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What Is a Wireless Colour Laser Printer?

A wireless laser colour printer is essentially a network printer that can connect to a wireless network and receive printing jobs directly from mobile devices and equipment that are connected to the network. This feature is found in modern domestic and commercial printers and photocopiers, allowing the device to be placed where it is most convenient, as opposed to the nearest power outlet.

The feature is in itself not expensive and most printers sold today include wireless functionality, albeit to a varying extent. Most, if not all wireless printers, will be able to connect to a local Wifi or WLAN network and some will be able to connect to a variety of mobile devices and online platforms.

Mobile Business Spreadsheets For Printing

Wireless colour printers are convenient as they can be placed away from your desk, in a dedicated printer room where printing supplies are stored, or in a part of the office that is accessible for all of your colleagues.

Moreover, wireless colour laser printers can be a useful addition to retail operations that employ ePOS (electronic point of sale) and mPOS (mobile point of sale) solutions and have the need to print high quality invoices from a variety of devices.

Investing in a colour laser printer with wireless functionality will ensure that you and your colleagues can effortlessly connect to your printer, regardless of which device they are connecting from.

How to Print With a Wireless Colour Laser Printer

There are a variety of ways to print wirelessly with a colour laser printer and they can vary between devices and printer models.

Most business printers will utilise Wifi as a wireless connection, however, with the global growth in use of mobile and cloud technologies to handle email and documents, printer manufacturers are starting to include cloud and mobile printing as a standard feature.

Ethernet Cable For Printing

This growth is primarily fuelled by younger demographics (18-34 year olds) that require complete accessibility. The need to print wirelessly from smartphones, tablets and digital cameras is growing as younger demographic's adoption of mobile devices rises.

Users today can connect to printers via an ad hoc network (P2P) but more commonly via an infrastructure network (many machines connected via a base station, usually a wireless router). The most common forms of wireless printing that can replace Ethernet and USB cables include:

  • Wifi is the most common means of printing wirelessly as it is the most widely used form of wireless communication within printing.

  • Wifi-Direct (also known as Wifi P2P) works by pairing two Wifi compatible devices directly and does not require a Wifi network in the same way that basic Wifi printing does. This is beneficial for users that do not have a local Wifi network setup.

  • Bluetooth is a less ubiquitous form of wireless printing and is mostly used with headset technology. It is however included as a form of wireless printing with many printer models.

Apple Airprint allows iOS devices to print to a local machine over a wireless network. This is beneficial for businesses that are dependant on devices that run Apple’s mobile operating system.

Multiple Devices Connecting Wirelessly To A Wireless Printer title=

  • Google Cloud Print is an online service that allows users to easily connect to a printer via the internet. This can be convenient for businesses that have a BYOD (bring your own device) policy and have many employees that need to use several printers or for multinational firms that need to print documents remotely.
  • Epson iprintHP eprint and Brother’s iPrint&Scan are examples of mobile applications that are developed by printer manufacturers. These apps can assist mobile device users with connecting users to their printers. While these apps may support printing for individual brands, wireless services such as Google Cloud Print can work for all printers that have the “Google Cloud Print Ready” feature.

  • NFC (Near Frequency Communication) is a relatively new technology that is typically associated with digital payment validation systems that are used with ePOS systems. While it is strictly speaking not a means of sending documents to a printer, it is used as a way to simplify the setup process for new wireless devices. NFC is a technology that is included in almost all mobile devices produced after 2013 and the scope of its usage is set to grow in the coming years.

Which Are the Best Wireless Colour Laser Printers?

The world that we live in is becoming increasingly digitised and the incorporation of wireless technologies in electronics is a natural aspect of this growth. Wireless colour laser printers are no exception.

One of the best ways to enable the modern employee is to support their daily activities by making them uncomplicated. This allows  them to spend their time and resources on what matters. Wireless printers must be easy to connect to and should be able to handle data in the same way that they would if they were connected by cables.

The best wireless colour laser printers will make producing high quality documents convenient and engaging for you and your colleagues.

Printing Business Documents Wirelessly From Mobile Tablet

There are an extensive number of devices that are used in the modern workplace, they can vary in not only their wireless capabilities but in how their software interacts with other devices. It is vital that wireless printers can work with any device, regardless of their operating system.

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