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Hire a Photocopier for Your Business

Photocopiers are an important part of any business. Whether you need them to serve your company’s day-to-day clerical needs or to take on a higher volume load of printing and scanning, it is invaluable to have one at your workplace.

Purchasing a photocopier, however, is only one of the ways to get your hands on such a machine. If your business cannot afford the hefty sum required to buy a new business photocopier, you may want to consider the most suitable alternatives according to the size and needs of your business. The alternatives to buying a photocopier are:

  • renting a photocopier
  • leasing a photocopier

Market Inspector has prepared a detailed description of all the photocopier rental options, in addition to a guide that will help you decide which of alternatives fit your business the best. You can find all the answers you need about photocopiers rental for various types of businesses and compare their prices.

If you are interested in finding more information on renting and leasing photocopiers, just fill in the form at the top of the page and we’ll make sure to provide you with up to four, free, non-binding quotes to help you make a well-informed decision.

Learn About Hiring a Photocopier

Why Should You Rent a Photocopier
Cost of Photocopier Rental
How to Rent a Photocopier
Is Photocopier Rental Suitable for Your Business?
Types of Photocopier Lease
Should You Rent or Lease a Photocopier?
Best Photocopy Machines for Small Business
Best Photocopy Machines for Medium-Sized Businesses
Best Photocopy Machines for Large Businesses

Why Should You Rent a Photocopier?

There is no doubt that a photocopier is an essential equipment in every office, however, the usage may vary considerably. Some businesses may not need a photocopier, except during a specific time of the year or during specific projects; whereas other business require a photocopier at all times. When your business needs to use a photocopier only during specific times of the year, there are options available that will provide access to a photocopier without needing to purchase one.

In many cases, renting a photocopier instead of buying one is a better solution. One reason is being able to avoid the additional costs of buying a new machine. Moreover, by renting, your business saves money from maintenance and resource fees. Due to the flexibility that renting provides, photocopier rental is, in many cases, the best answer for your business needs. Rental agreements can vary from a few days to three years, so you won’t be limited by time.

When is it Best to Hire a Photocopier

This alternative to buying a photocopier is typically suitable for situations like:

Special events:   Periods of high volume document production:
- trade shows - tax seasons
- conventions - quarterly auditing
- festivals - end of year reporting
- commercial fairs - legal work
- exhibitions - contract work


Cost of Photocopier Rental

In the table below, we represent the three main categories photocopiers are usually arranged into. In order to make it easier for you to understand which option is most suitable for your business, we have displayed the photocopier volume and functionality.

Volume Copies (per month) Cost (per month) Functionality
Low Volume (B&W) 700-5000 £20-30 Basic Hardware Scanner
Low Volume (Colour) 700-5000 £30-40 Basic Hardware
Coloured Scanner
Mid Volume (B&W) 10,000-40,000 £40-70 Advanced hardware
Colour scanner/printer
& more
Mid Volume (Colour) 10,000-40,000 £60-100 Advanced hardware
Colour scanner/printer
& more
High Volume (B&W) 40,000+ £100-200 State-of-the-art hardware
Larger paper trays
Network capability
Automatic document management
& more
High Volume (Color) 40,000+ £150-300 State-of-the-art hardware
Larger paper trays
Network capability
Automatic document management + Hi-def colour printing
& more
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Types of Photocopier Rental

Renting or hiring a photocopier is one option that provides the most flexibility in the shortest possible time frame for owning a photocopying unit (i.e., from a few days, and up to a year). For occasions where you do not want to rely on a third party to get the job done you can hire a printer that fits your demands and get the quality and flexibility of owning a photocopier without any inconvenience.

When you’ve assessed your needs for the occasion at hand, most suppliers will let you choose from a range of MFPs (multifunction printers), fax machines, and copiers in desktop or high-volume format, complete with delivery, removal, full user training, supplies, and support.

Photocopier Rent Lease

How to Rent a Photocopier 

Companies that offer photocopier rental deals usually refer to a mid-term agreement ranging anywhere between a few months to a few years.

The main difference between the two is that renting provides more flexibility in the form of a month-to-month agreement, which can be terminated quickly (generally by giving a 30 days’ notice to the supplier).

Another difference is that the monthly hiring fee is based on a predetermined number of pages or a general copy volume and includes parts, labour, service, and consumables (such as toner, ink etc.). Renting becomes cheaper when the period spans only a few months.

Renting a photocopier often involves agreement on maintenance and repairs, which eliminate any unexpected costs. Additionally, your supplier may also cover the replenishment of consumables such as toner and ink (paper, however is almost never included).

Another advantage of renting is the option to upgrade your equipment. This is particularly appealing because with advancements in technology nowadays, a photocopier might be obsolete in a year’s time, and this way you are ensured a top quality machine whenever a new one becomes available. Unlike owning the unit, you would have the freedom to upgrade without having to dispose off the old one and re-invest in a new machine.

However, renting a photocopier has some disadvantages as well. Before taking a decision to rent you should be aware of some things.
Firstly, when it comes to monthly fees, renting a photocopier machine is, in general, more expensive than leasing. This can be due to the contract agreement, which is usually shorter and more flexible.

Secondly, you need to keep in mind your business’ needs. If your work requires intensive usage of photocopying, it can be more reasonable to buy or lease a photocopier. Otherwise, in the long run, you can end up paying more in rent than the actual cost of the photocopier.

Advantages of Renting a Photocopier
Flexibility in rental time Flexibility in upgrading/downsizing
Maintenance + coverage A next-day guarantee
Lower risk and expense Fast delivery of equipment
Up-to-date technology Tax benefits
Asset Tracking Asset Management


Disadvantages of Renting a Photocopier
Higher payment terms than leasing Paying more in terms than actual photocopier price


Is Photocopier Rental Suitable for Your Business? 

It is typically suitable for companies that need a photocopier for more than a couple of weeks, but less than a couple of years, when working on periodic project basis without any unexpected fluctuations in printing volume.

For new businesses, renting may be the only option. With limited capital, start-ups may need to invest elsewhere in order to survive and grow, therefore buying a photocopier would be terribly impeding on the budget. Renting one, however, would allow them to acquire a better and more sophisticated machine than what they can actually afford. That way the company can enjoy the benefits of owning a top-shelf model with all of its advantages at a minimum risk and expense.

When and How to Lease a Photocopier?

A lease agreement for a photocopier typically spans anywhere from six months to five years. It is the next best thing to owning the machine in the long run. It usually involves paying a fixed monthly fee. However, since your business does not own the photocopier machine, the leasing fee you pay to the supplier could be as much as 100% tax deductible.

If you are confident that your company can cover the monthly lease fee on time each month for the entire duration of the contract, then photocopier leasing is the way to go. It has a number of benefits, not least of all that it doesn’t tie up capital and is cheaper than renting or hiring for longer periods of time.

When leasing a machine, your business can avoid paying a large lump sum all at once, which is the photocopier cost, and therefore could invest those money elsewhere in your business.

When you have take the decision to lease a photocopier machine, you need to get familiar with the different options and conditions of the leasing agreements. Normally, those options are provided by the photocopier supplier or a third party company, which eases the process of leasing.

Another thing you should be aware of when deciding to lease is the payment of a service contract that goes together with the lease agreement. The service contract covers services such as regular maintenance, repairs, and toner replacements. Here again, make sure you the service contract you are paying for covers not only the mentioned services but also includes parts and labour as well.

Unlike the monthly fixed lease, the service contract payments can either be fixed or they can be based on your monthly usage. Some contracts even include elements of both. Therefore, getting to know the different options, suppliers, and agreements is a necessity, and careful consideration is highly recommended.

When the agreement period comes to an end, you will have several choices:

  • purchase the machine
  • return it to the supplier
  • sign a new lease (for the same copier or upgrading to a new machine)

This of course does not mean that upgrading of the machine cannot happen during the leasing period. However, this can also mean that you will be charged an additional fee for doing so.

Photocopier Copy Leasing Renting

Types of Photocopier Lease  

Lease agreement differentiate broadly, but basically we can put them in two big groups:

1. Lease Rental

Practically, this type includes a fixed period of time (usually more than a year), that is mentioned in the lease agreement, where you pay a specific fee. Those agreements however do not give you the freedom to back out earlier than the established time frame, and if you do you will have to pay the remaining instalments up front.

An essential side of this type of lease contract is the ownership of the machine, which remains with the leasing company at the end of the contract. Be aware when signing your leasing contract in order to avoid any misunderstandings and regrets.
An advantage here is the fact that your business does not pay a big amount of money at once, and lease rental agreements usually cover maintenance services. Moreover, signing this agreement entitles you to free upgrading opportunities.

2. Lease Purchase

Lease purchase contracts have the same pattern as the lease rental, the only difference is that when the established agreement period expires, you are entitle to the ownership of the machine.

Because of all the conditions and specifics that each lease agreement contains, you need to thoughtfully check it before signing. Make sure to get to know, in detail, the terms of the contract during the leasing period, but do not forget to also carefully study what happens at the end of the agreement and after. In some cases, the lease period will run beyond the minimum period you have agreed upon unless you clearly do not end the contract.

Average Leasing Rates of a Photocopier

In order to get a general idea of how much leasing an office photocopier will cost, we have prepared a table with estimated copier leasing rates below.

Photocopier Model (covered by the lease) Price per month Leasing Period (months)

A Sharp MX-M450N:

  • 45 copies per minute
  • 2,500 paper capacity
  • network printing
  • 40 GB HD 
£158 39

A new Ricoh Aficio3035 Copier:

  • fax
  • 35 pages per minuteppm
  • document feeder
£170 -

Sharp AR-M277:

  • maintenance
  • toner
  • repairs
£134 -

Sharp MX-3501N color copier:

  • delivery and installation
  • labor and maintenance
  • parts
(+ ¢1 B&W and ¢6 cent color cost per copy)

A low volume copier:

  • 20-30 pages per minute

If you are interested in finding more information on  renting and leasing photocopiers, just fill in the form at the top of the page and we’ll make sure to provide you with up tofour, free, non-binding quotes to help you make a well-informed decision.

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When Should You NOT Lease?

If you are a new company planning your long-term business plan, it may be unwise to enter a long-term binding contract with no way out. Additionally, you may not need to lease altogether. Make sure to inspect your monthly printing needs before jumping to conclusions. If you make less than 700 copies a month, instead of leasing, a more suitable deal would be to buy a desktop MFP which will sufficiently cover your daily needs.

Advantages of Leasing a Photocopier
fixed monthly payment (16-64 months) lower payment fees than renting
flexibility in upgrading/downsizing Aflexible copier leasing terms
flexibility in managing cash flow flexibility in managing funds


Disadvantages of Leasing a Photocopier
long-term leasing contract than rental agreements (3 years min contract) when downsizing, you still need to pay off the payments until the contract is completed
fee when upgrading fee when downsizing


This option is a good choice for that simply cannot afford purchasing a unit in the size that fits their needs, as well as larger companies that prefer to have the maintenance, repair, and consumables replenishment services all bundled up and handled by the supplier.

Should You Hire or Lease a Photocopier?

When searching the best alternative to buying a photocopier for your business, you need to take into consideration a few things such as:

Usage of the Photocopier

How often do you use a photocopier in your daily business operations? When you know the intensity your photocopier needs, it is easy to work out how much renting will cost for overtime. If after the calculation it is clear that purchasing a photocopier is cheaper in the long run, then you have the answer you are looking for.

Equipment Upgradation

Even though purchasing might seem like the better option in some circumstances, you should keep in mind that renting has a specific advantage to it that leasing does not provide.For example, in case of purchasing a photocopier (leasing), you need to pay a fee when upgrading the equipment, where as renting a photocopier secures you free access to the best equipment every time you need it.

Access and Installation

Time and effort should be factors to take into consideration when making the choice between renting or leasing a photocopier. You should think if you are ready to sacrifice the time and energy you need to put into installing a photocopier every time you rent one.

After answering the questions above, the next step to take is reviewing and figuring out the volume of copying required, not only the length of time the equipment is needed for.

Best Photocopy Machines for Small Business

When we talk about small businesses we need to consider the fact that these type of organisations have limited earning and, respectively, limited money for expenses. However, there are a lot of small businesses that require the frequent use of a photocopier, and since they cannot afford to spend huge amounts of money for purchasing a machine, Market Inspector has prepared a list with the best and most affordable photocopy machines for small businesses under $400:

Machine Description
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Printing speed (black) - 19 ppm
  • Single-pass, duplex scan-scans both sides of your document in a single pass
  • Easily Connect your mobile devices without a router using
  • Wi-Fi Direct connection
  • Hi-capacity toner options keep up with your printing needs and limit toner Replacement interruptions
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Printing speed (black) - 7 ppm
  • Printing Speed (color) - 4 ppm
  • Memory card slot
  • Touchscreen
  • Capacity (input tray)- 80 sheets
  • Capacity (output tray)- 25 sheets
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Printing speed (black) - 14 ppm
  • Wireless connectivity Air Print, Google Cloud Print, Wi-Fi
  • Easily access the scan, eco-copy, and secure print functions right from the control panel with the Simple Solution Keys
  • Navigate through all features seamlessly with the 7-line color L
  • CD display
  • Send scanned documents and forward received faxes to a recipient through email or file server
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Multifunctional printing
  • Capacity (monthly) - 1,000/2,500 pages:
  • 50-sheet multipurpose tray 1
  • 250-sheet tray 2
  • 250-sheet tray 3
  • Operate it with Smartphone, tablet, and computer compatible with windows 10
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Printing speed (black) - 24 ppm
  • Scan resolution - 600 x 600 DPI
  • 250 Sheet Input Tray
  • 533 MHz
  • 256 MB
  • 8.5" x 14"
  • Max Duty Cycle 40 000 Pages
  • USB
  • Color Laser
  • Easy Installation


Best Photocopy Machines for Medium-Sized Businesses

Medium-Sized Businesses are characterised as neither too small nor too large enterprises. But what is the size of a medium-sized business? According to the European Union, a medium-size enterprise is any organisation with between 50 and 250 employees, annual turnover of between €10m and 50m and between €10m and €43m in assets.

However, shopping for photocopiers is difficult, it can be even more difficult when you have to stick to certain budget or tight space limitations.

We want to help you make the right decision for your needs,. therefore, we have prepared a list with the best photocopier for medium-sized businesses.

Machine Description
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Swift black and white printing
  • Printing speed (black) - 20 ppm
  • Capacity (highly responsive MFP) - 2,000 sheet paper
  • Reduced time on re-filling the paper tray
  • Large touch-screen display + intuitive menus
  • PIN passwords for users
  • TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) - 1.5 W (sleep mode)
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Twin trays print both A4 and A3 paper
  • 20-sheet Automatic Document Feeder
  • Duplex scan head (scanning both sides of the sheet with single pass)
  • 93mm touchscreen
  • MemoryStick+SD + USB +Pictbridge slots
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Lighten or darken images and files
  • Wi-Fi and USB style="background-color: transparent;">connectivity
  • Printing speed (color) - 10 ppm
  • Printing speed (monochrome) - 12 ppm
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Capacity (monthly) - 175,000 pages/images per month
  • Printing speed - 35 (color) ppm
  • Range of media finishing options (ink. booklet and tri-folding capability)
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Excellent image quality, sleek styling and versatility
  • ironclad document security
  • Printing speed (color) - 25 ppm
  • intuitive touch panel
  • e-BRIDGE technology
  • Finishing functions (multi-stapling and staddle-stitch)
  • Banner mode printing + blank page omission


Best Photocopy Machines for Large Businesses 

Logically, large enterprises are defined as any organisation with more than 250 employees, regardless of revenue, or, if the employee number is unknown, then the revenue of greater or equal to £22.8m is classified as a large businesses.

If you operate a large business, it requires a large photocopier, or at least a photocopier with great power. Depending on your business-size you may need one or several machines in order to handle the workload.

Large organization require heavy-duty, high quality MFPs machines in order to get the job done on time.

Since the photocopier opportunities out there are unlimited, we have put together an overview of the best models on the market that can satisfy a large business’ daily needs.

Machine Description
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Wide range of IT environments
  • Supports a range of paper formats, including custom sizes and banners up to 1.2 metres in length
  • Nine-inch colour touch panel + multi-touch support
  • Reduce on paper consumption
  • Printing speed (monochrome) - 28 ppm (A3)
  • Eco timer analyses your working hours and adjusts the timing of sleep mode accordingly
  • Passwords and ID cards
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Capacity (monthly) - 4,700 sheets
  • Print and copy speed - 45 ppm
  • Add-ons can be added (including booklet creation, saddle stitching and watermarks)
  • Customisable page size and formatting
  • Security features (including user authentication and access restriction)
  • Ethernet + USB + wireless connectivity + high-res colour printing
  • Single pass duplex feeder + lightning + bolt scanning
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Flexible for common and uncommon document-processing jobs
  • Print and copy speed - 75 ppm
  • Duplex printing
  • Capacity (monthly) - 75,000 sheets
  • Resolution 2,400 DPI (array of coated and uncoated stocks)
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • Low energy consumption
  • User interface
  • Access from UI + a customised media catalogue
  • Printing speed - 138 ppm (A4 duplex)
  • fax+scanner+copier
  • e-Task colour touch screen
  • 3GB of upgradable memory
  • 800MHz dual-core processor
  • built-in two-sided printing
  • print on diverse materials
  • Capacity (monthly) - 100,000 sheets
  • highly efficient paper handling
  • Print and copy speed - 70 ppm
  • Resolution - 1,200 x 1,200 DPI

 If you are interested in finding more information on  renting and leasing photocopiers, just fill in the form at the top of the page and we’ll make sure to provide you with up to four, free, non-binding quotes to help you make a well-informed decision.

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