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Last Updated: 09. May 2019

Coffee Machine Suppliers in the UK

Today, there is a wide variety of coffee machines on the market. Different solutions can be suitable for different needs. One can find the perfect coffee machine that will meet all business requirements among a wide selection of coffee machine solutions.

The fact that British people are consuming more and more coffee encourages coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, and offices to offer coffee beverages of the highest quality in order to satisfy the taste of the different consumers and employees.

There are currently many coffee machine suppliers in the UK and each of them offer a wide range of products that can satisfy any customer’s needs: from purchasing machines to coffee machine rental and hire.

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Coffee Machine

The most popular coffee machine suppliers in the UK

We have gathered a list of famous and well-known coffee machine suppliers in the UK. It will give you a better overview when it comes to choosing the best coffee machine for your business, restaurant, office or whatever purpose it is supposed to serve. In case you are looking for more in-depths information, check out the links and you will be lead to a page that gives a detailed brand description.

Franke Coffee

Franke Coffee Systems is one out of four businesses that Franke Group consists of. The headquarter is located in Switzerland. They have companies and customers on each continent and in 40 different countries.
Thus, Franke Coffee Machines is one of the world's leading coffee machine supplier, with a special focus on cafés and the catering industry.
The Franke Coffee systems consists of fully automatic coffee machines, capsules, semi-automatics, traditionals and brewers.

Franke Coffee Machine



Fracino's history goes back to the 1960’s and ever since it has been a family business, that is now in hand of the third generation.
As a well known and multiple award-winning British manufacturer of cappuccino and espresso machines, Fracino is a coffee machine supplier, that is cherished for its outstanding technology and their quality and design expertise. The brand offers a wide product range, from traditional, over P.I.D., Bean to cup machines, Manual, Domestic to Automatic ones.

Fracino Coffee Machine



Gaggia Milano is a coffee machine supplier, that offers easy-to-operate, fully automatic, manual and professional espresso machines. Together with Saeco they even provide Barista trainings and repair services for professional Gaggia, Saeco and Caffitaly coffee machines in the UK. Gaggias coffee machines are both durable and stylish. Thus, they are suitable for the professional and home user.

Gaggia Coffee Machine



De’longhi coffee machines is one of the leading coffee machine suppliers. The company offers a wide range of coffee machine solutions, such as traditional espresso machines, super-automatic machines, bean to cup espresso coffeemakers, pump and portioned espresso machines. Delonghi coffee equipment can be suitable for businesses where the coffee consumption is relatively low such as small offices and small coffee shops.

De Longhi Coffee Machine



Jura, originally a Swiss company, is one of the coffee machine suppliers that focuses on automatic coffee machines only. They are well-known for their good coffee resuts, simple handling, durability, and their outstanding designs, which they earned multiple awards for. Jura coffee machines are made both for private homes and professional use such as for offices, stores, bars, hotels etc.

Jura Coffee Machine



Kenco coffee machines is another coffee machine supplier which is appropriate for locations with relatively high coffee consumption such as restaurants, canteens, offices, meeting rooms or reception areas for instance. The company offers a wide range of high cup capacity coffee solutions, which can satisfy all requirements. Besides the Kenco soluble dispense system, the Kenco 2Go! Boiler, or single capsule systems Kenco also provides traditional, filter coffee and bean to cup machines.

Kenco Coffee Machine



Bosch is a provider for multiple home appliances. Thus they have also become a coffee machine supplier, focussing on technical perfection and reliability. Bosh has worked on a unique Barista technology to ensure a perfect barista-style coffee with their fully automatic coffee machines. Due to many other home appliances they offer, Bosch only has two kinds of Coffee Machines, such as espresso and filter coffee machines.

Bosch Coffee Machine



Selecta was founded in 1957 in Switzerland. Nowadays it is Europe’s market leader in vending and coffee services. Their product range consists of vending machines for drinks, snacks, coffee and water. Focussing on Selecta as a coffee machine supplier, there are 5 different vending machines to choose from: Ferrara, Alassio Latte, Grande Milano, Mirante and Saronno. They strongly focus on improving their customers coffee experience and thus Selecta truly benefits from an exclusive partnership with Starbucks.

Selecta Coffee Machine



Astoria is another coffee machine supplier that shares a passion for an excellent espresso as the basis of a good coffee. Not only provides offers Astoria 11 different types of coffee machines, but they also put a strong focus on protecting the environment, waste reduction, flexibility, efficiency and energy savings. Thus the Barista and restaurants are able to choose eco-friendly coffee machines from Astoria’s ‘green line.’

Astoria Coffee Machine



Saeco is an italian coffee brand and the inventor of the world’s first super-automatic espresso machine. The coffee machine supplier is owned by Phillips and they have also been the inventors of consumer-connected coffee machines, meaning consumers are now able to control their coffee via an app. Their product range for coffee covers 4 different Saeco super-automatic espresso machines and 7 types of Saeco manual espresso machines.

Saeco Coffee Machine



The german brand and coffee machine supplier Miele focuses on household-appliances for commercial usage mainly. Looking at the brand from a coffee supplier point of view, they offer built-in coffee machines as well as freestanding coffee machines and stands for. Miele coffee machines stand for durability, easy of use, energy efficiency, great design and good quality in service.

Miele Coffee Machine
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Coffee Machines for Coffee Shops and Cafés

Usually, professionals will prefer classic espresso coffee machines because these units are able to provide espresso shots rich in aroma and flavour. There are different coffee machine suppliers that offer espresso makers, and most have a wide range of products available for purchase or rental. Most coffee machine suppliers offer small and normal espresso makers that are suitable for locations where the coffee consumption is not high. However, not many coffee machine suppliers offer commercial coffee machines that have a greater brewing capacity.

For most coffee shops, it would be a good idea to consider a machine that is also a hot water dispenser for full versatility.

Commercial coffee machine suppliers offer equipment that is relatively expensive, but investing in such equipment can turn into a valuable advantage in the long run. These units are highly appreciated by coffee shop and café owners because they have a longer lifespan and can provide coffee specialities with the highest quality coffee.

Coffee Machine

Coffee Machines for Restaurants

As part of the hospitality industry, restaurants typically have a high customer turnover. They will inevitably need coffee equipment that can brew high volumes of coffee. For these cases coffee machine suppliers offer bean to cup machines. These units are a preferred choice for restaurant owners because they have a huge capacity. Furthermore, bean to cup machines are able to satisfy any preference. Besides the regular coffee drinks, they can deliver modern specialities such as cappuccino, caffé latte and more. Additionally, these automatic coffee machines are easy to operate and maintain. The coffee beverages are brewed in less than a minute with a touch at a button.
Of course, it is a matter of preferences and some restaurants also prefer to use machines provided by professional espresso coffee machine retailers.

Coffee Machines for Offices

Coffee machines have become an integral part of offices. They are able to improve the overall working atmosphere and to serve as a social hub. Different offices have different needs depending on their size. That is why coffee machine suppliers offer various solutions for their requirements.

Coffee Break

Small offices will prefer small coffee machines which corresponds to their needs. On the other hand, large offices will be more willing to invest in coffee machines with bigger capacity in order to keep employees and customers satisfied. For these cases coffee machine suppliers can provide automatic coffee machines, instant coffee machines or coffee vending machines.

Main Coffee Machine Retailers in the UK

There are many different coffee machine suppliers on the UK market. Each of them is able to offer various solutions depending on the customer’s needs.

Most of the cafés and coffee shops prefer brands such as Fracino and Gaggia. They offer professional espresso coffee machines of the highest quality. Furthermore, their coffee equipment is stylish, reliable and has a high capacity.

Espresso Machine

When it comes to coffee equipment with high capacity, customers can choose among brands such as Franke coffee machines, Jura and Miele. All three are specialised in bean to cup coffee machines with large cup capacity. Their machines are highly efficient and able to brew coffee beverages of the highest quality. Furthermore, Franke also offers professional espresso coffee machines which will be highly appreciated by any professional.

Which Coffee Machine Supplier Will be The Best Choice for You?

Finding the best solution for your business can be time-consuming, you want a top quality and preferably inexpensive coffee machine. That is why, one should first define its business objectives. After, one has to be ready to do extensive research.

If you want to save time in this long process, we are here to help you. Fill in a quote request form today and our qualified customer service team will provide you with four quotes on coffee machines, for free.

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