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Find the Best Business Telephone Systems in the UK

A business telephone system is a comprehensive multi-line telephone communication system widely used among organizations seeking better communication flow and efficiency in their operations.

Business telephone system suppliers offer different types of systems for the market. Phone system prices depend mainly on the choice of features and models. With different offers, both small and large businesses can greatly benefit from a telephone system.

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Different Types & Benefits of Business Telephone Systems

Business telephone systems add value, not only by improving internal communication, but also by improving communication with customers. Investing in such a system for your company will ensure both internal and external development and a professional image, which will improve the performance of daily activities vital for any business.

The main distinction between telephone systems is that some are analogue, while others rely on the Internet to connect receivers, as opposed to telephone lines.

Telephone systems may be classified as either KSU, PBX, or VoIP. For each of the three types there are hosted (cloud) and non-hosted versions, depending on the provider.

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Business Phone Systems Overview

Here is a list of the different types, prices and advantages & disadvantages of each telephone system.

Key Business Telephone System (KSU)

The key business telephone system is the most basic model of phone system available on the market. Also known as KSU - because it uses the Key System Unit to manually select phone lines - this system offers basic features and is very easy to use - making it a perfect solution for small businesses. However, KSU has the disadvantage of having a lack of flexibility and portability. Prices typically vary between £100- £200.

A variation is the KSU-Less, which is totally wireless and does not require a central switching unit. KSU-Less systems are the cheapest available option with prices starting below £100. They are very cost-effective as there is no infrastructure to install. The drawbacks concern the limitations of extensions. Therefore, these systems are recommended for businesses that don’t receive or make a large volume of calls.

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Another type of system is the PBX (Private Branch Exchange system), a much more advanced system than KSU and KSU-Less systems. PBX systems use a programmable switching device which allows for the automatic redirection of calls. Even without electricity, it is possible to continue the businesses’ operations for a certain period of time, as PBX telephone systems offer, among other advanced features, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

PBX are recommended for bigger companies, given the practicality and convenience of the automated system, which can be hosted on premise or by a telephone provider. However, the on premise-based PBX has scalability limitations, as opposed to the hosted PBX.
Prices for PBXs are higher than KSU systems and range from around £130 for a system with 2 lines and up to 6 extensions, to £700+ for a system with 16 lines and 64 extensions.


Voice over IP (VoIP) is the the latest telephone innovation for businesses and the most advanced system because it uses an Internet connection instead of traditional telephone lines.

VoIP phones are available for sale as standalone options or as a hybrid telephone system, compatible with PBX systems or even some key telephone systems. They have many advantages over traditional telephone systems, such as better call quality, less maintenance, greater functionality and better flexibility for communication. One important factor businesses need to consider is to ensure that the Internet connection is able to handle the traffic from the VoIP.

VoIP systems need a compatible VoIP phone set device to operate, which is specially designed for this type of system. However it is also possible to use an analog telephone adapter to ‘transform’ a traditional phoneset into a VoIP one. The average price of a single VoIP phoneset is around £60.

VoIP phone systems don’t have fixed prices, since they are fully customizable and prices depend on whether the phones are on-premise or hosted. On average, prices can range from £2,000 - £15,000. With the hosted VoIP, the payment is per end user and can be £12 - £30 monthly.

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Features of a Telephone System

When choosing the right phone system to best suit your company, it is important to remember that each system is different and that various models have certain features that can be included or added to their systems. Since no two businesses function the same way, telephone systems provide a range of different solutions and functions suitable for any office environment.

Typically, telephone systems include these common features:

Market -inspector -big CroppedConference calls
Market -inspector -big CroppedCall transfers to mobile phones or other local phones
Market -inspector -big CroppedCustomized On-hold music
Market -inspector -big CroppedVoicemail
Market -inspector -big CroppedCall waiting
Market -inspector -big CroppedSpeed dial

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Costs of Telephone Systems

Typical systems consist of following elements:

Market -inspector -big CroppedBase Unit/System - this is the unit that controls the infrastructure of the whole system. The cost depends on the number of phone sets, the number of features, and the number of lines that come from the telephone company.

Market -inspector -big CroppedHandsets/Desk sets - these are units that are attached to a wall or sit on a desk. Because these units come in different types and sizes, prices can range from £50 - £1,000.

Market -inspector -big CroppedWiring - this is the heart of whole system. Prices depend on the infrastructure of the building.

Market -inspector -big CroppedInstallation and Initial Configuration - this is the most time-consuming element when installing systems. The phones have to be installed and configured by a trained technician.

It is important to note that the price of the phones varies depending on the style, capability and features provided by the device.
This brief overview can serve as a good starting point to help you understand the different types of business telephone systems and the benefits your company will face when acquiring a new system. According to your business needs and expectations, it is important to evaluate the different solutions available in the market.

To help you save time when researching, Market-Inspector allows you to compare the price of different telephone systems from the best suppliers. If you would like to receive professional advice and reviews from experts simply fill out the form. You will receive up to four free non-binding quotes tailored to your company needs.