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Last Updated: 13. March 2019

Find the Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

A cup of coffee is always the perfect addition to any work day, and a cup of high quality coffee always starts with the bean. Unlike other types of coffee machines, commercial bean to cup machines offer freshly ground, high-quality coffee with the simple push of a button.

Bean to cup machines are appliances that allow you to brew freshly ground coffee on demand. The bean to cup machines have an integrated coffee grinder built-in to the machine, allowing you to create perfect cappuccinos and lattes while grinding whole beans.

There is a large variety of bean to cup machines on the market. They differ in bean to cup machine prices, size and quality. Bean to cup coffee makers are suitable when there is demand for high quality coffee, whether in a small business, mid-sized business or large business environment.

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Best Prices for Bean to Cup Machine

Bean to cup machines are available in many brands, models, and prices.To be more precise, the price for a bean to cup coffee machine starts from £500 (semi-automatic) and can reach up to £10,000 (fully-automatic). However, as it is already mentioned, it is better to observe such a purchase as an investment with long-term return.

In terms of quality, efficiency, and operational simplicity, the bean to cup coffee maker is the indisputable winner among its competitors. Nevertheless, if the price remains a major barrier that you cannot overcome, keep in mind that it is also possible to rent (short or long-term contracts) a bean to cup coffee machine.

Last but not least, another option to avoid the initial sum of money is to lease the coffee maker with the possibility to buy full ownership after a specific period of time. In this way you don’t pay the initial sum of money for the coffee machine, while you also have the opportunity to test if this coffee machine actually meets your needs.

We recommend reading bean to cup machine reviews when comparing the many different models available on the market. Whether in London or elsewhere in the UK, expect to see the following brands and prices:


MelittaMelitta offers several machines, such as the fully automatic bean to cup Melitta E953-101 Caffeo. Base Melitta models start at around £300 and more premium models cost upwards of £1000.




Delonghi makes some of the best bean to cup machines, with models falling into both the budget and premium categories. Budget models like the Delonghi Magnifica can be found for under £200 and premium models can be purchased for over £1500.




Does your office have 15-50 people? The Jura Impressa XS9 is ideal for small to medium size businesses, and can be yours with full payment, or options such as a 3 year lease for £6 per week or even a 5 year lease option for only £9 per week. Wanting a machine for a large business or popular restaurant? No problem, Jura offers machines for up to 200 consumers.




Looking to serve two cups of espresso in just 33 seconds? Bravilor offers several high performance bean to cup models which range in price from £2000 to upwards of £5000.




Miele offers high quality bean to cup machines that come in both base and premium models, ranging from under £1000 to over £2000

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bean to Cup Machines

Bean to cup coffee machine has several advantages over other coffee machines. It can prepare a freshly grounded coffee on demand and is equipped with an integrated coffee grinder. 

3 Advantages of Bean to Cup Machines

  • bean to cup machines deliver high quality coffee
  • it offers a variety of coffee drinks 
  • it is user-friendly, efficient and fast

2 Disadvantages of Bean to Cup Machines

  • it is difficult to move from one place to another
  • it is one of the most expensive items on the market

When considering whether to purchase a bean to cup coffee maker, several benefits should be taken into consideration. First off, the commercial bean to cup coffee machine offers the possibility to grind coffee beans on the spot, instantly providing a high quality grind to be used in the brewing process.

Freshly ground coffee guarantees that the coffee will have an enriched taste and aroma, increasing the overall quality of the coffee. Another aspect to consider are the two main types of commercial bean to cup machines, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Fully automatic being the quicker and less invovled coffee making process.

Which Coffee Maker is Good For Your Office?

One of the most popular choices for small to medium sized companies is the single-cup coffee maker, such as the Keurig. It offers a quick, easy option that can satisfy most employees' tastes thanks to a variety of 'pods', but requires a 30p expense per cup that cannot always be taken lightly. Moreover, the quality of the coffee depends strongly on the coffee machine, with many models being much better (and much more expensive) than the classic Keurig, which some comment on as making beverages that “taste less and less like coffee with each cup”.

Large offices can instead choose to go for coffee vending machines for a more customizable experience, which also requires less effort in terms of cleaning and choosing a coffee service, since the equipment is tied to a contract with one single brand.

On the other hand, cheap solutions that do not compromise on taste are available in the form of more accessible, basic machinery, but that often includes the burden of regular cleaning. Smaller offices can even choose to rely on single French-press or thermal carafes, which come in different models and sizes, but need to be cleaned by hand.

That choice may lead to a tastier espresso, but it does not allow for much variety besides the milk or no milk option, while single-cup makers and vending machines usually include a larger range of hot beverages, including chocolate and tea. The most demanding employees can even skip the whole hassle to go for personal coffee-making mugs and their own blend.

Find the Best Coffee Machine Suppliers

When choosing the most suitable bean to cup coffee machine for your business, you have to consider several important factors. Here, at Market Inspector, we will connect you with the best suppliers that can make your decision-making process easier to handle. You just have to be clear about your primary objectves of your business and future expectations. Before any decision is made, be sure to establish your needs: what kind fo coffee maker do you need? Should it also have a hot water dispenser functionality?

If you need customised quotes, then by filling in the contact form, Market Inspector will provide you with up to four, free, non-binding quotes to help you make a well-informed purchase.

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