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Last Updated: 06. November 2018

Information About Espresso Coffee Machines

The first coffee espresso machine was built back in 1884 in Turin, Italy. Since then, espresso has grown to become a symbol of the highest quality coffee drink. Its rich flavour, intense aroma and crema layer on the top, makes it a preferred choice for coffee lovers.

There is a wide variety of coffee machines on the market today. From small units for home to big commercial coffee machines, they can serve the perfect coffee shot in several ways.

Capsule and pod coffee machines have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. This trend is due to the fact that they are great coffee machines for a variety of uses and for small businesses since they are small and easy to use.

Capsule and pod coffee machines are similar to espresso coffee machines in terms of processing and technology, and single use coffee machines can deliver a variety of high quality coffee beverages with little to no effort.

Contemporary commercial espresso machines can be ideal for many different needs. They are most commonly used in cafés, coffee shops and canteens. However, these devices can also serve high quality coffee in any company or office.

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Types of Espresso Coffee Machines

Espresso makers have evolved tremendously in the last few decades. Manufacturers are constantly trying to improve their products in order to offer the ultimate coffee experience.

Types Of Espresso Coffee Machines _764x 347 (1)

In general there are three main types of espresso coffee machines:

  1. Semi–automatic machines, also known as classic espresso machines. They possess automatic pump, automatic temperature control and switch buttons to turn off and turn on the pump. They are called “semi-automatic”, because you decide how long will be the coffee beverage, by controlling the process with the switch buttons. Additionally, the semi – automatic espresso coffee machines are one of the most popular choice among customers.

  2. Automatic machines also have automatic temperature control for the boiler and automatic pump. Furthermore, they also have automatic control on the volume of the drinks. In other words, the sizes of the beverages are pre-determined.

  3. Super automatic machines can deliver a cup of hot coffee drink with a touch of a button. All processes are implemented, from grinding the beans to brewing and serving. These units are known as bean to cup machines.

Additionally, some espresso coffee machines as capsule and pod coffee machines can be referred to both semi-automatic and automatic machines. 

Capsule and Pod Coffee Machine Prices

Single servce coffee machine prices vary depending on their features. Basic single use units can start at £79. However, the machine will have limited options such as manual volume control of the drinks and a removable water tank. Advanced capsule coffee machines with automatic volume control, programmable cup sizes, integrated fresh milk tanks can cost up to £400.

The Brewing Process Makes Espresso UniqueEspresso Shot

Brewing an espresso shot is a simple process. It begins with heating up water and moving it through a well compressed, finely ground coffee. However, before doing so,one should tamp the coffee into the portafilter, which makes it harder for the heated water to go through.

This process allows the water to extract the very best of the coffee in terms of aroma and flavour. On top of this bouquet of flavours comes the “crema”, which is extracted by the oils of the ground coffee. 

Regular and High End Professional Espresso Coffee Machines

Depending on their size and quality, there are several distinctive features of espresso coffee machines.

The smallest units are called single boiler for dual usage. These espresso coffee machines have a single boiler and two or more internal thermostats. The first one is for controlling the temperature of the water. The second one is for providing high temperature steam, usually used for milk steaming. Brewing and steaming cannot be performed at the same time on these machines. 

The next machine class starts with heat exchanger machines. These units are pretty much the same as single boiler units. However, there is one major difference; heat exchanger machines can perform brewing and steaming at the same time. 

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Portafilter _769x 389

Last but not least, there is the professional class of dual boilers. They are equipped with two separate boilers. One for boiling water for the brewing process and one that heats water for the steaming process. These units can also perform brewing and steaming at the same time without loss of temperature or pressure.

Performance of Commercial Espresso Machines

When deciding which type of commerial espresso machine to purchase, the performance of the machine must be taken into consideration. The number of people that are expected to be served on an hourly or weekly basis should be taken into consideration in order to ensure everyone will be served with ease.

When deciding on a commercial espresso machine, consider which aspect is of greater importance to you: being able to accomodate high demands of coffee using a complex machine, or having a simple machine that is available at a more affordable price.

Of course, price is often a key variable to consider when purchasing a commercial espresso machine. However, the performance of the machine should certainly be taken into consideration, especially if there is high demand for coffee at your workplace.

What Is a Group Head? 

Most espresso coffee machines has a portafilter. This is where the ground coffee should be placed and tamped. Depending on size and quality there could be machines with more than one portafilter. Each of them is called a group head. Machines with several group heads are considered to be professional espresso coffee machines. They are ideal for high turnover cafés and restaurants.

How Many Group Heads Can Espresso Coffee
Machines Have? 

3 Heads Espresso Coffee MachinesThe smallest espresso coffee makers are working with only one portafilter. High capacity machines are likely to be equipped with 2, 3 or 4 group heads. This means that they can work simultaneously with several portafilters, each of them capable to produce two espresso shots at the same time.

Usually, the units in this class have freely programmable dosage of the output amount of coffee drinks. Additionally, machines with 2 or more brewing groups have individual start and stop buttons for each group. 

Price Range of Espresso Coffee Machines

Espresso machine prices may vary in terms of the available features and the customer needs. Therefore, the espresso makers have a wide range of prices.

A small coffee maker can cost £100 while a big espresso coffee machine with 4 group heads can reach up to £20,000. Depending on their needs, every customer can choose the best coffee machine that fits best their business needs.

Commercial espresso machines differ in price and range from low cost models which have simple functions to high spec models which come with accessories and can brew very high quality coffee. Investing in the right commercial espresso machine ultimately depends on the number of people that will be served.

Commerical coffee machine prices can range from under £300 to over £13,000 for the top models.

If if it expected that a large number of people will be served then it might be beneficial to buy a larger, better performing machine. Another aspect to take into consideration is the number of drinks that will be produced per hour or day. If this number is high then consider buying a machine that produces coffee at very high speeds.

Rent or Lease Espresso Coffee Machines

Renting has become a widespread practice among B2B operations and espresso coffee machines are no exception. Usually, coffee machine suppliers have the option of renting as the price may differ depending on quality, size and purchase price. The price for a coffee machine rental agreement varies between £15 and £40 per week. Since, these coffee units are very popular in coffee business; you can also find some offers to lease coffee machines.

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