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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

Which Coffee Machine Should You Choose For Your Office?

It is becoming more and more popular for offices to have coffee machines to provide hard workers with a fresh and energizing hot drink during a long day at the office. There are many different options available on the market and it can be difficult to choose. This guide will introduce you to the four main types of office coffee machines and hopefully make choosing a machine easier.

Filter Coffee Maker

The first option is the common filter coffee maker. This coffee machine for office use is best suited to small offices and it is easy to use and install. Filter coffee machines are also the least expensive coffee makers. French press coffee and coffee capsules are popular rivals to filter coffee.

Coffee Vending Machine

This second option is ideal for larger offices with many employees, as this kind of coffee maker offers instantaneous coffee as well as decaffeinated options such as tea or hot chocolate. The coffee vending machines are usually quite cheap to rent.

Vending _machines

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

The third option is a bean to cup coffee machine, which provides a cup of freshly ground coffee, simply by just pressing a button. These machines can also brew fancy coffee variations, such as lattes or cappuccinos, which is always a hit at the office. These coffee makers are particularly well-suited to busy office environments, where people value good quality coffee and enjoy indulging in different kinds of hot beverages and coffee. Bean-to-cup coffee machines tend to be one of the most expensive kinds of coffee makers, due to the high quality and tasty coffee they produce.

Espresso Coffee Machine

The fourth and final option is an espresso coffee machine. Espresso is the type of coffee, which contains the most caffeine per unit volume, hence it is usually served in smaller doses. Espresso machines are often found in cafés, restaurants, as they can make multiple cups of coffee in a short space of time. An espresso machine could be a great addition to your office’s café, canteen or lounge.

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