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Last updated: 3 August 2021

Franke Coffee Machines

Franke Coffee Machines Deliver Premium Quality

Franke is one of the leading providers of coffee machines based out of Aarburg, Switzerland. With over 100 years of history, Franke coffee machines are one of most reputed in the world due to the standard of innovation and efficiency set by them.

Franke is one of the coffee machine suppliers with a wide product portfolio that can be catered to all types of businesses. They know the importance of a good cup of coffee for boosting workplace productivity, and that is the reason why they haven’t fell short of incorporating premium quality to give you a barista-style experience.

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Franke Coffee Machine Models

Franke coffee machines are split into the FoamMaster, Evolution and Flair series with which are readily available in the UK with multiple specifications.

Franke FoamMaster Coffee Machines

Franke FoamMaster coffee machines are equipped with latest technology that produces exceptional foam quality for serving a wide range of milk-based espresso drinks.

Inside these FoamMaster coffee machines, there are additional grinders for efficient grinding power, 3 large bean hoppers to meet your daily coffee needs and also a flavour station to give you a variety of options. This is all complemented by its touchscreen user interface on the outside that is both smooth and appealing. This commercial coffee machine designed by Franke delivers to give you the most complete coffee experience.

Although Franke FoamMaster coffee machines require a significant investment, they have an edge over all coffee machines in terms of quality and types of beverages. The Foam Master series has four coffee machine models currently available in the UK, namely Foam Master 750/850, Foam Master A800 & A600.

If you are looking for a coffee machine that does all the work for you without giving you headaches about cleaning and maintenance, then Franke FoamMaster coffee machines are the best possible choice!

Franke Evolution Coffee Machines

Franke Evolution coffee machines are highly customisable. They can be tailor made to serve just espresso or to produce a diverse amount of milk-based coffee drinks as per your choice.

They are very compact and efficient making them very suitable as your office coffee machine. It features 2 large bean hoppers that are fully removable. The outlet can be arranged to fit all sizes of cups and the dispenser system makes sure that cups are filled to the right amount.

Compared to the FoamMaster model, there are noticeable differences in quality of foam and grinding power. It also does not support a flavour station for giving flavoured syrups.

But if you are a looking for an affordable coffee machine that gives decent quality coffee and at the same time can be used to cater to all types of businesses, then Franke Evolution coffee machines are the right choice!

Coffee _foam

Franke Flair Coffee Machines

Franke Flair coffee machines are small and portable coffee machines that will serve your basic coffee needs very well in addition to being very simple to use. It is perfect for businesses with limited coffee needs.

Franke Flair coffee machines offer limited functionalities compared to other models of Franke coffee machines. For example, the size of bean hoppers is relatively small, which raises the need for constant refilling and maintenance.

But if you are looking for a coffee machine that has only basic features but is very budget friendly, then Franke Flair coffee machines are the optimal choice.

Choosing the Right Franke Coffee Machine

Once you have decided to go with a Franke coffee machine as your new automatic coffee machine, you will need to decide which machine is the right fit for your needs.

To make your choice easier, we have made a comprehensive review of Franke coffee machines based on most important metrics like performance, portability, maintenance, and ease of use.

Let’s start with performance which is measured by amount of daily cups served by a Franke coffee machine. Franke FoamMaster FM850 and Franke Evolution serve highest amount of cups in a day because of their high bean storage capacity. This makes them very suitable for large businesses. Franke Flair Coffee machine has the lowest output out of all machines due to its small size, making it a good candidate for small workplaces.

The second factor is portability, or ease with which you can move your Franke coffee machine around. Franke Flair & Franke A600 have the lowest weight out of all machines, with Franke Flair coffee machine being the most portable coffee machine with a weight of just 20kg making it relatively easy to move around your office. The newest FoamMaster machines are the most bulky bean to cup coffee machines because of add on features like the flavour station & additional dispensers.

The third factor is ease of cleaning your Franke coffee machine. Here, FoamMaster 850 and FoamMaster A800 have an integrated and fully guided automatic cleaning systems that thoroughly cleans your Franke coffee machine with a touch. Franke A600 has an EasyClean system which is also automatic as compared to the CleanMaster, but requires the manual addition of cleaning liquid. Franke Evolution and Franke Flair have a very standard cleaning system with some manual input required.

The last factor in choosing the best Franke coffee machine is the user interface, or ease with which you navigate through your coffee machine. FoamMaster and A600 are equipped with a considerably sized touch screen display making them very handy and tempting to use. Franke Evolution & Franke Flair on the other hand have standard buttons for navigation with a small LCD display.

Specifications of Franke Coffee Machines
Comparison metricsFranke FoamMaster FM850Franke FoamMaster A800Franke A600Franke EvolutionFranke Flair
Output (per day)350 cups150 cups150 cups200 cups60 cups
Weight55 kg58 kg38 kg45 kg20 kg
User InterfaceTouch ScreenTouch ScreenTouch ScreenBasicBasic
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Types of Beveraged Served by Franke Coffee Machines

The most important factor in your decision to buy Franke coffee machine is the variety of drinks that your coffee machine is able to produce.

All machines are able to serve basic coffee and the espresso-based variants like cappuccino & latte macchiato. But FoamMaster coffee machines have an edge in terms of comprehensive variety, as they are also able to produce brewed coffee and generate foam from cold milk.

As Foam Master models have a flavour station that has automatic dosing of different syrups, they are able to give flavour shots in addition to serving chocolate milk because of a chocolate powder dispensing system.

Franke Flair coffee machine has limited choice in terms of drink variety as most milk-based drinks require a separate milk system that can be added at an additional cost.

Types of Beverages Served by Franke Coffee Machines
Beverage typesFranke FoamMaster FM850Franke FoamMaster A800Franke A600Franke EvolutionFranke Flair
Milk Coffeeyesyesyesyesoptional
Latte Macchiatoyesyesyesyesoptional
Warm Milk Foamyesyesyesyesoptional
Cold Milk Foamyesyesnonono
Brewed Coffeeyesyesnonono
Flavour Shotsyesyesnonono
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3 Things to Consider Before Making Your Decision

Now that you know about how Franke coffee machines rank in terms of quality, you are probably wondering which coffee machine is most suitable for your need. Here are list of 3 things you must consider to help you make the right choice:

1) Size of Business

If you are a large business with more than hundred employees, you should consider how many cups your Franke coffee machine can serve in a day, which gives you good idea of many employees you can serve before the machine needs to be refilled.

In this regard, FoamMaster 850 provides the highest output, but it is also a very sophisticated machine that is a bit of an investment. Franke Evolution can offer the best value due to its large bean capacity, if your sole purpose is to serve decent coffee to all your employees.

On the other hand, a Franke Flair can be good choice for a small business or FoamMaster A800 and A600 if you want more functions than the Franke Flair.

2) Coffee Preferences

You should also consider what you are looking for in a coffee vending machine: Should it have all coffee varieties? Should it have hot chocolate and flavour shots? Should it be user-friendly to save time?

If you answered yes to all questions, then the latest FoamMaster models will suit your purpose very well. If your need is very basic and you could do with a simple cup of coffee every day, then Franke Flair will be a good fit. It is a good idea to conduct a survey with your employees on what they expect from a coffee machine since they are the ones that will use it most.

3) Budget Restrictions

Lastly, your budget is by far the most important factor in deciding the best Franke coffee machine for your business. With a high budget, you can get a coffee machine with good foam quality that serves a diverse range of milk based drinks. For a mid- to low-range budget, your coffee machine will have lower foam quality but it is still possible to have a large capacity.

The latest FoamMaster models will often be more expensive than Evolution & Flair models. However, a rental agreement can be a much cheaper alternative for you to consider as a small- and medium-sized business.

Find Best Prices for Franke Coffee Machines

Buying a Franke coffee machine requires lot of investment of time and money. We have simplified the research for you to help you find the right Franke coffee machine that suits the needs of your business and the preferences of your employees.

At Market Inspector, we can connect you to the best Franke coffee machine suppliers. Simply fill in the form on the top of this page and receive up to four quotes that are non-binding and completely free of charge from our qualified suppliers.

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