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Coffee machines for offices are certainly a key element for many office spaces. Coffee stations are a place where employees can take breaks, have a chat, or hold a quick meeting.

Recent research shows that well designed beverage areas at a workplace increase workers’ productivity. When employees have a place to gather and share ideas or issues, they often feel more free and creative. Workers will feel more appreciated when they are provided with these small luxuries, therefore an office coffee system can serve as a motivational tool.

Of course having an office coffee machine, whether it is a coffee vending machine or a bean to cup machine, will add extra costs. However, not investing in one might increase your costs even more if employees are constantly stopping their work to head to the nearest coffee shop. Whereas, coffee machine rental is a flexible solution, buying a coffee machine is more cost efficient in the long run. 

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Types of office coffee machines
What is the best solution for you and your employees?
What is the environmental impact
What other factors to consider before buying the perfect office coffee machine?
Find the best coffee machine brands

Types of Office Coffee Machines

The most important ones are usually the size of the office and the number of employees. Here we listed the types of office coffee machines available on the market.

Office Coffee Machine for Large Locations

If your office is big and you need a coffee machine with a large cup capacity, then you have various options.

Coffee vending machine:

  • One of the most popular solutions for office buildings
  • Large cup capacity and a wide variety of beverages to satisfy all consumer needs
  • Office coffee vending machines are really efficient in terms of brewing speed
  • Deliver drinks in less than 30 seconds with the simple touch of a button

Instant coffee machines:

  • What differentiates them from the vending machines is that they are more compact and smaller in size
  • Have large cup capacities and can deliver hot beverages at very quick speeds

Office Coffee Machines for Midsize Locations

Bean to cup machines:

  • Excellent choice for locations where coffee consumption is relatively high
  • Able to serve a wide variety of coffee specialities such as an espresso, latte or cappuccino
  • Relatively high cup capacity, but require maintenance more often than other types of coffee machines
  • Ability to serve very high quality coffee
  • From coffee bean straight to cup in just a few seconds

Bean To Cup At Office

Built in coffee machine:

  • Integrated coffee machines are usually fully automatic and pretty convenient
  • Be aware that they cannot be installed separately
  • Are part of an integrated system, meaning they require extra space and are often specifically designed for kitchen modules

Instant coffee machines:

  • Suitable solution for midsize offices since they are not as big as vending machines, can easily be placed on a table
  • Offer a wide range of hot beverages and can cater to high volumes of coffee demand

Small Office Coffee Machines

Small offices usually do not have the need for big expensive coffee machines. They typically prefer cost efficient units, which meet the consumption level of just a few employees and visitors.

Capsule (pod) coffee machines:

  • One of the best solutions for small offices, where coffee consumption is not very high
  • Very compact, small, stylish, and can fit in any interior
  • Allows you to easily analyse the level of coffee consumption in your office and plan your costs
  • No additional costs for service and maintenance
  • Initial price of these units is relatively low, making them very affordable machines

Classic espresso maker:

  • Espresso makers require a lot of manual operation
  • More appropriate for small offices where employees are coffee lovers that prefer premium quality
  • If your staff craves the perfect espresso shot, an espresso coffee machine is an investment that will be greatly appreciated

There are many different coffee machine suppliers that can provide you with various coffee and tea machines for your office. Most of them also offer renting and leasing options for their units. The best coffee machine rental or purchase for your office depends on your workplace setup

Kaffe Til Erhverv

What is the Best Solution for You and Your Employees?

Before purchasing the right coffee machine for your company, you should consider the office's need, volume-wise by counting the staff. You should take into account the number of employees that drink several cups of coffee per day and those do not drink coffee at all. In the table below, we illustrated some recommendations based on the company that will help to make your choice.

  • Green - the best option
  • Yellow - good to consider
  • Red - the worst option
  Machine Type 
Company size Cafetiere Filter Bean to cup Pod Barista
<10  Green Circle  Green Circle   Yellow Circle   Yellow Circle   Yellow Circle 
10-50  Yellow Circle  Green Circle   Green Circle   Green Circle   Green Circle 
50-200  Red Circle  Yellow Circle   Green Circle   Yellow Circle   Red Circle 
200+  Red Circle   Red Circle   Green Circle   Red Circle   Red Circle 

What is the Environmental Impact?

Nowadays, most of the companies strive for environmenatl sustainability, which is why they care about the type of coffee machines they are purchasing. If you consider managing an eco-friendly business then coffee pods are not the best option as they are non-biodegradable. Cafetieres require just a kettle of boiling water. Filter coffee machines turn on only when making the coffee while bean to cup machines may include energy efficient functions. We evaluated their impact and created the table below:

  • Green - less impact
  • Yellow- relative impact
  • Red - high impact
Environmental impact of different coffee machine types
Cafetiere Filter Bean to cup Pod Barista
 Green Circle   Yellow Circle   Yellow Circle   Red Circle   Yellow Circle 

What Other Factors to Consider Before Buying the Perfect Office Coffee Machine?

  • Convenience

An office coffee machine should require minimum cleaning facilites and easy operation. For example, pod machines and bean to cup coffee machines require a simple touch of the button and the coffee is ready while cafetieres need to always add water and wait for a couple of minutes.

  • Price

The cost of the machines is crucial and it is a key factor in the decision-making process. Here is an average price for an office coffee machine:

Price range of different coffee machines
Cafetiere Filter Bean to cup Pod Barista
£5-80 £10-2000 £10-4000 £300-1800 £50-80


  • Durability

You should take into account the viability of your business and its gains in the long-run. Typically, most of the coffee machines can last up to 5 years and, then, they have to be replaced.Durability

  • Coffee Quality

The coffee lovers will be the most affected by your decision because there is a big difference in taste and quality between real coffee beans and coffee pods. If you are not willing to invest in a good coffee, the employees wil not grab the coffe either. In other words, it will not worth investing in a coffee machine if people do not drink it.

Find the Best Coffee Machine Brands

There are many different coffee solutions for offices depending on various factors such as the size of the office, the number of employees, their preferences, and more.  As mentioned, there are different factors when choosing an office tea and coffee machine. 

You should think of what you would like to achieve by offering coffee to your employees. What should be the impact? Do you want to boos their productivity or reward them for great results? Market Inspector will help to make the right choice and select among the best coffee machine suppliers and brands. 

In order to make your choice easier, we are here to provide you with free quotes. All you have to do is to fill out a quote request form and our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.

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