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Commercial Filter Coffee Machines

Freshly brewed coffee can be achieved many different ways and by using a multitude of different machines. One type of coffee machine that is commonly used and preferred by many is filter coffee machines. These units are excellent when you're looking for a machine to brew ground coffee. Since they are very practical, filter coffee machines are used commercially, and can be adapted to meet the demands of different locations and workplaces. 

Commercial filter coffee machines come in a range of models and types- some even come with the possibility to brew coffee for many recipients at the same time, producing up to 24 cups of brewed coffee. Commercial filter coffee machines can be purchased from a supplier or you can look into the possibility of coffee machine rental or lease

Filter coffee machines are in demand due to their simple brewing process as well as their ability to produce a large quantity of coffee. Serving a large number of people at the same time is a clear advantage in many settings such as office spaces. Thanks to the very short brewing process of the machines, it only takes a minute to serve delicious coffee.

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Advantages of Buying Commercial Filter Coffee Machines

There are numerous advantages to buying commercial filter machines:

  • Simplicity - the process of brewing coffee using filter coffee machines consists of a few simple steps
  1. filling the water container with cold water
  2. inserting a filter into the designated place
  3. measuring and placing the desired amount of coffee into the filter
  • Price - thanks to the simplicity of brewing coffee with filter machines, they are not equipped with many options. As a result, low prices match their simple design
  • Models come with a range of options - can include separate water boiling supply, dual coffee recipients, and options for controlling the water supply flow to change the taste of coffee for individual preferences 
  • Flexible coffee options - commercial filter coffee machines offer the possibility to use whichever coffee is preferred by the consumer, not being limited by specific coffee beans, such as espresso beans being the only beans used by bean to cup machines. 

Due to this simplicity, filter coffee machines are sometimes preferred by consumers over more intricate and complex coffee machines.

Maintenance of Commercial Filter Coffee Machines

Commercial filter coffee machines are able to brew large amounts of coffee simultaneously and at a reasonable price. The simple design and build of these machines results in low maintenance. More technologically advanced machines tend to break down quicker and more often than machines that contain fewer components and which have less coffee brewing options.

Therefore, filter coffee machines tend to have a prolonged lifespan, but that of course depends on the frequency of use. Fortunately, maintenance to prevent breakdown is straightforward and easy to carry out.

Depending on the frequency of use, descaling of the machine is recommended. Descaling implies cleaning the inner components, which may fail to properly work due to the deposit of minerals from the water used. Descaling products can be purchased commercially or can even be created at home with conventional products such as vinegar.

To find out more information regarding the advantages of purchasing commercial filter coffee machines, fill out a quote request form and our qualified sales team will connect you with suppliers of high quality commercial filter coffee machines. You will be provided with up to four free no obligation quotes.