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Last updated: 2 August 2021

Instant Coffee Machines

The Role of Coffee and Instant Coffee Machines

Over the years, coffee has become one of the most popular drinks across the globe, and as a result, instant coffee machines can be found worldwide. From a morning energy booster to a social relationship builder, coffee has become an integral part of our everyday lives.

Coffee machines are becoming an essential piece of equipment for any business environment. There is a wide variety of commercial coffee machines available on the market.

One of the easiest and most relevant solutions for the office is instant coffee machines. Suitable for many needs and workplaces, these instant coffee makers vary from simple programmable units that have a few drink choices, to larger coffee vending machines that have a wider variety of drinks.

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2 Cups Coffee Machine

How Can an Instant Coffee Machine Improve the Working Environment?

Nowadays, coffee is considered a key ingredient for success in every office. Nearly 90% of workers in the UK admit that a good cup of coffee helps improve their day, and the average British employee drinks around 3 cups of coffee per day.

Many people say that sharing a cup of coffee with a client or a colleague can help build a great relationship. Others like the idea that coffee helps bring co-workers together. Moreover, some see coffee as a great brainstorming tool. Gathering around the office coffee machine is not just a break from daily tasks, but also a social and creativity trigger.

Main Features of Instant Coffee Machines 

    • Easy maintenance - instant coffee machines are the least time consuming units when it comes to maintenance. It takes around 30 seconds to clean a typical instant coffee machine.
    • Speed - it takes between 25 and 35 seconds for an instant coffee machine to serve a drink.
    • Capacity - depending on the brand, instant coffee machines can serve from 300 up to 800 cups per hour, which means they serve more drinks per hour than any other machine, making them the perfect choice for places with high coffee consumption.
    • Size - unlike extremely large vending machines, commercial instant coffee makers are smaller in size and lighter in weight. The normal weight of an instant coffee machine is between 20 and 40 kilograms, which makes them easy for relocation. 
    • Drink selection - again, depending on the brand, instant coffee machines can offer a number of different drinks. Most tabletop machines can brew between 6 and 10 drinks.
    • Drink size and strength - most tabletop machines come with standardised strong and large beverage options, which offers even greater drink customisation.

Instant Coffee Machines Coin Control

Many instant coffee makers are available as coin operated systems or as free access machines. Due to the growth rate of contactless payment options, some coffee machine suppliers offer cashless systems of payment as a custom option. Different suppliers offer different options for instant coffee machines depending on the needs and purposes of each business.

Coffee At The Office_

Main Water Supply and Pumped Supply

Instant coffee machines use two types of water supply systems: main water supply or separate pumped containers. The first one means that the machine is a built in coffee machine - meaning it is plumbed into the main water supply and there is no need to fill the water container or empty it after use. This makes it a convenient choice for environments with high demands and volumes of coffee consumption. 

The pumped version contains a water tank from where the water is pumped under pressure as part of the coffee making process. This means the water tank has to be refilled every time the water runs out. It is suitable for small offices with smaller coffee demands.

Price Range of Instant Coffee Machines

The price of commercial coffee machines varies depending on size, type and other custom needs. The price of a small tabletop machine with basic features can start around £900. The price of commercial instant coffee machines increases as you add more features and options, as they can cost up to £3,000.

Renting Instant Coffee Machines

If your business cannot afford to purchase an instant coffee machine, there are a lot of companies that offer coffee machine rental agreements. Renting a tabletop machine can be a suitable and financially relevant option for small companies.

The rental price depends on the features desired by the client. Usually, the price for an instant coffee maker is based on a weekly rate that can vary between £5 to £30 per week.


Maintenance and Service of Instant Coffee Makers

Maintenance and service agreements can be beneficial for people interested in buying an instant coffee machine. They serve as a guarantee that a given product will meet all expectations in terms of quality, value and ability.

In order to protect the client’s investment in instant coffee machine equipment, most of the suppliers offer full customer service 24 hours a day. Whether you require a unit to be fixed or want to ask a simple question, suppliers are always ready to keep their clients satisfied.

Why Choose an Instant Coffee Machine?

When doing a cost to quality analysis, instant coffee machines are definitely one of the best choices for affordable and good quality hot beverage machines - from complex coffee orders, to simple a filtered hot water dispenser functionality. They are lighter than vending machines, easier to maintain than espresso coffee machines, and faster than any other coffee maker. 

If you want to compare prices of instant coffee machines, simply fill in a quote request form today. Our sales staff will help you find the best instant coffee machine for your business. Our qualified coffee machine suppliers will contact you as soon as possible. All quote requests are free of charge and without any obligations.

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