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Webfleet: The Best Choice For Fleet Management?

  • Webfleet's telematics solutions significantly improve fleet management by enhancing visibility, productivity, efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Through real-time data and monitoring systems, businesses can achieve fuel savings, reduce maintenance costs, and improve driver behaviour.
  • Webfleet solutions offer scalability and seamless integration with existing business systems, making it adaptable for businesses of various sizes and capable of supporting future growth. The API integration ensures enhanced data flow and operational synergy, while the scalability allows for easy adjustments to accommodate fleet growth and changing business needs.
  • The Webfleet tracker devices are worth the investment, offering tailored solutions for different business needs. The LINK 710 suits large fleets requiring detailed monitoring, the LINK 610 fits smaller businesses needing straightforward tracking, and the LINK 340 is perfect for industries managing non-powered assets.

According to Webfleet’s whitepaper on Fleet management: Optimising your business with telematics, 84% of fleet decision-makers agree that poor driving behaviour negatively impacts their business. Additionally, 51% acknowledge that they have too much vehicle downtime. Furthermore, 49% of fleet managers monitor mileage to tackle fuel wastage. These figures highlight the impact of telematics data.

Business owners should compare multiple quotes for fleet management solutions to save time and money, find the best options, and improve their telematics fleet management. Begin comparing quotes today to discover the ideal solution and boost operational efficiency.

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Webfleet solutions overview

Webfleet is a comprehensive, cloud-based fleet management system that offers businesses essential data and insights to optimise their fleet operations. By monitoring metrics such as fuel usage, driving behaviour, and carbon emissions, Webfleet aids in boosting productivity, enhancing safety, and promoting sustainability. It provides real-time insights into fleet activities, helping businesses gain enhanced operational visibility.

Additionally, Webfleet helps lower fuel expenses by identifying opportunities to improve fuel efficiency and driver behaviour. The system also encourages improved driver safety through monitoring and alert systems, promoting safer driving practices. Furthermore, Webfleet helps businesses increase sustainability and minimise their fleet's environmental footprint by tracking emissions.

Here are the key solutions offered by Webfleet, with a focus on business-oriented features:

  • Fleet management: Real-time vehicle tracking allows businesses to monitor the location and status of vehicles in real-time to optimise routes and improve customer service. Geofencing enables the creation of virtual boundaries to receive alerts when vehicles enter or leave designated areas. Driver Behavior Monitoring tracks and analyses driver behaviour to encourage safe driving practices and reduce accident risks.
  • Telematics data: Data analytics provides insights from telematics data to make informed decisions about fleet operations. Customisable Reports generate detailed reports on vehicle usage, driver performance, and maintenance needs.
  • Operational efficiency: Route optimisation plans efficient routes to reduce fuel consumption and travel time. Fuel Management monitors fuel usage and identifies opportunities to reduce consumption and costs. Maintenance Scheduling automates maintenance schedules based on mileage or engine hours to prevent breakdowns and extend vehicle life.
  • Compliance and Safety: Driver compliance ensures adherence to regulations such as hours of service (HOS) and electronic logging device (ELD) requirements. Incident Reporting quickly documents and reports incidents to streamline insurance claims and improve safety protocols.
  • Integration and scalability: API Integration seamlessly connects Webfleet solutions with existing business systems for enhanced data flow and operational synergy. Scalability allows easy solution adjustment to accommodate fleet growth and changing business needs.
  • Mobile solutions: Webfleet mobile provides access to fleet management tools on the go with the Webfleet mobile app, allowing managers to stay connected and informed from anywhere. Driver apps offer drivers tools for navigation, communication, and job management.
  • Customer support: 24/7 support ensures round-the-clock customer assistance to resolve issues and smooth operation. Training and Resources provide comprehensive training programs and materials to help businesses maximise the benefits of Webfleet solutions.

Webfleet's robust platform caters to businesses' unique needs, enabling them to enhance efficiency, improve safety, and drive cost savings through advanced fleet management technologies.

Fleet telematics and management software

Webfleet offers comprehensive fleet telematics and management software solutions to optimise fleet operations. Their system includes real-time vehicle tracking, providing precise locations and enabling job assignments based on customer proximity. The software features a dashboard with customisable reports, alerts, and notifications, ensuring operational efficiency.

Fleet safety and maintenance tools include AI-powered dash cams for accident context, driver behaviour monitoring, and real-time vehicle condition tracking. Workflow management tools enhance job order management, driver availability tracking, and seamless communication via mobile apps and professional navigation systems.

For sustainability and electric vehicle (EV) management, Webfleet provides CO₂ emissions monitoring, fuel consumption analysis, and tools to support EV transitions. Compliance features help manage tachographs, mileage data, vehicle inspections, and cargo weight.

The mobile fleet management app allows managers to oversee fleets on the go, with functionalities like two-way communication, trip management, and order dispatching. Integration capabilities ensure seamless connectivity with existing business systems through APIs and office applications.

Webfleet UK: the top brand for fleets

Webfleet Solutions, formerly known as TomTom Telematics, was founded in 1999. Initially, it focused on satellite navigation and location-based services, rapidly becoming a pioneer in telematics. In 2005, the brand launched its Webfleet platform, offering innovative fleet management solutions.

In 2019, Bridgestone acquired TomTom Telematics and rebranded it as Webfleet Solutions. This acquisition allowed Bridgestone to expand and enhance its telematics offerings further.

Today, Webfleet is recognised as a leading brand in fleet management. It is known for its advanced, integrated telematics solutions that optimise fleet operations globally. The company has more than 60,000 customers and over 25 years of experience. 

Are TomTom and Webfleet the same?

TomTom and Webfleet are closely connected but not identical entities. Their relationship has evolved significantly over the years, shaping their current standing in the fleet management and telematics industry.

Early relationship

TomTom, a Dutch company founded in 1991, became widely known for its navigation and mapping products. In 2005, TomTom acquired a fleet management company and launched its telematics division, known as TomTom Telematics. This division focused on providing fleet management and vehicle telematics solutions, building on TomTom’s core navigation and mapping technologies strengths.

Evolution and rebranding

For many years, TomTom Telematics operated under the TomTom brand, leveraging its parent company's reputation and technology to grow its market share in the telematics industry. In 2019, a significant change occurred when Bridgestone, a global leader in tyres and rubber products, acquired TomTom Telematics. This acquisition marked a new chapter for the telematics division, which was rebranded as Webfleet Solutions.

Current connection

Today, Webfleet Solutions operates as a distinct entity under the ownership of Bridgestone, but it retains its legacy connection to TomTom. The Webfleet platform continues to utilise TomTom’s navigation technology, ensuring that its telematics solutions benefit from accurate and reliable mapping and routing features. The rebranding to Webfleet Solutions signifies its broader integration with Bridgestone’s offerings while maintaining the technological foundation laid by TomTom.

While TomTom and Webfleet are not the same, they are intrinsically linked through a shared history and ongoing technological collaboration. Webfleet Solutions, formerly known as TomTom Telematics, continues to benefit from TomTom’s expertise in navigation, even as it expands and evolves under Bridgestone’s ownership.

Webfleet tracker: is it worth it?

Webfleet offers a range of tracking devices designed to meet diverse business needs. Here’s an overview of their key features and the business scenarios that best suit each device:

LINK 710

This tracking solution is suitable for large fleets needing comprehensive real-time tracking and diagnostics to efficiently manage vehicle health and driver behaviour. Let’s take a look at its features below: 

  • Real-time tracking: Provides precise real-time location data.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring: Records events such as harsh braking, acceleration, and cornering.
  • Fuel monitoring: Tracks fuel consumption to help reduce costs.
  • Vehicle health monitoring: Offers diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) to alert on potential vehicle issues.

LINK 610

This tracking solution is suitable for small to medium-sized fleets that require reliable tracking and basic geofencing capabilities without complex installation processes. Let’s take a look at its features:

  • Real-time tracking: Continuous monitoring of vehicle locations.
  • Geofencing: Alerts when vehicles enter or leave predefined areas.
  • Simple installation: Easy plug-and-play setup with no professional installation required.

LINK 340

This solution benefits businesses that need to keep track of non-powered assets or operate in challenging environments, such as construction or logistics sectors. We have listed its features below:

  • Asset tracking: Monitors non-powered assets such as trailers and containers.
  • Long battery life: Offers extended battery life for long-term asset tracking.
  • Rugged design: Built to withstand harsh environments and conditions.

Business scenarios favouring specific devices

  • Large logistics and delivery companies: The LINK 710 is ideal for its advanced diagnostics, driver behaviour monitoring, and comprehensive real-time tracking. These features help manage large fleets efficiently and reduce downtime through proactive maintenance.
  • Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs): The LINK 610 provides essential tracking and geofencing at a lower cost and with easier installation. This makes it suitable for SMEs that need reliable fleet management without the complexity and expense of advanced features.
  • Construction and heavy equipment companies: The LINK 340 tracks non-powered assets such as trailers, containers, and heavy machinery. Its rugged design and long battery life ensure consistent performance in tough conditions, making it essential for industries with valuable mobile assets.

Vehicle tracking Webfleet solutions applied

Implementing Webfleet solutions for vehicles can save companies significant money. Investing in the best fleet tracking system in the UK can significantly reduce operational costs and improve overall fleet performance.

Let’s examine three business scenarios: a small local private cab company, a medium regional courier service, and an international logistics enterprise. These savings were calculated using the company’s calculator with a 24-month payment contract, assuming typical usage for each business type.

Small local private cab company

Adopting Webfleet Solutions can lead to significant cost reductions for a small local private cab company operating with just two cabs. Based on Webfleet's Savings Calculator, the business can expect to save approximately £1,133 annually. These savings include an estimated 15% in fuel savings, 18% in maintenance savings, and 5% in insurance savings. This makes Webfleet Solutions a smart investment for small-scale operations.

Medium regional courier service

A medium-sized regional courier service with a fleet of 10 vans stands to benefit greatly from Webfleet Solutions. According to Webfleet's Savings Calculator, this type of business can achieve total annual savings of around £8,422. The savings are driven by 15% fuel savings, 18% maintenance expense savings, and 5% insurance premium savings, contributing to more efficient and cost-effective operations. Businesses should seek the best van tracker in the UK to enhance efficiency and provide valuable insights for optimisation.

International logistics enterprise

For an international logistics enterprise managing a fleet of 50 trucks, Webfleet Solutions offers substantial financial benefits. Based on Webfleet's Savings Calculator calculations, such a business can save approximately £135,299 annually. These savings include a significant 15% fuel savings, 18% maintenance cost savings, and 5% insurance expenditure savings, highlighting the value of Webfleet Solutions for large-scale logistics operations. Additionally, incorporating lorry tracking can further enhance route efficiency and asset management.

Webfleet advantages and disadvantages

We will examine real-life business data from Elis, a textile rental and laundry services company, and WGM Engineering Group, an engineering solutions provider, to explore the advantages and disadvantages of adopting Webfleet's tracking solutions. Read on to find out more. 


  • Comprehensive fleet management: Webfleet Solutions provides a unified platform for fleet management, incorporating telematics, cameras, mileage auditing, fleet data reporting, and transport management. Effective fleet tracking enables companies to optimise route efficiency and ensure timely deliveries in their logistics operations.
  • Improved driver behaviour: With tools like OptiDrive 360, Elis and WGM Engineering Group have significantly improved driver behaviour. Elis, for example, reported a 58% reduction in inefficient or unsafe driving incidents and a 76% reduction in vehicle idling. This resulted in nearly eradicating speeding incidents and improving overall driver safety and efficiency.
  • Fuel and emissions savings: Webfleet's impact on fuel consumption and emissions is notable. Elis achieved a 24% reduction in overall fleet mileage, cutting carbon emissions by over 2,000 tonnes and saving £1.8 million in fuel costs. WGM Engineering Group saw a 22% reduction in fuel costs.
  • Enhanced transparency and customer service: Webfleet allows companies to track exact arrival times and lengths of stay at sites, reinforcing their commitment to customer service. This transparency benefits client relationships and operational efficiency.
  • Insurance savings: Elis reduced insurance claims costs significantly by using onboard cameras and real-time monitoring. The company went from paying out on 80% of accidents to just 20%, saving £1.2 million.
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts: The real-time monitoring and alert system provided by Webfleet allows companies to address performance issues promptly. Automated alerts and footage review help in quick decision-making and preventive measures.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Webfleet is adaptable, supporting future growth and changes in fleet size. For WGM Engineering Group, this flexibility is crucial as they plan to expand their fleet over the next few years.


  • Initial setup and integration costs: Implementing a comprehensive system like Webfleet can involve significant initial setup and integration costs. 
  • Training and adaptation period: There is a learning curve associated with the adoption of new technology. Training drivers and staff to use the system effectively requires time and resources.
  • Privacy concerns: Constant monitoring and data collection might raise privacy concerns among drivers. It’s essential to address these concerns transparently and ensure data is used ethically.

Case studies

  • Driver behaviour improvements: The company experienced a 58% reduction in inefficient or unsafe driving incidents, 76% reduction in vehicle idling, and near eradication of speeding incidents.
  • Mileage and emissions: A 24% reduction in overall fleet mileage was reported, with over 2,000 tonnes reduction in carbon emissions.
  • Cost savings: £1.8 million saved in fuel costs, £1.2 million saved in insurance claims handling.
WGM Engineering Group
  • Fuel efficiency: The company experienced a 22% reduction in fuel costs.
  • Driver behaviour: Reduction of speeding incidents from 1% of driving time to 0.1%, reduction in idling time from 11 minutes to eight minutes daily.
  • Operational efficiency: Enhanced transparency with exact arrival times and length of stay at sites, as well as seamless integration with Fleetcheck for vehicle maintenance.

Compare multiple quotes

Business owners are advised to compare multiple quotes when considering fleet management solutions. This approach can save both time and money in the long run. Businesses can find the most cost-effective and suitable fleet telematics solutions for their specific needs by evaluating different options and prices. 

Gathering and comparing quotes ensures that you make an informed decision, ultimately enhancing your telematics fleet management strategy.

Start comparing quotes today to find the best business solution and maximise operational efficiency.

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