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Last updated: 2 August 2021

Hot Drinks Vending Machines

Benefits of Hot Drinks Vending Machines

Although there has been a general trend of abandoning larger coffee machines in the workplace environment, in some cases the traditional floor standing hot drinks vending machine is still the best choice.

There is no doubt that coffee is the number one hot drink for the majority of people, especially when it comes to a morning energiser. That is why almost every workplace has a coffee machine that serves the needs of its visitors, employees and customers. Though many people love to drink coffee, there are still some looking for different kind of beverage such as tea or hot chocolate.

Hot drinks vending machines dispense a wide range of drink options that can meet a variety of needs and thus serves as a good investment in the productivity of your employees. It can act as a regular water dispenser for your business.

Hot drinks vending machines can be a suitable solution for various locations and business. Be it an office, a canteen or a public space, hot drinks machines provide an excellent service. Hot beverage vending machines are also a convenient solution for hospitals, schools, warehouses, leisure centres, hotels, factories, and public buildings. They work the best in places with a large flow of people.

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Hot Drinks Vending Machines Prices

The price of hot drinks vending machines vary depending on the customer needs, quality, features, machine efficiency, and brand. Most suppliers are flexible with the payment solutions and offer customers to choose between rental, leasing, and purchasing. Coffee vending machine rental is usually calculated on weekly basis and varies between £5 and £50 per week. Typical floor standing coffee vending machine costs around £5,000 while smaller coffee vending machine with basic features can be purchased for around £900.

The price can vary also according to the machine brand. Most coffee machine suppliers offer brands such as Lavazza, Kenco, Flavia, Douwe Egberts, Nescafé and others.

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Types of Hot Drinks Vending Machines

Hot drinks machines are designed for a variety of needs and purposes, and hence, come in many sizes and types. In general there are two main types – floor standing hot drinks machines and table top hot drinks machines.

Floor standing vending machines are ideal for busy locations. They may vary in terms of price, quality, number of available options, and size. Usually, the basic models provide a range of coffee drinks, hot chocolate drinks variations, and tea. More complex hot beverage vending machine can offer between 10 to 20 options of drinks. The higher quality drinks vending machines offering up to 20 drink options can even deliver soup and cold drinks.

Table top coffee vending machines are a great fit for small workplace and office with limited space. These machines have lower capacity and do not usually offer more than 8 types of beverage. They can be placed on tables or counters and you can relocate them easily.

Additionally, hot drinks vending machines may differ in terms of the ingredients they use to brew the beverages. So while some units operate as instant coffee machines, others provide beverages made from fresh ingredients.

Some vending machines brew fresh coffee by using an integrated bean to cup coffee machine system. The consumer will then receive a high quality beverage. These high class units can of course also provide a freshly brewed cup of tea and a large selection of different coffee drinks.

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Key Features of Hot Drinks Vending Machines

Customers can choose from a wide variety of hot beverage vending machines depending on their specific needs. These are the key features customers should consider:

    1. Cup capacity - Basic machines usually brew around 600 cups per day. More advanced coffee vending machines can serve up to 1400 cups per day which makes them a perfect solution for environments with a high consumption of hot drinks.
    2. Cup size - There are also machines that that serve different cup sizes.
    3. Self-cleaning – Some hot drinks vending machines clean themselves at regular intervals throughout the day.
    4. Energy consumption - Energy efficient coffee vending machines minimise energy consumption by using timers, sensors and special lighting systems, which turn the machine off after a certain period of time. These eco-friendly hot drinks machines can reduce power consumption by up to 35%.
    5. Water filters - the vast majority of vending machines manufacturers use Brita filters. The filters eliminate all undesirable substances from the water and can also soften hard water. Thanks to the filters, these hot drinks vending machines are able to provide pure tasting drinks to consumers.
    6. Size - in general, hot drinks vending machines are large floor standing units. The average height of these machines is 180 cm and the average weight is 140 kg. However, most suppliers offer a free delivery and installation service for their products.
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Coin Operated or Cashless Hot Drinks Vending Machines

Free hot drinks are a good way to welcome clients and partners in style, however such types of hot beverage vending machines may not fit other purposes. When it comes to payment, suppliers offer different options. One can choose between coin or cashless payment systems.  

Such a decision depends mainly on the desired needs and objectives. Some machines offer price change facilities that also include free vend. This allows you to use the machines either for profit or simply to contribute to the business environment.

Technical Support

To guarantee proper functioning of your office coffee vending machine most suppliers offer full technical support and maintenance services. In order to resolve any issues at any time of the day, most suppliers also provide a 24-hour customer service phone line.

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Choose the Best Hot Drinks Vending Machine for Your Business

The best hot drinks vending machines are those that fit your business requirements. In order to choose the best hot drink vending machine, you simply need to define the needs of your business. Deciding where you want to place the hot drinks machine is a good start.

Clarify the future expectations and desired features of the coffee vending machine. Usually, bigger hot drinks vending machines are suitable for environments with a high consumption of hot beverages. Typical locations for such machines are large offices, hotels, receptions, canteens, and hospitals.

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