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Last Updated: 30 January 2017

Find the Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines in the UK

A cup of coffee is always the perfect addition to any work day, and a cup of high quality coffee always starts with the bean.
Unlike other types of coffee machines, commercial bean to cup machines offer freshly ground, high-quality coffee with the simple push of a button.

Bean to cup machines are appliances that allow you to brew freshly ground coffee on demand. The bean to cup machines have an integrated coffee grinder built-in to the machine, allowing you to create perfect cappuccinos and lattes while grinding whole beans.

There is a large variety of bean to cup machines on the market. They differ in bean to cup machine prices, size and quality. Bean to cup coffee makers are suitable when there is demand for high quality coffee, whether in a small business, mid-sized business or large business environment.

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Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Bean to Cup Machine Prices

Bean to cup machines are available in many brands, models, and prices. We recommend reading bean to cup machine reviews when comparing the many different models available on the market. Whether in London or elsewhere in the UK, expect to see the following brands and prices:

Melitta offers several machines, such as the fully automatic bean to cup Melitta E953-101 Caffeo. Base Melitta models start at around £300 and more premium models cost upwards of £1000.

Delonghi makes some of the best bean to cup machines, with models falling into both the budget and premium categories. Budget models like the Delonghi Magnifica can be found for under £200 and premium models can be purchased for over £1500.

Does your office have 15-50 people? The Jura Impressa XS9 is ideal for small to medium size businesses, and can be yours with full payment, or options such as a 3 year lease for £6 per week or even a 5 year lease option for only £9 per week. Wanting a machine for a large business or popular restaurant? No problem, Jura offers machines for up to 200 consumers.

Looking to serve two cups of espresso in just 33 seconds? Bravilor offers several high performance bean to cup models which range in price from £2000 to upwards of £5000. 

Miele offers high quality bean to cup machines that come in both base and premium models, ranging from under £1000 to over £2000.

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Bean to Cup Espresso

Why Buy a Bean to Cup Machine?

There are several factors that can lead a customer to a bean to cup machine sale.

Freshly ground coffee
Thanks to an internal coffee bean grinder, bean to cup machines always make fresh coffee. All you need to do is add coffee beans and the machine will convert them into a hot beverage that is rich in taste and flavour.

High quality
Using freshly ground coffee dramatically increases the beverage’s quality. Therefore, bean to cup coffee makers can deliver a product of the highest quality.

One push service
Most bean to cup coffee makers are fully automatic coffee machines. The simple touch of a button provides you with a fresh coffee beverage.

Price – quality balance
Bean to cup machines offer customers excellent value for their money, as they receive a high quality and affordable machine.

Freshly brewed coffee

Unique Features of Bean to Cup Machines

1.  Cup Capacity - Cup capacity may vary depending on the size of the bean to cup machine. Some small bean to cup machines may produce up to 75 cups per day. However, some of the bigger machines have the capacity of delivering up to 300 cups per hour depending on your needs.

2.  Two Cups at a Time - Many of the larger units have double grinding systems and large bean hoppers which allow them to prepare two drinks simultaneously.

3.  The Perfect Foam - The quality of the beverages is one of the features that distinguishes bean to cup machines from all other coffee equipment. Bean to cup machines with fresh milk or instant milk have integrated systems to make the perfect foam for any hot drink.

4.  Memory Features - Some commercial bean to cup machines are able to memorise and store coffee preferences for future brewing. 

5.  Thermoblock - The thermoblock feature controls the temperature of the water to ensure temperatures are ideal to make the perfect cup of coffee.

6.  LED and wi-fi - LED displays and wi-fi connectivity ensure a seamless and user friendly brewing experience

7.  Large drink range - Bean to cup machines offer a wide selection of modern specialitiessuch as cappuccinos, macchiatos and more. Commercial bean to cup coffee machines often come with up to 20 individually programmable coffee products.

Rent or Lease a Bean to Cup Machine

If you aren’t interested in paying a high initial upfront cost, there is the option to rent or lease a bean to cup machine. Most suppliers offer a coffee machine rental option and the price varies depending on the needs of the client. The price range falls between £15 and £30 per week.

Additionally, the vast majority of suppliers offer lease agreements on their product range. There are two different types of leasing agreements, the lease to own agreement gives customers the option to buy the leased product at a predetermined time and price. The other option is that the customer commits to buying the leased machine at the end of the lease term or promises to find a buyer at the end of the contract.


Looking to Learn More About Bean to Cup Machines?

Buying a bean to cup machine is a long-term investment that provides a balanced coffee experience in terms of quality, speed and price. These units produce high quality drinks with the simple touch of a button. Bean to cup machines are an excellent solution for business offices, coffee shops, restaurants and anywhere with a commercial demand for high quality coffee.

To ensure customers will be pleased with their products, suppliers provide technical maintenance and service, whether the machine is a purchased, rented or leased item.

Request a free quote today to compare prices of top bean to cup machines. Our sales team will help you find the perfect solution for your business. We will contact you as soon as possible with a list of qualified suppliers offering bean to cup machines.

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