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Last updated: 2 August 2021

Miele Coffee Machine

Is Miele the Brand You Need?

Miele is a German brand that was founded in 1899 and has a global reputation for their high quality domestic appliances and commerical machines.

Since 1899, Miele has expanded its services by providing many different products in millions of households all over the world. In recent years, it has also launched a wide variety of excellent coffee machines that are suitable for any self-service environment.

Meiele's high performance coffee machines are capable of responding to high volumes of coffee demand, integrating their elegant designs into any workplace, and their models are very user-friendly rendering Miele synonymous with top quality. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the unrivalled experience of a freshly ground coffee in your home or in your office, then Miele is for you.

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Types of Miele Coffee Machines

Miele offers the following two types of coffee machines:

    • Built-in Coffee System. A system integrated into your kitchen module or cabinet.
    • Countertop Coffee Systems. Coffee machines that are easily relocated, perfect for saving space on your countertop or other surfaces.

Built-in Coffee System

The Miele built in coffee machine system offers the best complement for your kitchen. You can easily personalise your coffee by setting the ideal temperature of your drink, adjusting the fineness of your coffee grinder, and choosing the density and the amount of coffee and milk. In other words, once you set your preferences, the machine will memorise your orders and will store the option for future use.

Extra Features:

1. OneTouch & OneTouch for Two - This function gives you the option to simultaneously prepare two coffee drinks by just pressing the button twice.

2. CupSensor - The sensor of Miele built-in coffee system can scan the size and the height of your mug, thus you can enjoy your coffee without overflows or other types of accidents.

3. Automatic Rinsing - Yes, this option is amazing. In two steps, during the preheating process and after the preparation of your drink, the Automatic Rinsing function automatically cleans your coffee machine. This does not mean of course that you will skip all the cleaning part, but rather keep in mind that you will have an ally in the process.

4. Aromatic System - This intelligent technology is designed to offer you the best possible results in terms of coffe flavour.

5. EasyClick Milk System - This feature is an incredibly convenient option that helps you to easily embed the milk system into place and vice versa.

Overview of Miele Built-in Coffee Machines

Countertop Coffee Systems

If you cannot have a Build-in Coffee System, then the Countertop Coffee System is the appropriate solution for you. These models are made for freestanding installation and therefore it is easy to move them to different locations. The Countertop Coffee Systems come with great performance and plenty of different coffee options on the menu.

Finally, these models also have an integrated coffee grinder in order for you to enjoy a freshly-ground cup of coffee whenever you want.

Extra Features:

1. From Espresso to Cappucino - With the Countertop Coffee System you can enjoy the widest range of coffee drinks that Miele ever had to offer. There are also two unique buttons specially made for espesso and cappucino.

2. AromaticSystem - A feature that allows water and coffee to be blended in a way that it protects all the flavours of the beans.

All Miele coffee machines are either bean-to-cup machines that offer the highest quality of coffee brewing experience or coffee machines with Nespresso Systems (for capsules).

Miele CM7 bean-to-cup coffee machine with CupSensor

Advantages of Purchasing Miele Coffee Machines

When purchasing or getting a Miele coffee machine rental, you can expect to receive a premium quality product. What does premium quality imply? The advantages can be summarised as follows:

    • Miele coffee machines are able to produce the best quality coffee due to their extra features and their bean to cup coffee-making process.
    • Even though the structure of the machines is highly sophisticated, the operating menu is very friendly for the user.
    • The maintenance of the machine is simple.
    • Long term return on investment.
    • The capacity of the machine guarantees a flawless and short brewing process.

Price of Miele Coffee Machines

The price of Miele Countertop Coffee Systems is slightly higher that other competitors and, in general, fluctuates from £1,400 to £1,999. However their performance and functions meet the highest possible standards of contemporary technology and you should consider this purchase as a long-term investment. Check out Jura coffee machines as an alternative brand of bean to cup machines.


How to Find a Miele Coffee Machine Supplier

Finding the right coffee machine depends on the needs of the individual. That is why we are here to help you with our experience and expertise. Fill out the form and our qualified sales team will prepare a list of coffee machine suppliers according to your preferences.

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