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Last updated: 18 February 2022

9 Changes Your Business Needs to be Ready for in 2022

One constant thing in the world is change. It happens at any time, whether you prepare for it or not. One significant change that the business world faced recently was the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. Most businesses took a huge hit during this lockdown, but 2021 was supposed to be a year when they bounced back from the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the pandemic continued into 2021. Some organisations were able to recover partially, while some couldn’t scale through. Others faced several challenges and implemented various changes to survive this grueling period.

As a business owner, you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking no more changes will occur in the business world. There will be more changes to accommodate the “new normal”. What’s important is that you get ready for them.

Here, we will examine the top 10 changes your business needs to be ready for in 2022.

2022 is full of a lot of uncertainties. But, one thing is for sure: there are a lot of changes coming to many businesses. To avoid being caught unawares, here are 10 changes your business has to prepare for in 2022.

1. Collection and Processing of Information

With the advancement of technology, businesses have found new ways of collecting and analyzing data about different issues. For instance, an organisation might collect data to learn about their consumers or competition.

Businesses use these pieces of information to get insight into their consumers and find ways to come out better than their competitors. However, consumers are getting concerned about what these companies use their personal information for. Hence the emergence of the Data Subject Access Request (DSAR).

DSAR or Data Subject Access Request is when an individual requests that a business discloses the personal data they have on them. In addition to this, the individual would also want to know how the business intends to use the data.

So, because of this, in 2022, your business has to be ready to supply these pieces of information should a consumer file a data subject access request.

2. The Continued Rise of Social Commerce

Social commerce is a term that describes using social media or websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote and sell products and services. Because of the lockdown, most people could not buy things physically. So, they turned to buying items online.

In 2022, get ready for more of this. Your business should develop a social commerce campaign that will drive more consumers to your social media pages and ensure they interact with these pages.

You should employ a social commerce professional who will help your business create and post messages and other interactive features that will promote sales online.

3. Increased Customer Expectations and Standards

Customers always have what they expect a particular brand to offer. Also, they have standards that they will want your business to uphold. Customer expectations are those actions that individuals (your customers) anticipate when interacting with your business.

The primary customer expectations are quality service/products and fair pricing. But in 2022, there would be an increase in these expectations, and your business has to be ready for them.

For instance, your customers will require that their experience with your business become as important as the products or services you offer. Also, the consumers would want you to leverage technology, such as a good CRM system, to deliver exceptional, personalized experiences.

4. More Reliance on Technology

Several technological breakthroughs have helped push the business world to greater heights, and as the year 2022 is here, your business’s reliance on technology, such as using an online shift planner for your employees, might have to increase.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your business will have to depend more on technological advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud databases.
Because some employees will still work from home and customers will be hesitant to leave home, your business will have to look for technology to help you survive this period.

Also, business automation is essential. Business automation is using technology to perform repetitive tasks. This will free up more employee time and increase productivity.

5. Redefined Customer Knowledge

Do not forget that your customers are at the center of your business. So, knowing who your customers are and what they want can be very beneficial to your business. If you can think like your customers, you will make more sales in your business.

This is where customer knowledge comes in handy. Customer knowledge is referred to as understanding who your customers are. When you try to understand your customers, you find out their wants and needs, how they behave, their likes and dislikes, etc.

In 2022, you will have to redefine the knowledge you have about your customers. This is because, with all the changes in the world, their wants and needs have also changed.

To improve your customer knowledge, you can create a customer feedback strategy through surveys and reviews, implement customer relationship management, etc.

6. Purpose Becomes Priority

Even though making profits is one of the major goals of your business, you should start making your business’ purpose a priority. When wondering what your purpose is, you can ask yourself, “why am I doing”

What was that big idea, or what problem were you trying to solve when you started your business? This is your purpose. Having a clearly defined purpose and running with it will help you excel in 2022. Your business needs to exist to serve a meaningful purpose.

Note that your purpose is different from your business’s mission or vision. Your purpose ensures your organisation does better in every aspect.

7. Flatter Organisational Structures

Usually, large organisations are very hierarchical and rigid in their structure. However, as things change, business owners are looking for ways to make their organisation’s structure flatter.

A flat organisation or business has few or no levels of management between the workforce and the highest level of managers (the administration). Some benefits of having a flatter structure in your business include:

    • Elevates the employees’ level of responsibility
    • Ensures a faster decision-making process
    • Improves coordination and speed of communication between the employees
    • Lowers operational costs

8. Business-to-business Content

Business-to-business or B2B content marketing has to do with using content to expand your business’s audience, strengthen your brand affinity, and drive sales by appealing to other businesses.

One thing that sets B2B content marketing apart from other types of content marketing is that it is used solely by businesses for businesses. Identifying your ideal audience, setting goals, choosing the right content types, and creating buyer personas, are some of the crucial steps to take when starting your B2B content marketing strategy.

9. Increased Multichannel Customer Service

Multichannel customer service is a strategy that allows communication between your customers and business on several different channels. For instance, you could communicate with a single customer using chatbots, email, social media, and a phone-based contact center.

In 2022, you should prepare your business to accommodate various forms of communication. The benefits of incorporating multichannel customer service in your business include:

    • Getting the chance to reach more customers
    • Gaining competitive advantage when using multichannel customer service
    • Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Creating more opportunities for customers to contact you

Why Your Business May Need a Change

There are several reasons changes take place in a business. Here are a few of them below.

    • To deliver better customer experiences
    • To accommodate technology that is more digital and modern
    • To create a more fulfilling and effective workplace
    • Pandemics like COVID-19 can create the need for business changes
    • Economic factors can inspire change in a business
    • Governmental regulations or laws could cause a business to change its mode of operation.

In the business world, change is a normal phenomenon to expect. How you deal with these changes will determine if your business will succeed or fail. This article has addressed the top ten changes you should expect as a business owner in 2022.
Knowing these changes will help you to prepare adequately. Once your business is ready to face these changes, you can be sure that you will come out on top by the end of the year.


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