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Espresso Maker is the Key

Espresso is the basis for some, if not all, of the coffee drinks that you enjoy consuming during your day. Thus, it makes absolute sense if you plan on investing in an espresso maker that can actually make the difference; an espresso coffee machine or a bean to cup machine that will upgrade your coffee experience to the next level.

However, we know that the world of espresso makers can be complicated sometimes, so do not be complacent. In the market, there is a wide variety of coffee machines ready to fulfil all your expectations and demands, and we are here to contribute to your research by making it clear which is the best coffee machine for different occasions.

Nonetheless, if you do not need a guide to enlighten you from the darkness of coffee-making terminology, and you're ready to act, then this is the last paragraph that you must read.

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The Questions That You Have to Answer Before Starting Your Research

There is no more common thing than being lost within the plethora of options that markets can offer you. In order to avoid over-hasty decisions you have to be aware of two fundamental elements:

  • Efficiency: You have to calculate how much coffee you will need in practical terms. As it was mentioned above, there are plenty of options on the market and knowing the volume of your coffee demand will make your decision-making stage far easier to overcome. How many cups will you need per hour or per day? This shall be the first step of your investigation.
  • Easy-to-use: Do you need a commercial coffee machine for your office, but you do not have the luxury to train every single one of your employees how to manage your new equipment? Or alternatively, do you have a barista “champion” to prepare all your espresso beverages in your venture? These are crucial questions, because you have to know how user-friendly the machine that you intend to purchase should be.

The Main Types of Espresso Maker

The price for an espresso maker varies depending on the integrated features that the machine includes. The price difference can be milestones away, from the most simple home espresso maker with a price around £100 to a big commercial espresso maker with four group heads that can reach up to £20,000.

Thus, answering these two intro questions is indeed as an essential part of the purchasing process. When you have your answers ready, then you can move forward to the different given choices of espresso making.

Coffee Machines UK

Mainly, we could say that there are four (plus one) basic types of espresso maker. These can be summarised as follows:

Pump-Driven Espresso Maker

Without doubts, it is the big player of the market. The key for their success was that they were “lever-free”. What does this mean? For the first time, it was possible for a perfect espresso shot to be prepared without having someone (most of the times a barista) to pump a lever that pressurises the hot water towards the ground coffee. Hence, the brewing process became a piece of cake without affecting the quality of the product.

  • Perfect for coffee shops and restaurants.
  • Depending on the demand, you can choose up to four group heads.

Piston-Driven Espresso Maker

The ex-star player of the market. Pump-driven espresso makers are considered the improvement of the piston-driven ones. As explained above, the main difference is that here the operator handles the lever in order to force the water to the roasted ground coffee. So, the manual force is a precondition for the preparation of the coffee drink.

  • Depending on the demand, you can choose up to four group heads.
  • Α model designed mainly for coffee shops and restaurants, even though the pump-driven maker is considered its technological development.

Steam-Driven Espresso Maker

The very first model of espresso maker. These first espresso machines used steam pressure in order to brew the coffee. This way of coffee making is used even today, but mostly for lower cost machines.

  • Lower cost than other espresso makers
  • Better for home use

Air-Pump Driven Espresso Maker.

The newest commercial arrival. It was firstly introduced in middle 2000’s and it uses compressed air to force the water in the roasted ground coffee in order to brew the espresso shot.

  • Difficult to respond in professional environments with high volume of demand.
  • Portable because of their size and weight.

Pod Espresso Maker

This type of espresso machine relies on the pump technology to force the water through a pre-pressed roasted and ground coffee pod. In other words, their important differentiation lies more in the coffee and its quality rather than the process.

  • They cannot offer the best possible quality.
  • They have the right amount of coffee because every pod is made for one cup of coffee.

Officee Coffee Machine

Rent or Lease an Espresso Maker

It is not always possible to make the money available for an investment as costly as a professional espresso machine can be. Do not imagine that this is something rare. On the contrary, renting an espresso maker has become a massive trend for several businesses all over the world.

The price that you have to pay when you sign a coffee machine rental agreement obviously depends on variables such as the price and quality of the espresso maker. However, you should consider in your mind a price range between £15 and £40 per week.

A second alternative to avoid the initial sum is of course leasing an espresso machine. Many companies offer this type of agreement for most of their models.

In this way you have the opportunity to buy full ownership after a predefined period of time. It is also the perfect way to have a good “crash-test” by first checking if the espresso maker does actually meet your needs before your commit to buying.

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Do Not Waste Time

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In this way you can find the most beneficial solution for you. There are no obligations or charges for this service, so give it a try without a second thought.