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What Are Filter Coffee Machines?

There are many different types of coffee machines, some specifically designed to produce a certain type of coffee, while others can brew a large number of beverages. This wide variety of products makes the choice of the best coffee machine for your business needs even more complicated.

The commercial filter coffee machine is a common machine at many workplaces, brewing black coffee which can be adjusted to the needs of any consumer. As its name suggests, the brewing process involves pouring boiling water through a filter that contains ground coffee.

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Below are some key aspects of filter coffee machines, including their functions, price, and maintenance.

Practicality of Filter Coffee Machines

The filter coffee machine is a traditional coffee machine that has been around for a long period of time and has constantly been adapted to meet the demands of present day coffee consumers. This machine is known for its simplicity, as it easily brews delicious black coffee. The machines have the possibility to brew several cups of coffee at the same time, which is great for workplaces with multiple coffee consumers. Since they are very practical, filter coffee machines are used commercially, and can be adapted to meet the demands of different locations and workplaces.

Commercial filter coffee machines come in a range of models and types- some even come with the possibility to brew coffee for many recipients at the same time, producing up to 24 cups of brewed coffee. Commercial filter coffee machines can be purchased from a supplier or you can look into the possibility of coffee machine rental or lease.

Filter coffee machines are very practical and can be bought at lower prices than other types of coffee machines. Due to their affordability, these machines are popular in both households and office environments. They are perfect as an office coffee machine because they have the capability of serving several people at the same time and in a short time frame.

The ability to measure the amount of ground coffee added to the coffee filter allows coffee consumers the freedom to adjust the strength of their beverages. An alternative to buying a coffee machine is coffee machine rentals. 

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Price of Filter Coffee Machines

Filter coffee machines, like other types of coffee machines, are sold at a variety of price points, depending on criteria such as performance and brand name. Performance of a filter coffee machine is an important aspect when considering purchasing a machine, as a higher performance will guarantee a faster brewing process.

Pricing of filter coffee machines can also depend on their available features, some might be equipped with features such as the possibility to adjust the strength of the brewed coffee by changing the flow of the water. Base model filter coffee machines can be priced as low as £10 and the branded models can be over £100

Brand name filter coffee machines are priced higher than less known brands, due to the better quality of service provided as well as in some cases an increase in performance and reliability of the coffee machine.

Often, the higher priced brand name machines are justified by a more complete overall product.

Advantages of Buying Commercial Filter Coffee Machines

There are numerous advantages to buying commercial filter machines:

  • Simplicity - the process of brewing coffee using filter coffee machines consists of a few simple steps:
  1. filling the water container with cold water
  2. inserting a filter into the designated place
  3. measuring and placing the desired amount of coffee into the filter
  • Price - thanks to the simplicity of brewing coffee with filter machines, they are not equipped with many options. As a result, low prices match their simple design
  • Models come with a range of options - can include separate water boiling supply, dual coffee recipients, and options for controlling the water supply flow to change the taste of coffee for individual preferences 
  • Flexible coffee options - commercial filter coffee machines offer the possibility to use whichever coffee is preferred by the consumer, not being limited by specific coffee beans, such as espresso beans being the only beans used by bean to cup machines.

How to Use a Filter Coffee Machine?

Using filter coffee machines is straightforward, as there are only a few steps to take into consideration before the brewing of the coffee can commence. Using a filter coffee machine to brew coffee is an easy process, as most filter machine models function in a similar manner, regardless of the price range of the machine. Below are steps on how to brew coffee using a filter coffee machine:

  • Fill the water container with cold water until the desired measurement is reached
  • Add the appropriate amount of ground coffee to the filter container, based on how many people will be served (the quantity of coffee should matched the appropriate water measurement)
  • Adjust the flavour and strength of the coffee by changing the flow of the water (not applicable to all machines)
  • Wait for the coffee to brew and the container to be filled to the desired level

The coffee that is brewed can be divided into several cups which can be mixed with various other ingredients in order to create the perfect warm beverage. The easy-to-use nature of filter coffee machines along with their performance makes these types of machines popular in a variety of environments including households or at your workplace.

Maintenance of Filter Coffee Machines

Filter coffee machines are considered low maintenance as they do not require extensive cleaning after each use. The only maintenance that is recommended is the cleaning of the water container before each use and the emptying out the coffee filter. In parts of the world where water contains a higher level of minerals, over time there will be mineral deposits on the inner components of the coffee machine. 

Mineral deposits can be difficult to clean with bare hands, but can be removed using a process known as descaling, either through purchasing commercial products or by creating a descaling solution at home.

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