enhanced security: Advanced theft protection features like ADR and remote immobilisation ensure that vehicles are always secure.
  • Insurance savings: Thatcham approval can reduce insurance premiums, making it the best car tracker for insurance in the UK.
  • Real-time monitoring: 24/7 tracking allows businesses to monitor their fleet continuously, enhancing operational efficiency and security.

Scorpion fleet tracker for vans

When it comes to van tracking, the ScorpionTrack S7 is the most popular tracker. It offers comprehensive security features such as 24/7 monitoring, theft alerts, and an internal backup battery, which are crucial for business fleets. The S7 is also Thatcham-approved, ensuring compliance with insurance requirements and providing peace of mind to business owners​.

Advantages for businesses

  • Cost-effective: The Track S7 provides essential tracking and security features at a lower cost than higher-end models, thus reducing the overall car tracking cost.
  • Insurance compliance: Thatcham approval helps in meeting insurance requirements, potentially lowering premiums.
  • Operational efficiency: Continuous tracking and theft alerts improve fleet management and reduce downtime due to theft​.

S5 tracker with immobiliser: plant and agricultural tracking

The ScorpionTrack S5 Plus with remote immobilisation is the preferred choice for plant and construction equipment. The same model is popular for agricultural vehicles due to its robust features that ensure high security and operational control. The S5 tracker with immobiliser offers real-time tracking, ADR, and remote immobilisation, making it highly effective in preventing theft and unauthorised use​​.

Advantages for businesses

  • Enhanced security: Remote immobilisation and ADR significantly reduce the risk of theft.
  • Operational control: Real-time tracking ensures that equipment is always monitored, improving utilisation and reducing losses.
  • Insurance benefits: Thatcham approval leads to better insurance terms, reducing overall costs.​

Scorpion Track fleet: is it worth it?

Adopting Scorpion Track fleet for business vehicle tracking presents several advantages and disadvantages:

  • Security: Advanced features like ADR, remote immobilisation, and 24/7 monitoring significantly enhance vehicle security.
  • Efficiency: Real-time tracking and monitoring improve fleet management and operational efficiency.
  • Insurance savings: Thatcham approval can lower insurance premiums, offering long-term savings.
  • Cost: Initial installation and subscription costs can be high, especially for large fleets, impacting the car tracking cost.
  • Complexity: Managing and maintaining the system requires some technical knowledge and resources.
  • Subscription dependency: Continuous operation depends on active subscriptions, adding to ongoing operational costs.

Compare multiple quotes 

For UK-based business owners, comparing multiple quotes for tracker solutions is crucial. By evaluating different offers, you can significantly lower initial and ongoing car tracking costs.


  • Cost savings: Different providers offer various pricing structures. Comparing ensures you find the most cost-effective option with essential features like Thatcham-approved tracker status and advanced security measures.
  • Value for money: Some providers include extras like the s5 plus tracker alarm and immobiliser at no extra cost.
  • Tailored solutions: Comparing quotes helps you find providers specialised in your specific industry needs, whether for vans, high-value cars, or agricultural machinery.
  • Time efficiency: Initial effort in comparing quotes saves future costs and inefficiencies.

Compare multiple options to secure your fleet's most efficient and cost-effective tracking solution. Act now to protect and optimise your business.

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