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Capsule and Pod Coffee Machines

Coffee is often an important part of people’s daily routine. The beverage is a morning energiser and often used in social settings by the majority of the UK population.

Approximately 70 millions cups of coffee are consumed each day in the UK. More than 60% of the British population admit that they consume coffee both within and outside of their home, typically in offices, coffee shops, and in cafés.

Many people want high quality coffee, but they also want their coffee to be served as fast as possible. Single use capsules, pod coffee machines, and automatic bean to cup machines can deliver high quality coffee in less than a minuteThe question arises what would be the best capsule coffee machine, and what would be the best pod coffee machine?

There is currently a wide variety of single serve coffee machines on the market. These machines are suitable for different environments and needs, from offices to coffee shops and can serve low to high volumes. Before starting your coffee machine research, it is important to identify your needs so you can find the best coffee machine for you.

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What Is a Single Serve Coffee Machine?

Capsule and pod coffee machines have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. This trend is due to the fact that they are great coffee machines for a variety of uses and for small businesses since they are small and easy to use.

Capsule and pod coffee machines are similar to espresso coffee machines in terms of processing and technology, and single use coffee machines can deliver a variety of high quality coffee beverages with little to no effort.

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Furthermore, single serve machines are easier to maintain and they eliminate the mess that occurs with traditional espresso making. This makes them a suitable solution for small offices, cafeterias and any location where there is high demand for good quality coffee beverages.

Different capsule coffee machine brands use their own capsules and pods, which can only be used with their units. For example, Nescafé Dolce Gusto machines work exclusively with pods produced by Nestlé. The same applies for all other capsule machines producers.

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Review of Capsule and Pod Coffee Machines 

Capsule Coffee Machines And Capsules

Some professionals claim that using a single serve coffee machine is cheating, compared to traditional espresso making, but capsule and pod coffee machines are highly efficient units, which can provide high quality coffee drinks at high speeds and with ease.

Capsule and pod coffee machines have features which distinguish them from the rest.These coffee makers are compact, meaning that they can be placed anywhere and do not require a lot of space. Single serve coffee machines are also lightweight and usually weigh between 2 to 5kg, depending on the desired features. More advanced capsule coffee makers have programmable cup sizes and containers for used capsules.

Advanced units also have removable water tanks with a capacity of 0.5 to 1 liter.

Which one is the Best Capsule Coffee Machine? Which one is the Best Pod Coffee Machine?

Depending on the price, capsule coffee machines will differ in terms of quality, size and a variety of other features. Basic units are essentially semi-automatic coffee makers and have limited options. These units have manual volume control, allowing users to regulate the size of the drink. Being compact and lightweight, they can easily be relocated. The removable water tanks allow fast refilling with no need for a water supply connection.

Capsule Coffee Machine In Process

More advanced single serve coffee machines are most often automatic. They have bigger water tanks and automatic volume control for the drinks. Additionally, these units have an automatic power off function, which turns off the machine after a certain amount of time.

This makes these machines more eco-friendly. Some advanced single use coffee makers even have integrated fresh milk tanks and frothers that can provide milk based coffee drinks. These units are ideal for cafes, coffee shops and canteens. They are easy to maintain and serve high quality coffee drinks in less than 20 seconds with the simple touch of a button.

Capsule and Pod Coffee Machine Prices

Single serve coffee machine prices vary depending on their features. Basic single use units can start at £79. However, the machine will have limited options such as manual volume control of the drinks and a removable water tank. Advanced capsule coffee machines with automatic volume control, programmable cup sizes, and integrated fresh milk tanks can cost up to £400.

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Why Choose a Capsule and Pod Coffee Machine?

Capsule InsideIn terms of simplicity, capsule coffee machines are the best way to produce a quality cup of coffee, without the need for advanced coffee making knowledge. The pre-packaged coffee capsules or pods can be placed into the coffee maker and a high quality espresso drink will immediately be brewed.

This eliminates measuring, flavouring and other traditional espresso making processes. Capsules and pods keep coffee fresh by keeping it away from direct light and air. Single serve coffee machines are affordable and usually come with a 2 year warranty.

Searching for the best capsule coffee machine, and best pod coffee machine, can be a time consuming task. If you want to easily compare prices of capsule coffee machines and save time, then fill out a quote request form today. It is free and you will be provided with up to four valuable quotes from our skilled sales team.