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Last Updated: 20. February 2020

The 4 Most Important Criteria When Choosing an Office Coffee Machine

How to Pick Your Ideal Coffee Machine

Monday morning again. Back at the office. Work is piling up, another five days ahead. But there’s a ray of hope, a saviour: coffee.

Ever since a farmer discovered his goat eating coffee beans and realised its effect, coffee has been one of the most popular beverages in the world. Especially in an office environment, coffee machines are essential assets.

However, each and everyone has its own coffee preferences, so you might ask yourself:

  • What is the best way to accommodate for all of them?
  • Which features are important about a coffee machine?
  • What are your options to cater for different needs?

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4 Criteria Before Making Your Decision

Taking the following 4 criteria into consideration will help you to find the most appropriate match.

1. Type of Coffee

The heart of an office machine is the actual coffee. You can choose between tabs, whole beans or ground beans. Tab-based coffee machines usually prepare the desired coffee straight away with one click and are hence very easy to use. Yet, the downsides are that they are not very environmentally friendly nor a bargain. Whole or ground beans serve as alternative. In addition, grinding them freshly ensures a unique taste.

Opt for high quality coffee beans for top-notch coffee. Also, try to look out for fair-trade, organic coffee to ensure sustainability.

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2. Cleaning and Maintenance

A very important aspect is the cleaning of a coffee maker. Who wants to be responsible for that? Exactly, nobody. Consequently, it should be easy to clean. Ideally, pick one that has a self-cleansing mode. Push a button before you leave the office and the next day, it will look like new. Another major aspect is its maintenance. Imagine the coffee machine goes on strike - in accordance with Murphy’s law - on a Monday morning. You want to make sure that it is easily fixed, for example with a same-day service guarantee. Don’t forget to look out for warranty offers.

3. Versatility, size, usability

Caffeine-free, tea or even hot chocolate. A cup of coffee is not everyone’s cup of tea. Think about whether you want to cater for different needs in an all-in-one machine or rather provide separate equipment. The capacity of a coffee machine is usually measured in cups. Choose between single serve or multiple serve, drip down or one-cup-per-click machines. Most coffee machines offer a (multi-language) LCD display which provide you with coffee within just one click/touch. This easy to use option is fast and convenient and often saves you from having to clean up.

4. Dairy


Milk is an important component of good coffee for most people. A milk frother could make colleagues and employees happy and even more motivated and productive. It is also very useful to impress customers and essential to practice your latte art. Alternatively, there are office machines which include the milk processing in just one click, usually found in tab machines.

Last but not least, don’t forget to arrange a tasting to decide which coffee tickles your taste buds and could be an enrichment to your office.

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